Friday, October 23, 2020

Acne Free with Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Skin & Body Care

Acne Skincare

Finally unboxed the Cosmoderm beauty box received the other day. It has been a long time again since I received such a beauty box. The Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil skincare collection focuses on bringing solution for those of you who have oily and problem skin type. To be exact, if you are having worries on your acne skin, this is the answer to your worry!

Check it out what Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil skincare all about below and how to apply on your skin in the correct order. :

Step 1: Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser à It removes oil, unclog pores and control skin oiliness to reduce pimples

Step 2: Tea Tree Oil Purifying Mask à Leave it for at least 15-20mins. It helps to absorb excess oil, dry up pimples and unclog pores

Step 3: Tea Tree Oil Anti-Blemish Gel à With plant-based extracts that help to reduce acne, blackheads and whiteheads. 2 types of anti-blemish gel. To apply only on the acne after applying Toner.

·         Tea Tree Oil Anti Blemish Gentle:

o   Shrink acne, removes blackheads & whiteheads within 4-5 days for oily skin

o   Suitable for sensitive and acne skin

·         Tea Tree Oil Anti Blemish X-Press:

o   Shrink acne, removes blackheads & whiteheads within 3-4 days

o   Not suitable for sensitive skin

 The are other products from Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil too. You can check out:-

1.   Tea Tree Oil Clarifying Toning Lotion (RM20.90) – Helps to treat pimples, remove bacteria and excess oil. Uses to refresh skin when there is excessive oil on the skin

2.   Tea Tree Oil Day & Night Moisturiser (RM19.90) 2 in 1 primer and moisturizer for oily and combination skin. The water light-based moisturizer helps to protect skin against UVA & UVB that can damage the skin cells

3.     Tea Tree Oil | Oil Control Serum (RM34.90)Gel-water based serum with fruit extracts to control excess oil. Also, it helps to unclog pores to reduce acne, blackheads and whiteheads

4.      Tea Tree Oil Shower Gel (RM17.90) It gives amazing freshness for antibody odour and body acne. It provides gentle cleansing of the skin leaving skin fresh and smooth with no sticky feel. It is mild, non-irritating and anti-bacterial shower that is suitable for everyone.

5.     Tea Tree Oil Magic Body Lotion (RM22.90)It’s a quick natural remedy for body odour, body acne and sunburn. It gives cool relief to skin irritation and discomfort. TTO Magic Body Lotion helps to reduce rashes, fungal and bacterial infection. It works as repellant towards mosquitoes and bed bugs. Suitable for everyone and every age.

 Where to get Cosmoderm skincare?

Can get all these products from pharmacies like Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Wellness, and independent pharmacies near you, Cosmoderm website ( or Shopee Cosmoderm Offical Store ( Price Range is from RM13.90 – RM34.90. To be honest the price doesn't even burn out your wallet.

Don't forget to check on my cvheck on my YouTube Video unboxing the Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil skincare Box in my YouTube Channel CindyrinaRina.

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