Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Type of People to Stay Away From


Recently, someone who I last met 20 years ago, contacted me. I never change my phone number. I'm not close to her at all. She was an acquaintance. Not even my ex-colleague. She somehow found my blog thru my ex-colleague. Out of the blue, message me.

She was saying, I wasted my life at this age. Why go for early retirement when you are not even in the 50s yet. You know, that typical 'Kaypoh' Auntie talk. Of course! I was annoyed by her messages. I don't really reply to her much. I tried to give a short answer possible.  I don't even know her well. The way she talks is as if she has been stalking me for so long. I recalled only meeting and talking to her thrice in my entire life. Then she went on......Jeng...Jeng...Jeng..she was trying to recruit me as her MLM downline. At this point, I just hit the 'three dots' on the right-hand side and click blocked. Adoi!!!! Yeah, man! stay far away from this type of people. I know some of you may say she just trying her luck. But to me, she is a nuisance and disturbs my peaceful life. Her words, to me, isn't pleasant and disturb my mind peace. I usually, stay far away from this type of people the most.

I don't know how to choose a friend. my life there are a few types of people, I usually avoided at all cause because I don't want to hurt my own feeling.

1. The MLM people. Nothing wrong with MLM but my soft-hearted attitude might damage my purse. I am not rich though. I may end up poor if befriend those people.

2. People who always make fun of whatever I do or always mock me. This type of person mentally bullied an introvert like me. So hate this kind of people. 

3. People who have a bully attitude. This type of person really stresses me out. I feel like this type of person could drive me into suicide.

4. People who take me for granted really hurt my feeling because I am super sensitive.

5. People who love to complain about every single thing. I feel this type of person doesn't know the word 'Thankful' in his/her life. So negative!

6. Stay far away from people who have a habit to lie, cheat and betrayal habit.

7. People who constantly try to change your life. Who is he/she to judge and do that? He/She that good, meh? 'Kaypohchee'

More to list down, backstabber, the gossiper and many more and more.

All these kinds of people could give scars or affect my life. If possible please stay away from rude and depressing people. Surround your life with positive and good people to live life peacefully and happily.

I would rather have no friend than befriend those people. 

Recruited one follower yesterday morning. I never get this closed with a dog. I used to be afraid of dogs. To be exact, I don't like to be associated with any animal, not even a cat. My heart was beating super fast like going to explode when he approached me this morning. I tried my very best to open my mind and pray hard this thing won't bite me. But he looks super friendly and cheeky. Cuteness overloaded! I called him 'Peanut Butter' because I don't see his Mummy anywhere to ask for the name. 'Peanut Butter' was wagging his tail and started running along beside me. He was smiling and excited jumping around. I brave myself to play around with him. I feel like had overcome my fear for the first time. Yeayyyyy!!!!! 

Then met this cat sitting quietly in-between 'pandan leaves' and 'ginger flower' bushes. What, He/She thought I couldn't see, is it? You think you look green, is it? Blend with those bushes? hahahahaha

Back home saw my leek and morning glory plant is doing well. But my coriander needs CPR or go into ICU.

Check out the video I shot this morning. 'Peanut Butter' was running beside me happily!

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