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Up and Away Singapore's Favourite Balloon Delivery

It was a painful 2 years for some of us, ever since the pandemic era started. I bet some lose their income, struggle to make end needs, some of us longing to see the loved ones who are stuck on the other side of the border. 

If you are looking for something special for your long-distance BFF, relatives or someone you care about, I have a good recommendation. BALLOONS!

WHAT? Balloons? Isn't this too childish?

Balloons carry a happy vibe. No doubt about this! Balloons is not just for kids or birthday. The balloon vibes impact people of all ages and on any occasion. Every one of us has that childish feeling hidden somewhere. Trust me balloon can work like magic to bring up the mood. Just make sure you select their favourite colour and shape to suit your gifting reason.

Nowadays, there are many types of balloons to choose from. You may spoil with choices and don't know which one to choose a suit to your message and needs.

Here are some tips for balloon delivery gifting, if you are planning to send one. There are many types of balloons to choose from. The most common one :

1. Latex Balloons

Type of Balloon

2. Chrome Balloons

Balloon for gift

3. Foil Balloons

Singapore Balloons Delivery

There many other types such as Confetti, bubble and many more to list here.

Here are some ideas to choose balloons for a perfect occasion.

Balloons for Happy Birthday

You can choose a mix of star foil balloon mixed with chrome and confetti balloon. The star foil balloon is a great centrepiece to your balloon Happy birthday gifting or even for your decor. 

Another option for a balloon for Happy Birthday, you can choose a bubble balloon bouquet.

You can opt for simplistic to choose a gigantic number foil balloon

If you are having a Unicorn concept, this 40 inch Unicorn foil balloon is perfect to match the party.

Balloons for Anniversary

Convey your love with a big love foil balloon as a centrepiece and pair it with 3 chrome balloons to make a romantic bouquet

Or you can choose a classy 18 inch Happy Anniversary balloon and pair it with some latex or chrome balloons to create a huge bouquet.

Balloons for Graduation Day

Show you proud of them with a bubble balloon bouquet. Mix a 24-inch bubble balloon with the mini balloon colour of your choice for example 2 black marble balloons and 3 latex balloon.

Father's Day Gift

Father's day is around the corner. Here are some ideas on what to get for your Dad on meaningful Father's day 2021 to show your appreciation.

Pamper your Dad with some Shiraz Cabernet and Semillon Chardonnay and pair it with one box of Godiva Chocolates and a bubble balloon with customizing message from your heartfelt.

These are all the ideas, you don't need to wait for a special occasion to send wishes to your loved one. Survey shows that sending a gift to someone you care for can boost up their mood and emotional support. 

If you have someone you care about in Singapore and planning to cheer up that precious person, please visit UP & Away Balloon deliver Singapore.

What I love about this Up and Away balloon Singapore delivery website is :

👉 They have customized balloons. Just name it, the team can create and cater to your wild imagination. 

👉 Up & Away is they offer full service which can be arrange customized on special events or occasion.  You can do customisable text on balloons for a more personal touch and they even offer hampers selection too.

👉 Fast and reliable balloon delivery service. They offer the same day and next-day balloon delivery service to every region in Singapore. 

The price offers are reasonable and yet they deliver good quality products for that price.

Here are some tips on how to decorate with balloons :

1st step: Think of the colour scheme 

You can choose whether to use a solid one colour or two-toned or maybe something with the ombre effect. You can even go for the entire rainbow.

2nd step: Decide on the type of balloons

There are many types of the balloon in the market as mentioned in the earlier post. The latex one is the most common. But the downside is if you are planning an outdoor party and with children, this type can pop easily. However, latex balloons are the most versatile and easier to work with.

3rd step:  Plan according to the event location and how many do you need?

If you need more balloons to suit your concept. Latex balloons are the most budget-friendly

4th step: Make a decision between helium or non-helium

Decorate your place with non-helium balloons is fast, economical and super easy too. You can also mix between helium and non-helium which make it look better and more eventful.

Anyway, it will take much of your precious time to plan and decide on all these happy occasions. Why don't you talk to the expert? UP and Away also offers a customised balloon Singapore to cater for your needs perfect for the occasion of your dreams.

Here are some tips to care for your balloon to keep it looking good for as long as possible :

1. Keep it away from direct sunlight warm places.

2. Avoid very low temperatures as this can affect the float time. Best to keep balloons a comfortable room temperatures

3. Keep it away from open windows, doors and breezy spots to avoid any sharp object bursting out of the balloon.

4. Be gentle and careful with your balloon

For more balloon tips, please follow UP and Away, the Balloon expert Singapore Instagram.

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