Wednesday, October 21, 2020

6 Awesome Christmas Tree Ideas For The Year 2020

Christmas Tree Ideas

By now most of us in this world are living with the new norm with some restrictions here and there imposed by respective rulings government to flatten the global pandemic hit us world wide.

How is  Covid-19 going to affect Christmas in the year 2020? 

It's hard to predict how will Christmas be like during Covid-19 year.

Will some of us in this world be in the lockdown during Christmas day?

Are there any specific Covid Rules for Christmas season?

Can some of us meet other household and even see their own family during Christmas?

Since the normal life shuts down around us, we need a balm to the soul. Life must go on. Festive need to be celebrated even if it's in small scale to cheer us up!

That is why setting up a Christmas tree in the year 2020 could be more important than ever.

Budget Christmas Tree

1. The Wallet- Friendly Christmas Tree

Some of us has lost employment during this coronavirus situation. This means loss of income and living out of retirement savings. This doesn't mean no Christmas feels. Nowadays, you can find a fair good quality Christmas tree suit your budget. 

Christmas Tree for Studio Home

2. The Space-Saving Christmas Tree

Not many of us blessed to live in a spacious home. Don't end up purchase a shorter and smaller Christmas tree just to save some space.   For those who live in a studio or much smaller space, you can shop for a much slimmer Christmas tree. 

Millennial Christmas Tree

3. The Millenial Christmas Tree

If you are into cool theme Christmas, then the hybrid tone of green and light green may suit your style. The hybrid tone Christmas tree blends well with white, silver and blue decorations. You may end up owning a millennial Christmas tree in the year 2020. 

Premium Christmas Tree

4. Luxury Christmas Tree

For glamourous and luxurious type can opt for the premium Christmas tree. Just get yourself the bigger and taller tree. If I were given the choice to decorate this premium tree, I would mix the gold ornaments and light sparkling blue I bet this year 2020 will be the most glamourous Christmas ever to have such tree in the house.

Halloween Deco
Image credit to Pinterest

5. Dark Christmas Tree

Some of us may choose a darker colour Christmas tree. It can be a black or darker green colour tree. Darker Christmas tree doesn't mean a bad omen or something. The theme may sound like gothic kind of look but I would I say it would be an insta-worthy impact if you decorate it tastefully. You can even put it out on the 31st October for Halloween fun event at home. This may be more suitable for those who have a modern contemporary home decoration The darker theme Christmas tree is definitely dramatic and for those who love loves defying the traditional theme. 

Frozen Theme Christmas Tree

6. White Christmas Tree

" I wish for a Christmas "

Bring the white Christmas into your home. Create the 'Frozen theme' with a white Christmas tree in the house. White Christmas can give you an angelic vibe It can give you the winter Christmas feels and luxurious. White goes with many colour choice of ornaments. I bet it can be a good home project together with your loves one.

If you are in Singapore and still searching for the good quality Christmas Tree you can check out this  website at

The Pine Concept is one of the most favourite Christmas Tree Singapore delivery.  You can get the most hyper-realistic artificial Christmas tree. Expect the Ultra-dense Christmas tree quality with affordable price suits your budget. The tree from here can last a lifetime with a guaranteed 10-year warranty. There is no need to shop for the Christmas tree every year. All you need to do is to change the decoration creatively with Christmas Ornaments.

Just like yourself, I personally worry about receiving a product purchase online. Product misrepresentation is the biggest concern for all online shoppers. Pine Concept gives assurance on the misrepresentation on all their products since they are a consumer-like all of us too. Building up and maintaining a good online repo is one of their biggest mission for long term business continuity. After all, who wants to live the life by ruining other people Christmas celebration which only comes once a year, right? By the way, they have a showroom if you still in doubt and would like to view the Christmas trees live in front of your eyes.

Most of the Christmas tree at Pine Concept comes as self collapse branches Christmas tree for convenient assembling and dismantling. Obviously storage space saving for next festive season.

The Christmas tree is considered the main decoration for Christmas season. Whether it is cheap or expensive, it's all about decorations which will reflect your personal style and innovative to bring out the spirit of festive joy and celebration.

This year 2020,  may be not a perfect Christmas like many other usual years. But it is something we couldn't miss out and\will be the most important one for all us. Why? After a long year of uncertainty, full of worries and lack of movement freedom, we should celebrate the Christmas with joyful than ever. Setting up a good and beautiful Christmas tree, will be fun activities and create special bonding if you are staying with family. Even if you are alone, you may find the activities are satisfying and will bring you the happiness you are longing. 

Happy Merry Christmas Tree Shopping!

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