Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Faber-Castell's Smoothest Gel Pen Review


The younger generation nowadays left handwriting behind after finished school. Most of them prefer typing on the computer, tablet and smartphone. I am a Gen-X who are still practising writing by hand. 

What is the benefits of writing by hand?

Useful for Visual Learners

I am a visual learner, so writing gives me the freedom to draw a simple diagram to help me in remembering facts. 

Boosts learning process 

I found that writing by hand boosts up my learning process too. It helps my memory to recall, what I have learnt. 

Helps to focus

I totally hate the teacher or lecturer who prohibited me from writing notes during the explanation time. Gosh! they don't even know, I need to write to remain focus. 

A Notebook and a good reliable gel pen is a must for me until now. One of my biggest concerns, when it comes to gel pens is its inability to glide smoothly and the constant ink smudges. Sometimes it is even slippery during long hours of writing. This really pisses me off!

If you are talking about my favourite gel pen. One of it is Faber-Castell. 

Recently, Faber-Castell Malaysia launched the Fast Gel Z, a new retractable gel pen that offers an unbeatable smooth writing experience.

Woohoo! I got my hands on the Faber-Castell Fast Gel Z and try it myself. 

What I love about this newly launched Faber-Castells Fast Gel Z Pen?

🖊 Ultimate smoothes in writing performance

🖊 Fast-dry ink with no smudges

🖊 Intense and vibrant inks

🖊 Extra-soft grip for superior comfort when writing 

🖊 Refillable

The latest technologies include the precision new precision tip technology and ultra-smooth ink feature. It glides effortlessly, a vibrant and intense line without skips, smudges and lags. No doubt! Faber-Castell Fast Gel Z Pen gives me a smooth writing experience. 

The Faber-Castell Fast Gel Z Pen comes in two variants - 0.5mm and 0.7mm, both of which are available in black, blue and red ink. The price is also affordable at RM5 a pen while its refills at RM3.50. They are now  available at major stationery stores and hypermarkets nationwide as well as Fabel-Castell's online Buy Stationery Online at Faber-Castell eShop Malaysia – Faber-Castell Malaysia

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