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My First Time Experience Online Shopping at LamboPlace [Pre - Raya Gempak Sale At LamboPlace]



The word 'POSITIVE' isn't a good thing to hear for more than a year now. Not just in our country Malaysia. Nowadays, 'POSITIVE' means 'BAD' globally. We try our best to avoid 'POSITIVE'.

I feel bad for the year 2020. Likewise the year 2021 is full of certainty. Each of us unable to have a certain date to receive the vaccine. Even if we have vaccinated, there is much more uncertainty waiting for us. 

I am so upset to read the number of cases keep rising daily. Ever since the government ruled for CMCO, some people the current situation very lightly. Especially when they announced the bazaar Ramadhan is open, the number keep on shooting up like crazy! The people who visited Bazaar Ramadhan kind of forgotten about social distancing and SOP. Don't make noise with the outcome from the lacking, ya! You all 'reap what you sow'!

Last year, I celebrated my Eid Raya alone. So did my other siblings and parent. My wish for this year to celebrate it together with family. Can we back to our old days? Can we bring back the excitement of 'Balik Kampung' during the festive season?

So, this year everyone is expecting the answer on the 'Balik kampung, right? Hello! if the number keeps rising do you think that will happen? 

I just prepare myself to celebrate the 'Eid Raya' on my own again.  Life must go on, right? Recently, I stumble upon a new and unique marketplace called LamboPlace. I went on a 'Raya' Shopping spree for the 'Raya' Goodies.

LamboPlace is something new for me too. This newly launched online marketplace pledge to encourage healthier shopping habit among Malaysian by providing a selection of genuine and authentic products. I bet this is a unique selling. I am one online shopping big spender to the extend most of the courier service in this area has become my friend. Online shopping kind of a hobby for me. There is no doubt many scammers trying to fish out their luck by selling fake and also steal others information. 

When I first browsing the items at LamboPlace, the experience is different from any other online marketplace. The items there are uniquely curated and some items you couldn't find elsewhere too. The food items especially, I can feel it is genuinely homemade and authentic.

My first purchase from LamboPlace is selective 'Raya cookies'. I just created a sort of 'Raya Basket' without the basket! I want to make myself happy. Who else to please me other than myself, right?

I was surprised! The goodies reached the very next day after my order which is in the late afternoon. I was like! wow!

Let me show off what is in my 'Raya basket'. 

  1. Ita Delights Heavenly Scotch Cookies 
  2. Ita Delights Suji Oreo
  3. Ita Delights Scottish Orica

I sorted out the photo above based on my favourite one. I am totally in love with the Heavenly Scotch. The based cookies are a mix of almond, oat, Horlick and coffee flavour (well that explained why I couldn't sleep last night after tested this after breaking fast. Then the cookies are wrapped with butterscotch choc with a generous amount of almond brittles. It tastes heavenly just like its name. 

If you are looking for less sweet, I recommended going for Suji Oreo. Although the Orea cream is a bit sweet, the cookies are not sweet at all and it tastes just right for me.

I rank Scottish Orica as third due to this cookie require me too much the rolled oat. hahaha teeth condition aren't so good. Old teeth, very sensitive. This one less sweet too and it's a mixture of hazelnut, Nutella, rolled oat, chocolate grated, butterscotch and cashew nut.

So, altogether I have three Raya cookies in the Raya basket. I may eat some rendang and ketupat too. Well, since all this unhealthy for my old body. I added in one healthy stuff in the Raya basket. 


Barakath AlSham Organic Cuka Apel. Well, the Apel spelling is totally wrong. It supposes to be 'Epal' instead of 'Apel'. This organic apple vinegar is a product of Syria. I bet many of you are aware of the benefits of Apple Vinegar for health.

I bought all my 'Raya Goodies' from the Tau Tau Food Industries at LamboPlace. 

Don't repeat my mistake while shopping at LamboPlace. I was happily select all the items and then the message said failed to check out due to no selection on the delivery option. I tried to select the option but no option appears on my screen. I then realize you need to shop by shop since this is a marketplace. You can't mix the shop.

How to shop at LamboPlace marketplace?

  1. Select your favourite items.
  2. Visit the store. If you like any other items from the store, you can add more to the cart.
  3. Check out all the items and make the payment. There are wide options of payment at LamboPlace
  4. No option in shipping during my check out time. It was delivered by their in-house Logistic service.

Major highlights about LamboPlace marketplace :

  • Real Deals all the time
  • Ensure all products selling are authentic
  • Lowest Shipping in town (RM2 only)
  • Fast delivery (within the same day in Klang Valley)
  • Everything you need in one Place
  • Convenience and safe to do online shopping

Since Eid Raya is in a few weeks, LamboPlace is having a 'Pre - Raya Gempak Sale. #RayaBersamaLambo

Categories :

  • Hampers & Gifts
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Home & Living
  • Tech Gadgets
  • Flash Deals below 30

Here is a voucher code to apply when you shop at LamboPlace. Some of the promotions at LamboPlace for it 'Pre - Raya Gempak Sales including :

  • Up to 90% off storewide'
  • New user RM10 off with min. spend of RM40. Your 'Duit Raya' Voucher Code: BARU (for the first 100 new customers storewide)
  • Voucher Code : GEMPAK to receive the 'GEMPAK' Duit Raya: RM10 off with min. spend of RM50 (for the first 100 customers storewide)
  • FREE SHIPPING: Free shipping with min. RM7 spend (capped at RM10) Voucher code: RAYASHIP

LamboPlace 'Pre-Raya Gempak Sale' promotion is from 1st April to 30th April 2021.

I love doing online shopping at the new marketplace because they are generous in giving out vouchers for new customers. Grab your vouchers and shop with peace of mind at LamboPlace. My first time shopping experience at LamboPlace is flawless. 

Send some 'Raya goodies' for your loved ones through LamboPlace. Bring smiles and joy to them. Don't have anyone to send to? Well, you have me! Send a gift to me. I give you a shout out on my blog and other social media. hahaha

Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya soon to all Muslim and also non-Muslim, why don't shop some goodies from LamboPlace to create that festive feel since the situation kind of limited for an 'open house' this year too.

For more details, please visit the official website LamboPlace

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