Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Something I have To Deal With


October is my busy month ever after long hiatus. Sounds like a celebrity huh? 

I went to do some inspection on my new home works. I have not been visiting that place due to MCO. My kitchen cabinet still missing the tabletop. Apparently, the one I chose is out of stock. Then I have to choose again. Then the stock is only available in a few weeks time. Finally, they are installing today on birthdate. 

From my site inspection findings, the contractors thought an Eight feet tall person is living in that place. I am only 5ft 6inches tall. The rain shower head was beyond my reach at all. Too high up. Damn it! I feel like a midget walking into my main shower room. Can't even reach out to the showerhead to adjust the direction properly. I need a climb a ladder just to tweak the showerhead direction. Even the water heater switch is way up beyond my reach. Re-do? Gosh! they will ruin my tiling. Let me accept this as fate?

My beautiful ceiling light is already out of light. WTH! Gosh...I need to change the led light before even live in the house. Look like I need to practise ladder climb. I need to add better lightings though. The current one isn't that bright. I hate the dark houses.

They haven't installed the bidet, curtain rod, blinds and auto gate. That's how it is. You need to be monitored to deliver a good job, right? No wonder every job require a Hawke eye to scrutinized every single thing.

Last week, I went to do the first round of cleaning like sweeping out the dust and mop the floor.Then scattered around snake repellent powder. Hope I don't end up burn down the place before even get the chance to live there. I have ordered rat, lizard, cat and any sort of insects repellent. I am still waiting for the item. Super paranoid mode on. 

Back home after that cleaning day, I end up on my backrest for a week. My arm was all swollen. See? I don't self-claimed that Princess title for no reason. WTH!  I can't overwork myself. But hire people to clean is not even a choice for me. I need to do it myself to save costs. If I have good motor skills, I will install the curtain rod and everything on my own. Arghhh!!! I wish...

After all the installation is complete next week, I need to do the major cleaning and then have to rest for a week. Old body, like that lor... Then,  I will start to move my small items in and arrange them accordingly. After all, the small item arranges nicely and is 50% livable and the internet connection needs to be up too, I will arrange for the big thing to move in.  I don't have many big items. Not much furniture. to move in. No dining table or even a sofa or TV. isk isk isk...I will furnish it slowly when I move in later. One thing, I can assure you, I have more than enough kitchen electrical appliances from my blog review job. 

I need to choose a good and lucky date to officially move in too. My house has a bit of feng shui kind of things too. No harm right? Just use the logic la..... no need for feng shui master to come. Act smart again la ni... No Lil bit then talk sound like a know it, right? Haih!

Someone ask if can visit my new home. Cannot la.. I don't have enough cups and plates to serve people. Even the chairs are just for me. Basically, this is still a single woman set up home. I want to live a minimalist possible so that if I pass away, the live one doesn't have to do a lot of clean up. Does this make sense? At the same time, I learn a lot while packing all my stuff to move out. Many junks to sort and throw out. Urghhh!!! I don't want to be cursed out while resting in my graveyard. I can't even walk out of the graveyard to correct my wrongdoings!

Ecewah!!!! Talk like so angel like that,huh? When started to live there, I end up shop for many things. kakakaka...Gosh! I can see my future really well. ** facepalm **

OK! enough with my rant. I am practically feeling super nervous to live in my new home. Hopefully, no neighbour want t to talk to me. I will rather be MYOB kind of living condition. But again, I never know, right? Who knows after living there I become a famous social butterfly, out of a sudden! Human change, right? 

More updates soon. IMA is super busy these days. Packing my things in the box. 

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