Sunday, October 31, 2021

How To Make Your First Home Feel Special

"There is no place like home"

We often heard this quote.  It takes me a while to make myself comfortable in a new place.  

I currently moving into a house that I will call home for the rest of my life. That is my biggest wish because I really hate the idea to move again. It really takes a toll on my body really bad. This will be my first ' so called' home ever. All the while I have been staying in the kind of office set up. I really spend time to decorate and even organizing this new place of my mine because this place is really special and will be here most of the time.

How did I find this new place?

Well, after a long survey and consulting some of my friends who are residing all the way in Toronto. Yes! my long-distance friend whom I seek for advice whenever I need one. I did mention to her the property here in Malaysia is getting more and more beyond affordable. She told me, the price in Malaysia is still affordable compared to Real Estate in Toronto. She did mention that I was lucky to live here and bought mine at that price for my retirement years.

If I want to put in just one sentence. Your home reflects your personality and lifestyle.

How To Make Your First Home Feel Special?

Cosy decoration

Cosy decoration doesn't mean you need to spend more money. It can be done using whatever budget based on your personal affordability. In my new home, I spend my time online shopping for my first ever curtain for a new home. I chose the bohemian style. I don't really have the budget for the furnishing part so I keep it to the minimum and chose the woodsy colour kind of kitchen cabinet with marble inspired TV cabinet. I wish to have a couch and chairs but not for now because I couldn't find anything suitable especially to match my back pain condition. I paid more attention to the colours surrounding my new home to bring the softness and make me feel more at home.

Keep it Clean

Cleanliness is the key to a happy and healthy home. Since this is a single living home set up. It will be easier for me to maintain. No matter what I vow to keep this place clean since I will be at home more of the time. So hopefully clean home can keep the pest away. So I can keep living here without fear and feel secure.

Better Lighting

The bright home definitely changes your mood. I prefer to live in a bright home because it will bring me positiveness. I spent my time planning for the lighting type and placement. Some prefer warm light and as for me, I am more to white bright light. I chose LED for more energy savings and easy maintenance. I love chandeliers but that requires high maintenance when it comes to cleaning the dust and even changing the bulb. Whichever suit your preference and also think it as a long term and other factors like I mentioned earlier such as cleanliness and maintenance.


My hobbies as a content creator require more time sitting in front of my desktop. So I set up a corner for me to spend most of my time there. A comfortable place where I can sit and enjoy my time. Another new hobby of mine is to do microgreen farming. In my new home, I dedicated one special corner for that. 

Go Green

Since my goal is to spend my golden years at this house. I surround my place with green potted plants to create positivity as well as to overcome my anxiety. Some of the plants function as air purifiers too. Soon I will add some fuss-free herbs to my collection which will be placed by the kitchen window.

Personally, a home is a place to crash and recharge at the end of the day. As much as you feel happy when walking into a nice hotel room. Just create one to be your home. Just surround your new home with something you like and are comfortable and that place is somewhere you can call home. Different people have different preferences. 

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