Monday, October 18, 2021

Let's Make Slushy In One Minute


Gosh! the weather now has gone hair wired. It supposedly isn't this hot in the month of Nov onwards, right. But seriously, it has been freaking hot, nowadays! I don't usually drink ice because it will make me sick. Let me use the hot weather as an excuse to indulge myself with ice cooling drink. Once in a while, I need to stop being too good. Let's enjoy the paradise taste and worry about in hell later. Huh?

Recently, a box from Ambrosial reached me. As far as my knowledge this brand is famous for its delicious Greek-Yogurt style drink. I have tried that before, it tasted delicious when drink it, chilled and good for guts too.  

The ambrosial box contains :

👉 6 boxes of Yili  Youngfun Milk Flavoured Drink

👉 One Lazy Ghost Squeeze Cup

Yili Youngfun Milk Flavoured Drink 

The one that reached me is Yili Youngfun Milk Strawberry Flavour. To be honest, I am not a big fan of strawberry milk. Sacrifice my palate for this review. WTH! 

How does Yili Youngfun Milk Strawberry Flavour taste?

It has a rich, milky texture and lovely strawberry fruity taste. For Muslim friends, worry not. This is a halal product, even though this milk drink is made in China. I would recommend drinking this chill rather than room temperature. For someone who doesn't really like Strawberry milk, this tastes surprisingly good!

Lazy Ghost Squeeze Cup

I never knew such a thing as a slushy cup exist. The slushy that I know only from 7e. kekekeke... The instruction in Lazy Ghost Squeeze Cup stated I can make my own slushy in just one minute. Seriously? Hard to believe this kind of technology even exist. 

How to make a slushy in just one minute?

Step 1 👉 Place the Lazy Ghost Squeeze Cup in the freezer for 6 to 8 hours. I left mine overnight in the freezer to enjoy the slushy the next day.

Step 2 👉 Pour in your favourite drink in the freeze slushy cup. It can be a yoghurt drink, milk, smoothie or even juice. I want to get the 7e slushy feel. So I add in grapefruit black tea with lemon soda. 

Step 3 👉 Put on the lid and squeeze it for one minute or less. 

Step 4 👉 Enjoy your slushy with your heart content. 

If you are interested to get your hand on Ambrosial greek style yoghurt drink , Yili Flavoured Milk drink or even a gift box with fun Lazy Ghost Slushy Cup, please visit :

Ambrosial official website

Ambrosial Facebook:

Ambrosial Instagram:

It's a Christmas and New Year season soon. Why not gift out an Ambrosial Box for a change. Check out my reels below on how I made my slushy.

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