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Gaston Luga Biten 15" Black and Brown Backpack Review

Secure Backpack

Recently got my hands on Gaston Luga Biten 15" backpack.. I always attracted to the squarish shape backpack. Gaston Luga Biten 15" comes in four different colours.

  • Black
  • Black - Brown
  • Olive Brown
  • Grey - Brown

At first, I want to choose the all-black colour but then end up selecting the Black - Brown which also looks good. The Gaston Luga Biten 15"regular price tag is RM449. You can apply my discount code: CINDYRINA to enjoy a 15 percent off. On top of that, you can get a free make up pouch with your purchase. Gaston Luga offers free delivery worldwide too. 

By the way my discount code: CINDYRINA only valid until the end of Feb March 2021. So, grab your chance now for a beautiful functional backpack for next business trip or leisure travel.

About Gaston Luga

Gaston Luga is a well-known brand from Stockholm, Sweden. A Swedish backpack retailer located in the heart of Stockholm. Gaston Luga backpack is getting more and more popular in Malaysia with its sleek and stylish design on top of the minimalist and elegant exterior. The range of backpack collections is perfect for any occasion from day-to-day use to the business or leisure travel.

Why I chose Gaston Luga Biten 15"?

If I were to mention the specification as what I read on their website which influenced my choice,

  • Dimensions (CM) : 38 x 26.5 x 17.5
  • Weight without any items inside: 0.8kg
  • Capacity: 17.5L
  • Inner laptop compartment
  • Magnetic strap closure
  • Outer zipper pocket
  • Inner pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Material: Polyester, PU Leather


I am a sucker when it comes to a zipper bag instead of a drawstring. Gaston Luga bag comes with a smooth zipper and also with a safety measure design.


It has a front pocket compartment with a great safety measure - a buckle strap on top of a zipper in the inside. I feel secure. with this double safety measure.

It has two compartments on both sides to put a water bottle and umbrella on the other side too.

Stable bottom

The design comes with 4 metallic feet on the bottom. I like it as this feature provides stability when you place on the uneven and also can avoid dirty or wet surfaces.

Secure pocket at bag

I love that it has these features. The designer of this bag is super thoughtful while designing this bag. It has a hidden pocket at the bag for easy passport storage. I always have a problem and feel it a hassle for me to take out and store my passport during my travel. This secure pocket kind of a fantastic feature.

Another zippered compartment

The location is at the reverse side of the bag and this compartment is really safe to store my wallet and laptop or even tablet and other important items during my travel. 

Convenient carry and handle

The harness at the reverse side of the bag kind of easy to attach with luggage when travelling out on the plane. For a solo traveller like me will see this as convenient rather than carry it on my back, I can easily add this on my luggage and drag it around. It much lighter load.

Adjustable bag strap

I love the slim but yet sturdy harness for a backpack carrier. The padding on the strap also protects my back and shoulder for a heavier load but I wish the padding is thicker than it is.

Hand carrier

It has a secure magnetic strap on the hand handle. It kind of sturdy for a heavier load too. I would keep it buckle up for better-looking backpack.

Overall, Gaston Luga Biten is my choice of a backpack for my next travel adventure or business trip. I imagine myself carrying this for a short 3 days / 2 Nights trip since it has a spacious and secure compartment as what I described above. On top of that, the water-resistant soft polyester makes this a good companion for my next travel too. Apart from travel, I find that Gaston Luga Biten is suitable for everyday work too.

Where to buy Gaston Luga bag?

If you are interested to purchase Gaston Luga bag, you can get it from Gaston Luga's official website HERE. They are having a promotion now, where you will receive a beautiful makeup pouch with every purchase. Use my code: CINDYRINA to enjoy a 15 percent off. Offer valid until the end of Feb March 2021.

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