Friday, October 15, 2021

How I Spend My Birthday Recklessly This Year


I waited at 12 midnight, just in case anyone want to wish me early. But gosh! no one. Pathetic! Aihhhh...I thought having someone special to wish me that early. Why do I expect something that obvious? In my dream, isn't it. 

It is just another day on 12 Oct 2021. Check on me in the mirror and notice 2 strands of white hair. Oh! you came out already, huh? I thought got an exemption from this. Eheh? Dream on again.

Morning came, my whattapps went on 'ketok! ketok! Ok, some people remember my existence. No, that pathetic. Not bad! Not bad! At least someone knows I exist. 

Then checked my email, hohohoh...My conservative BFF sent an 'Ang Pow' to my bank account. Awww...Thank you. A good start!

My 2 sisters sponsored a retro-style multi-cooker. They knew I am one practical person. So always ask anything I need before purchasing something for me. They sponsored an Air Fryer for my birthday last year and I have been using it conveniently. Love it too. Thank you, sista!

One of them spent lavishly on an expensive cake. That's why monthly salary is power! You can spend whatever you think you need. For me, I feel thankful and at least got a chance to eat an expensive cake. Luckily this cake is finger-licking good cakes. Totally different from what I usually had. Well spent!

I 'off' the FB notification on my birthdate. Suddenly, feel like I am already dead because no one remembers me. Ahhhh!! I need to make myself visible in order to be known, right? Why? Because I am no one special. So, I end up posting my expensive birthday cake and the Starbuck Reserve which I enjoyed the week before. Such a showy! Then the comments overflow with birthday wishes from my FB friend. Pathetically, I never met most of them. I don't even know who they are. WTH? Obviously, I have too much time replying to the wishes one by one with the cutest emoji, I can find. kekekeke. A simple wish can bring smiles to a person like me. Too much attention will make me suffocated too. Goshhh!!! I am one complicated person. I love privacy.

I decided not to be in the kitchen at all that day. So, I ordered delivery the whole day that day. A brunch with my favourite food 'Nasi Lemak Sotong'. Then an early dinner with Dominos Pizza. I added the chocolate lava cake to end my reckless birthday. I decided to give some good decoration and snap a photo for my IG Story. WTH! 

Other than that, I just rerun my favourite Kdrama the whole day. Such a fun birthday, I had this year! 

For others may sound pathetic but for a homebody like me. This is heaven! Peaceful! If you get to do what you love to do most.....That is life!

Note: Not much of advertisement post this month and next because I busy with my house moving. So, I stop accepting those. I still have one or two sponsors, which I still struggling to find my best mood to complete.

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