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Power Up Your Glow With New Melano CC , Japan's Vitamin C Premium Essence


Dark spot

I am a big fan of Melano CC since last year. In fact, I am using the full range of Melano CC skincare by Rohto Mentholatum. What makes me fall in love with this range is because it really does what it claimed. So far, this is the most suitable skincare for me. 

My daytime Melano  skincare routine :

Step 1 👉 Melano CC Foaming cleanser (I used to start my morning with Melano CC foaming cleanser but now change to other cleansers because it is hard to get it nowadays)

Step 2 👉 Melano CC Vit C Brightening lotion 

Step 3 👉 Melano CC Vit C Brightening Essence

Step 4 👉 End my daytime skincare regime with Melano CC Brightening Gel (no joke this is a superstar. I have been using this for one year plus now. Good product for my skin)

The Melano CC Essence especially has been the No. 1 whitening essence in Japan for 5 consecutive years. Recently, they improve it to a better one. The new Premium Brightening Essence is formulated with 4 types of vitamin C, which is :

🟠 Pure Vit

🟠 Penetrating Vit C

🟠 Oil-soluble Vit C

🟠 Long-lasting Vit C

The Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence ingredients is designed to :

⁕💝 To fight dark spots

⁕💝 Lighten stubborn pimple marks

⁕💝 Lighten acne scars

⁕💝 Minimize pores

⁕💝 Revive dull skin

⁕💝 Rebalance skin tone to become brighter

⁕💝 More radiant complexion

It also contains vitamin B6 to help control excess oil production and minimize large pores as well as vitamin E that softens and hydrates the skin for glowing, radiant and healthy skin.

Other awesome ingredients to my fav upgraded essence include:

👉 Allantoin - helps in soothes redness and calms irritated skin. It gently removes rough and dead skin cells for smooth and radiant skin from beneath and boosts up skin moisture to keep it plump and youthful.

👉 Alpina seed extract - a ginger extract that helps brighten and balance skin tone.

👉 Grapefruit and lemon extract - famous for antioxidant properties and can rejuvenate dull skin and even out skin tone.

Japan no. 1 Skincare

Just like their previous brightening essence, the Melano CC premium brightening essence comes in an aluminium tube and special nozzle to prevent oxidation while keeping it fresh until the last drop.

Well, the previous essence tube is all in silver colour with the yellow cap. This new premium brightening essence comes in a yellow body front and the cap remains a yellow colour.

Brightening skincare

I tested on my skin for its texture feels. To me it similar to the previous essence but it's thicker. I thought this may influence the absorption.

Asian skincare

I was surprised to compare to the previous essence which is more diluted than the premium version, this one has better absorbption.

I tried it out on my skin for a day and it gives my skin better radiance and moisture the whole day. Can't wait for it to lighten my dark spot and make my skin even brighter.

The previous essence really makes a difference and helps in even out my skin tone. So I am pretty much put high hope on this premium brightening essence. If you have uneven skin tone and some dark spot on your skin, try Melano CC premium brightening essence. 

When it comes to pricing, it is expected this one is more expensive. The price is RM75 per tube. WTH! hahahahahaha 😅 My current Melano CC Brightening essence cost me less than RM50 during sales at Mentholathum Shopee store. 

The new Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence will be available exclusively at Watson starting July 2021. I will definitely be looking out for online sales to stock up. Shop smart people! 😂

For more information on Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence, please visit their official website Melano CC

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