Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Let's Online Shopping at Malaysia No. 1 E Commerce Platforms - PG Mall

Ever since the pandemic spreading early this year, online shopping is our new norm. Personally, I prefer online shopping over offline shopping. Courier delivery more than once a week to my house. Talking about my spending habit! Shy! shy! shy!
Not only that, I don't need to pay for parking and petrol but avoiding the crowd which will expose me to the virus is one of the reasons for me to choose online shopping. No need to mention that the promotion for an online shopping store is really a good bargain and believe it or not, I have saved a lot through grabbing the online promotion and deals. Now, you want to know how to grab a good deal, save some money and win some great prizes? 

Have you heard about PGMall?

PG Mall is a Malaysia No.1 e-Commerce platform and the only local e-Commerce platform in Malaysia. Recently, PG Mall ranked as the top 3 e-Commerce site at Iprice insight report.
PG Mall is currently my favourite not only online shopping destination but also I am trying to make some cash online by becoming one of the sellers too. This e-Commerce platform has been established ever since the year 2017 and accept all e-wallets and of course, various payment gateway too. So it's really convenient for us shoppers with such options.
There are many good brand names on board at PGMall. For example, Nestle also currently has a good campaign which is Nestle Top Spender.

Nestle Top Spender at PGMall - How it works?

  • Get RM8 off for a minimum spend of RM80
  • Be one of the 16 winners weekly and win RM50 Grab plus PG Mall vouchers
  • Be one of the 3 winners monthly and win RM100 Grab plus PG Mall vouchers
I bet each Malaysian household has a Nestle in their house. I have many Nestles products stores in my cabinet too. I have check out Nestle's Brand Store at PGMall and they have many other great promotions apart from what I mentioned above.

Check out this Milo Active Go Limited Edition Vintage Tin (1950) 1.7kg promotion at PGMall. 
Buy 3 tins of Milo Active Go Limited Edition Vintage Tin (1950) Free 2 Maggi Pazzta and 1 Maggi Sambal Tumis. Isn't this good news for vintage item collectors? This is my first time encounter Milo Vintage Tin and I would want to buy and add this to my collection too. The tin looks awesome! Don't worry! It's authentically from Nestle itself so worry not about the fake item.

Nescafe Gold Coffee Jar 200g

Here's another deal from Nestle to shout out!
I bet the ladies will love to check this out and grab this deal. You better head on to PGMall right away while stock last. Buy 2 Nescafe Gold Coffee 200g, Get Free Sephora Gift Card worth RM20. I bet you, ladies, by now know Sephora by hard, right?

Nestle KitKat 2F Chocolate Share bag

Have you heard on this phrase before? Take a break and have a KitKat! Get yourself One Nestle KitKat 2F Chocolate Share bag (20 + 6) and Get One Free Minion Cooler Bag. Kawaii!
You can check out more Nestle Top Spender at PGMall on their page. Did I mention the Free Shipping offer? Shop RM80 and above at Nestle PG Mall and you can get free shipping. Shop now, save more and have a chance to win some prizes too.

Nestle Top Spender campaign is not the only good news to highlight at PGMall.

Shake the World 

1st step - Sign up to PGMall use this link.

2nd Step - Find the Globe icon located below the homepage as shown in the photo above.
3rd Step - Shake it!
4th Step - RM3 will be credited instantly into your C-Wallet.

Please note this RM3 is only for New sign up users and shoppers only. So it is limited to only one (1) time redemption only. 
However, you can continue to 'Shake The world' up to Two (2) times per day (before and after 12:00pm), to get PGMall C-Wallet and attractive promo vouchers to redeem.

What's in the Box?

Get PG Mall C-Waller daily by visiting and clicking on What's in the box at PGMall.

If you are using PC, just find the box icon as shown in the above photo. See what is waiting for you! Just visit this box every day and win daily prizes.
Let us do some shopping at PGMall today and save some monthly expenses for grabbing its awesome promotion. Shop now!

Find out more on PGMall by visiting their official website and don't forget to follow their official page for some awesome campaign and promotions.

PGMall Official website:

PGMall Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.PGMallMalaysia

PGMall Official Instagram Page:

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