Wednesday, September 1, 2021

How To Make Organic Tempe With 2 Ingredients

Organic Tempe

It has been a long time, I updated this blog with my original lifestyle story. My blog is crowded with some beauty reviews, which I find diverts away from the originality of this blog. I have to earn somewhere, right? Especially, when I am still jobless. Many products for review deliver to my doorstep in the month of Aug. September month will be a bit quieter. isk... isk... is the on my adventure. 👇

Last week, I started a new project which I called 'Project Organic Tempe'. If you are an Asian born like me, Tempe is something you can't miss. For those who are new to Tempe. Tempe is a fermented soybean that is really popular in Indonesian dishes. I love Tempe since I was small. I can't miss this whenever visit the morning market. I just love to eat it fried with some turmeric, salt and a five-spice powder sprinkle.

So, I decided to try my hand to ferment the soybean and make a Tempe, with the thought, how tough can it be right?

I searched online for the recipe online. I found 2 versions of the recipe.

1st Tempe recipe

This one using the Indonesian Tempe starter (Ragi)

👉 Soy Bean

👉 Tempe starter (ragi)

👉 Rice flour

I don't really like the idea of adding rice flour in Tempe since I try my best to avoid any starchy in my daily diet. Ahahhhh.....hypocrite mode on!😕

Anyway, I found another Tempe recipe with only 2 ingredients.

2nd Tempe recipe

This is an organic Tempe recipe.

👉 Soybean

👉 Organic ragi (this one is so expensive compare to the first recipe. I bought at Lazada)

How To Ferment Organic Tempe?

💦 1st - Wash organic soybean. I used 250g

💦 2nd - Soak the soybean for 48 hours. This is the first fermentation process.

💦 3rd - Throw out the smelly water and wash the soybean thoroughly.

💦 4th - Spend your time dehulled the soybean skin and half it while watching your fav drama. Yes, people! at this point, I develop a regretful feeling. Why trouble me doing this for 2 freaking hours, when I can buy a temper with less than RM2 at the grocers?

💦 5th - Steamed the soybean for 45 minutes. So lazy to take out the steamer from the box. So, I end up boiled the beans for 45 minutes.

💦 6th - Let the bean dry all the excess water

💦 7th - Add-in temper ragi. The instruction says to use 2 small spoons (provided in the bottle) for every 0.5 kg of soybean. Nix it well.

💦 8th - Pack the soybean in the ziplock bag. Poke holes all over the bag and leave it to ferment at room temperature for 48 hours.

Although, I regretted trouble myself to make this Tempe. The result is so satisfying. Will I make the Tempe again. Hell No! I will just buy. kekekeke 😜

Watch my adventure making this organic Tempe in my YouTube channel below 👇

Link to my YouTube Channel Click Here

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