Friday, December 31, 2021

New Year Resolution 2022


Since this will be my final blog post for the year 2021, let's keep it short.

Pat on our back. We survive another year. 

I remember in my younger days, used to set a long list of new year resolutions almost every year without fail. When I  take a look at my list from old diaries...Gosh! I almost fall off my chair.

Why is it all the same? As if a copy and paste the reso on yearly basis. Even the order is kind of 80% similar. **facepalm** ish ish ish...

I would say the first top three in my new year reso was Lose Weight, Save Money, Stay Healthy. Jeng...Jeng...Deja Vu! This was a common New Year resolution. There were seven others on the list but it was just my childish dream. Lets the dream be the dream and things shouldn't come true for a reason. Believe in Gods Will!

As I grow older, at this age the new year resolution isn't my thing anymore. I will not live my life towards any resolution. It won't work anyway. Not for me. Maybe ageing made me things this way. Or perhaps this is called maturity? I don't know. I just live my life in my own limited world and I want to keep it this way. I don't want to corrupt my life by associating with others to maintain my peaceful life.

My new year 2022 GOAL will be: - 

👉 Daily 5km morning walk

👉 Enjoy the morning sun and fresh air

👉 Live a healthy and happy life

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 to anyone who read my blog. Thank you for your visit and interest in my life story.😅

Your visit to my blog means great support for the existence of this blog.

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