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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

[Travelogue Guilin China] 4 hours Drive from Yangshuo to Longsheng

Finally, able to sit in front of my PC to finish off Guilin Travelogue. There will be 3 more episodes coming up after this. 
As I was trying to finish off my travelogue to China, everyone is aware there is this life-threatening virus invading the whole world. Airlines and Hotel have been affected by this. Airlines have been reducing the airfares. some even offering free seats. 

Tips: Don't travel for the sake of updating Social Media and be proud of. Travel wisely and aware of the situation before you go ahead to fly out. Whatever situation lies ahead of you out of that journey only you responsible for the consequences.

Reminder and Disclaimer: I travel to China during last Christmas. Safely back to Malaysia before the CoronaVirus news break. My travelogue to China is just to share travel experience. I don't mean to urge you to travel to the place and expose you to the virus. Please don't email me with your brainless question on why I keep writing about China during the virus outbreak. 

I have planned to continue my journey to Longsheng rice terrace from Yangshuo. I requested the hotel to arrange for a car to drive me up to Lonhsheng rice terrace. The driver will come to pick me up around 12:00 noon from Yangshuo hotel.

I had a simple breakfast which is fried egg and some milk coffee. Then decided to explore around Yangshuo in the morning. There are few options to explore this small town and villages nearby- rent a bicycle or scooter or just walk like me. I decided to explore by foot.

Loving the peacefulness of this small town here. I walk around town until reached one small local market. I was looking forward to trying the must-try famous local breakfast, 'oil tea'.

I found one stall selling 'oil tea'. Bravely, sat down and order one for me by pointing to other tables who are enjoying their 'oil tea'. The lady came and put down a bowl full of some rice crisps which look like some sort of cereals. Then another lady came by with a big kettle and pour down the hot tea into my bowl. As the tea reaches down to the crisps bowl, I can see the rice crisps pop up. I read this taste a bit bitter and for those who can't stand herbal drink may not like this. My expectation was kind of like drinking the herbal drink with the hope I won't get so much of disappointment.

How is 'oil tea' taste?

I would say to me it taste uniquely strong. A bit bitter and spicy at the beginning and a hint of sweet once the sweet brown ball puff is fully soaked up. I think the ginger made it taste spicy. The lady shoves some salt for me to sprinkle in my 'oil tea' bowl. I added some salt for some taste.   Seriously, if you are looking forward to getting nutrition benefit then don't focus on good taste. hahahaha...another word...I won't drink this again muahahaha...I don't really hate this but just something I can only try once!

How the 'oil tea' made?

'Oil tea' is prepared by frying tea leaves with garlic, salt, ginger, chilli and some other herbs in an iron wok. Oil is added to fry the ingredients and then all the mixture is pounded with some wooden pestle to release some flavour. Then boiled the pounded tea until it looks like a broth.

How 'oil tea' was served?

Its all depends on the shop owner. Mostly will serve it over a bowl of puffed rice, chopped scallion, coriander and some crispy peanuts, then sprinkle some salt over it.

Locals usually don't drink this by itself. They will enjoy the 'oil tea' with some local snack. As for me, I got myself some osmanthus jelly cake to go with this bittersweet tea. No! It doesn't taste oily at all. It just likes drinking a herbal broth.

After my 'oil tea' adventure, I continue my exploration nearby but my eyes were seriously searching my nice cafe for a cup of hot Cappucino. I need to clear this 'oil tea' taste in my mouth. huhuhuh

I found one nice cafe and sat down sipping my hot coffee while observing the locals who pass by that cafe. It was a quiet cafe and I enjoy my time there.

I made a move around 11am to clear out some of my things before check out and wait for my driver downstairs at the lobby.

I walk around for the last time at the Li River opposite the hotel to kill my time while the driver is finding his way to my hotel.

My driver is very punctual. Arrived at exactly 12:00 noon. I read the drive from Yangshuo to Longsheng will take around 2 hours. Hell no! The journey took around nearly 4 hours. I pass through more than 30 tunnels along the way. The road is cutting through many karst mountains.

The driver who picked me at Yangshuo is from Longsheng. I could imagine he started his journey early in the morning to pick me at Yangshuo and drive me up to Longsheng again. After around 1 hour drive, he told me he would like to stop by for a quick nap. He stops at some military training camp. I alighted from the car and walk around the place while giving him some peace for a quick nap. My driver quick nap is as important as my life too. hahaha

The driver just rests for about 30 minutes before continuing to drive for another one hour then he stops to have some meal while I shop for some snacks at the nearby convenience store.

Then continue another one hour journey to the Longsheng tourist station.

The driver then told me to get down to pay for some entrance fee to Longsheng village. I paid around 80 Yuan. I was told it a low season so it was a half-price entrance fee for me. He then drives me up to road like worst than Cameron Highlands old road. It's a small road up steep mountain climb and as the car climb higher, I could see a nice view. But still, it was too dangerous to drive up and I don't even want to imagine driving up and down at night. Dangerous!

The driver stops me in the car park area. I will be on my own from here find the place I booked. No car allowed to enter from here. You will be greeted by many local mostly mountain people waiting to be your potter. I was there during low season. So many of them don't really have things to do. If you carry luggage, it is advisable to hire them to carry for you with some price from 50 to 100 Yuan. At least can help them a bit. It will be around 20 to 30 minutes hill and staircase climb from here. Dragging your big luggage from that car park up isn't a joke! Seriously, not a joke! It will be a rough dragging and carrying it up the steep staircase too.

I was with a small backpack. So I don't hire any of them. They keep saying ..."You don't know where to go! You don't know where to go! " in Chinese of course! hehehe..I understand them and replied in Chinese to them that"I know! I know!" hahahaha...
I came in totally prepared with my hiking pole in one arm. I walked towards the Ping'An Village which is the highest in the mountain. Trying my best to stay positive.

I look all smiling, right? But I cried after that because it was a tiring climb. hahahaha...Gosh! plus...I was lost. I reached the Ping'An village but couldn't find the place I stay and feel super helpless. There is signage in English. But as usual my bad sense of direction kind of fail me at first. I found one local and she pointed up to the place. Oh my God! further uphill? WTH! The place is nowhere to be seen from where I was standing. Not even in this photo.

Uwaaaaa...just now so confident told those locals, I know the place. What is this???

Finally, after the sweat and tears walk and climbing up the countless steep staircase, I found the place. Luckily the owner can speak English. She is one of the mountain people here. After the check-in process, she led me to the staircase. I was like...more staircase? The climb seems like never-ending. I asked her which floor. She said my room will be on the 6th floor since I booked the rice terrace field view. I was not so sure whether to cry or to laugh.

Yes! I have to climb up and down starting from now. What did I get myself into? All I know, throughout my 2 nights stay here....I never leave my hiking pole behind. Seriously, its like a nightmare plus a good heaven dreams.

Where to stay at Longsheng?

Longji Holiday Hotel
Address : No.2-868, Ping'  Village, Longji Town , Longsheng

I chose this hotel since it stated only 15-minute stroll from Longsheng Rice Terrace and the people there are able to speak English. The review is also not bad.

What do you think about my room here? Nice? I love what I saw when first opened the door. Read below and you will know how I feel about staying in this room.

This is the view from my balcony. It will be golden beautiful if you visit this place during May to October. I was here nearly to winter. Most rice has fully harvested. I read this place will be super brown and dried look during the end of Dec. I was there during that time. huhuhuh...God Bless me! Let's check it out tomorrow.

Don't hope for a restaurant or cafe here. There are some of those but mostly inside the Bed and Breakfast place which is scattered around here. Thinking about climbing the staircase again and it was super duper dark out there. I rather stay in. The place I stayed also have a good Restaurant and I was able to order a good vegetarian food here.

My dinner for that night, the lady cook some of the fresh vegetables from their own farm. I eat in for lunch and dinner for 2 days.

Mushroom and Sawi soup

Egg fried rice with some diced bell pepper

As I mentioned, its a low season and not many visitors here. I only saw a French couple and their 2 children during my dinner. I heard they are checking out tomorrow. I will be the only guest here then. OMG! scary to imagine I am the only one occupied the whole 6 storeys old building for another night. I am a rich Malaysian Woman in my own way at Longsheng who rented the 6 storeys building for myself. muahahaha... No need Rich Man. I am Rich! Rich! Rich! hahahaha...

It was only 6pm and the sunset very early here. The fog starting to cover up the rice terrace view. It was really cold to the extend I am not sure how to sleep with this temperature. The heater in this room only faces in one direction which is not even the bed. WTH!
The floor tiles, I can 't imagine stepping on it to visit the toilet. WTH! The temperature shows 9 Degrees but the feeling was like in the minus degrees. I wore two layers of thermal wear and a winter jacket and cover myself in a thick blanket. I still feel super cold. I was wondering if it snowing outside at night. huhuhu... Make things more dramatic, it was heavily raining outside around 12 midnight until the morning. Gosh! is this a blessing from heaven? I don't know what to say....brave the cold weather Rina. What to see the next morning if the fog covers the rice terrace. Aihhhh....

The place is nice indeed but I can't imagine sleeping through the night at that chilling cold to the bone weather. I guess that building doesn't have proper heating during the cold winter. I was breathing out smoke even on my bed.  I thought won't make it back to Guilin City and imagine myself freeze to death here! Other than that this place is really surreal and peace of mind.

Check out my next post on full view of Longsheng rice terrace on the end of Dec month. I end up hospitalised 5 days for knee surgery after back from this trip. isk isk isk ...I am still recovering from the surgery and still walking using the crouches as I published this post.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

[Travelogue Guilin , China] Exploring Elephant Trunk Hill

Have you watched my video on Travelogue Guilin, China Ep 1, yet?
Check out the link HERE

Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area

Address: On Western Bank of the Li River, Guilin
If you take bus just make sure to get off at the stop of Xiang Shan Gong Yuan

25th Dec 2019, 2nd day in Guilin. Its Christmas day. I woke up with rain outside. No snow which I don't expect at all. So, I end up walking to Elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangbishan) which located around 1km from the place I stayed. It was a great morning walk under light rain which eventually stop by the time I reached the scenic area.

Since Nov and Dec month considers the low season, I have gotten the price for a half-price which also entitled me to visit 3 other scenic areas via their free red tour bus.

I love the beautiful view here. The best is not that many tourists since it was during the low season. I just walked away from the crowd and have peaceful morning walk.

Elephant Trunk Hill is kind of a MUST VISIT attraction in Guilin , ever since the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). That old attraction.

Just like that photo above, the name said it all. The formation of karst rock resembling of Elephant Trunk sucking the Li River water.

As usual, this kind of place will come with Legend told from generation and the story is related to Elephant.

The Legend of Elephant Trunk Hill

Long-time ago, the Emperor of Heaven decided to conquer the Earth was riding on the back of his elephant. The elephant was a kind-hearted. It came down back to the earth and help the poor human in their labour. It falls sick. The Emperor got to know that the Elephant was helping the human. He was very upset and left the poor sick elephant on earth. The human help the sick elephant and nurse it back to good health. It continues to help the human with plowing the field and forget about the Emperor of Heaven. The Emperor of Heaven was so upset on the Elephant still continue helping the human. One day, while the Elephant was drinking water at Li River, the Emperor cursed the Elephant into stone.

It was starting of winter. I have to wear a face mask from the cold winter breeze.

Elephant Trunk Hill is not the only thing you could see. There is a park which is a must-visit attraction too. You could visit the Moon over the Water Cave (Shuiyue cave), Elephant Eye cave, Puxian Pagoda, Love Island and Yunfeng Temple.

You can find this kind of lovey dovey statue at Love Island.

You can get some elephant trunk hill and Guilin souvenir at this so-called post office. You can write a postcard and send one to yourself or friends.

I was sitting on the bench below this hill. Watching people climbing up this hill makes me envy them. People climb the hill to get another amazing cityscape view of Guilin.

I can't overwork my leg here in the city since I have 8 more days to explore Guilin. I was planning to hike else-where. 

This is the view from Elephant Eye cave.

Just walk to another side of the Elephant Hill and you will be adventuring on the back of the hill. The view from this side is beautiful with good panorama.

Fubo Hill

Address: 2 kilometres away from the Elephant Trunk Hill

I took the tourist red bus from the entrance of Elephant Trunk Hill since it came with the package I bought. The bus is very punctual as written on the signage at the bus stop.

Fubo Hill is another must-see attraction in Guilin. I love this place since it has a beautiful park and a 
big banyan tree in the middle.

There is a temple on this hill built during Tang Dynasty for General Fubo who succeed a fierce battle in Jiaozhi.

What you can see here at Fubo Hill

The natural scenery of rocks and stalactites. I have a chance to visit the Pearl Returning Cave, the Thousand Buddha caves and the Sword Testing Rock.
If you walk to the second terrace of Fubo Hill, you will find a giant cloister. Just walk past the beautiful garden and climb up some small steps. You will find a 300-year-old iron boiler which can boil enough food for a thousand people.

Guilin is famous with Osmanthus and Monk Fruits. But it's not a season for Osmanthus flower during my time. The street and garden will full of nice sweet fragrance smell of osmanthus if you visit during its season.

The Rambutan Seller 

One thing, I notice the fruit seller in Guilin tends to present the fruit by putting the fresh leaves. At first, I thought, the rambutan leaves in Guilin is different from other parts of the world. Seriously, I thought it was from different species. But then, this Rambutan seller, pluck the street plant leaves and place it on his rambutan basket. I was like.... hurl! Rambutan leaves is the same in every country. hahahaha.... not different!

Those aunties on the photo end up don't buy the fruits from this seller. It seems they don't agree with something and I saw the seller push away his bicycle with anger. 

All this happened while I was waiting for the red tourist bus to the next scenic area.

Diecai Hill Scenic Area

Address: North of Fubo Hill and the west bank of Lijiang River

I kind of love the beautiful scenery here. Diecai Hill is the name given during Tang Dynasty which means folded colours hill.

The view from this hill is really fantastic. Just climb the stairs up and you will be greeted by a magnificent view.

You can shop for some souvenirs here too. But I am not a souvenir person. hahaha... I just walk pass by them.

Tea Seller Act

Right before the souvenir place, there is this dried tea seller who put up an act. I don't speak Chinese but the act was so obvious and I almost laugh at both of them when the act repeated with the same line when I was leaving the place. The act was, one guy, pretended to inquire about the tea and the seller diligently hard sell the tea. I was like kekekeke... laughing while looking at both of them. You think you can fool me ..ahhhhhh? I can't understand Chinese but it sounds like the same scripted line you acted when I just entered this place earlier. huhuhuh

Lots of hill climbing... huhuhuh

Nice cave and the grottoes.

The beautiful layered colour hills.

Spectacular view from the top.

Apparently, I can slide down from the top but I didn't do it! Why? I was alone up there. I doubt and fear for my safety though!

Time to grab some lunch and dinner. It was late afternoon by the time I came down from the hill. I don't go to the famous Red Fleet Cave, which is another landmark of Guilin.

I ate lamb Jiaozhi and bell pepper stir-fried. I noticed the vegetables here in Guilin taste really fresh and sweet.

I still have a bit of strength to walk around before called off the day. I need to catch the bus at 7am to catch a 4 hours Li River Cruise to Yangshuo.

I bought warm Taro Coconut Milk drink as my dessert. 

Don't forget to watch my MOST BORING video Travelogue Guilin, China Ep 2 Elephant Trunk Hill at my YouTube Channel HERE. My video can put you to sleep since I recorded A.S.M.R in this video too. :)

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

[Travelogue Guilin, China] Where to Stay in Guilin?

I decided to create my first ever travel video with a voice-over format. It's kind of challenging task for me. I spent my whole Sunday to do this. I'm really a beginner in editing video. So, please pardon me for any glitch in my video voice-over. I don't really know which apps to use. Basically, I have to use three different apps for editing. Its really time consuming too.

I am still learning and hope to improve my skills soon. Some of the comments received - my voice sounded so 'cute'. I was like what? Shy! shy! cover my face.....hihihihihi... I never thought will sound like that in a voice-over.  There is another comment said my voice-over faded especially when I was talking over a video with some surrounding sounds. Noted! I will improve further.

For comment said, I am pretty... ehem..ehem...the tech nowadays can fool you. With just one click 'Meitu' will erase all fine lines and tone down all my chubby fat. Yes! it's all apps! In real, I am just an ordinary 'fat auntie'! save that 'pretty' comments for someone you meet in real life, ya!

Do you have any more comment for me? Please drop yours in my comment box in this blog. I will improve my next video.

I don't have many love and subscribers to my channel. isk isk isk

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A synopsis of my Travelogue Guilin China.

I started my 10 days travel to Guilin, China on the 24th Dec 2019. From Guilin, I took a 4 hours River Cruise along Li River to Yangshuo and then a 3 hours car ride up to Longsheng before head back down to Guilin. 

It was a great travel exploration for me. In Episode 1, I showcase my first-day exploration along the river beside the place I stay.

Where to Stay in Guilin?

Riverside Inn Central, Guilin situated at a strategic place and along one of the river in Guilin. It's not that easy to reach to this place since it located at small alley. Your cab driver have to stop at the main road and you have to drag your luggage for around 300 meters. You will the signage.

No lift! So as my room located on the 4th floor so I have to take quite a flight of stairs for 3 days stay. As I have a bad knee - it's kind of challenging task. The reception guy helps to carry up my luggage, otherwise, I would rather leave it at the reception for 3 days and pick what I want up. huhuhuh

The reception gentleman here quite friendly and can speak English. So, I book my Li River Cruise to Yangshuo from them. They even allow me to leave my luggage while I away for 4 days for my trip to Yangshuo and Longsheng. Awesome!

The surrounding of this place kind of convenient for me. I just need to go out to the main road and walk to my left and left again then walk straight ahead until reaching a traffic light, then cross the traffic light towards my right - here I reached the Ancient Mosque street. There are numbers of Halal Food Restaurant.

After my meal, I walked around the nearby park along the river to observe the local daily activities. In general, Guilin people more polite than the people in Xi'an, Lanzhou, Xining and even Tianjin.

I walked to Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic area the next morning and spend my second day exploring this major attraction.

So, please follow and subscribe for Episode 2 of my Travelogue Guilin, China.

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For my Muslim friends! don't fool yourself with what you read about China. I have been to almost 15 cities in China and they mostly respect the Muslim, there. Xi'an, Lanzhou and Xining have many Uyghur, Han and Hui ethnic too. They live peacefully practising the religion just like Muslim here in Malaysia. I don't have any problem with practising my religion and finding Halal food are very easy in China. One day, I will make my trip to Xinjiang and share my travelogue on my visit there. Hope can do that in near date.

We should see, experience and then comment. Not just read one-sided stories. We must listen to both sides of stories in everything. I always believe there is a reason for everything. Open your mind and your heart! Go out and experience on the other side of the world.

Friday, December 13, 2019

What and WhereTo Eat In Tianjin?

As a Muslim traveller, I don't have a problem to find food here in Tianjin. There is so much Halal food here. 

If you read my previous entry on Tianjin, I did mention stay in Holiday Inn Express Heping, Tianjin. Just like many other Holiday Inn Express chain, you can't expect good buffet from them. To me the variant kind of dull. It's not Halal. I use my creativity to toast the bread and hard-boiled egg to make my own sandwiches every morning. hahaha

I am proven a living survivor in anywhere I travel. Always crack my head if cant find suitable food to eat. Travel with instant food in my bag from Malaysia is so unusual for me. Unless, if I know the food is super damn expensive and the place I am visiting is to remote for me to find something to eat.

Tianjin Chestnuts

I don't know that Tianjin Chestnuts is super famous. It's common to see people lining up day and night just for a bag of Chestnuts. I discover this while strolling along the Tianjin University Street. This place kind of opposite the place I stayed. So I was there a few times and was very curious about the long queue. One morning, I decided to join the queue and bought a bag of Chestnuts for myself. OMG! can't get enough of this. Different from the chestnuts I ever ate before. Tianjin Chestnuts taste sweet and savoury at the same time. You will get addicted.

Another famous snack is sunflower seeds. I don't try that since no patient to peel that with my teeth. Kuaci je pun....Too small and tiring for me! hahaha

Chinese Pancakes or Crepe (Jianbing Guozi)

This is another common snack in Tianjin. The pancakes batter made of mung bean, egg and some special sauce. Chilli and Soy sauce is very famous here too. They will ask you if you want spicy or non-spicy. You can choose between Crispy Crackers and You Tiao. I have tried with both fillings and my vote goes to Crispy Crackers filling. Check out the process of Chinese pancakes being prepared in the video below.  By the way, I bought this from Halal Snack Shop

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Ear-Hole Fried Cake (Erduoyan Zha Gao)

You won't miss this at all. They sell this almost everywhere. Basically a rice cakes with some filling like red bean, lotus paste or custard. I just can't get enough of this too. It so small and you can't eat just one of this. The rice cake is so soft and chewy. Taste better than Tteok from Korea. The name of this cake is kind of interesting with the direct translation means Ear Hole. I don't see any hole in this cake at all! hahaha...Too lazy to google the history of this cake name.

Stuffed Meat Buns (Goubuli Baozi)

The name is so weird which literally translate as 'Dog Doesn't Care' or 'Ignorance Dog' mmmmmm...wanna try also scared leh, who knows the stuff in dog meat inside. hahaha.
Did I try this? Yeah!!! found this at one of the halal stalls. To me, this is just a steamed bun. Frankly speaking from my point of taste bud, I  think the 'Pau Ahmad' or 'Tanjung Malim Pau' is more delicious than this. hahaha

Talking about Dog...I remember buying a few bags of roasted peanuts which called " Dog Poo". hahaha...seriously, most of my colleague said it's super delicious. It's delicious to me too. Regret not to buy more though! I remember buying it at one of the groceries stores and the store owner's son told me the name which really put me off on the spot. Almost put back to the shelf and he keeps convince me to give it a try. Which I did? The next day bought a few more. Gosh! so addictive! The name really put me off. But the taste? I want it again and again. It's so tasty!

Disclaimer: No dog injured or killed to make this dishes. huhuhu

Rolling Donkey

I recognised this snack since I ate this during my Beijing trip. Oh! if just now I talked about Dog, now we have donkey too. They just love to use the animal name. Don't worry! No donkey died to make this snack. It just a layer of sticky rice dough with red bean paste and then roll in the soybean powder. I love this too if I get the fresh one!

ShouliGao (Flour Dessert)

I bought this because it looks so colourful and pretty! hahaha..Sucker! right?
Taste? Not my style at all. Totally not as delicious as it looks. muahahaha..I basically bought, took some photo and then sat at one corner struggling to finish the whole plates with 6 pieces ShouliGao.I don't want to waste food! My mission is to accomplish ZERO FOOD WASTE. God will punish me for wasting the food! Serious, our 'Putu Piring' or 'Putu Bambu' taste more delicious than this. That flour base tastes nothing like our putu piring or Bambu at all. I don't know how to describe but it just not my style. The colourful topping just a various super sweet fruit jams which you can get your whole leg chopped off! huhuhuh


I think you can find this at Jonker Walk too right? I love hawthorn. This sugar-coated hawthorn, I would be happy if I have someone to finish the rest of the fruits. I can't finish in this alone though.

Lamb Dumpling

I went into one of the Xinjiang Restaurant to eat this. It looks a lot. But seriously, I can just sit there and finish the whole plate even after slurping a bowl of Beef Lamian. This is so addictive, especially with some chillies oil. I did this a lot during my Xining trip. Call me Dumpling addicts! hahaha..But I only eat Lamb dumpling. Not so big fan of chicken or beef.

Beef Lamian

Don't need an introduction. I ate many of this during my trip to Lanzhou and Xining until I got fed up with anything soupy. hahaha..I ate this because the restaurant is nearby the Hotel I stayed.

Fried Noodles

I tried this on one of the cold night which made me lazy to walk further from my hotel. The Muslim restaurant located right opposite the hotel I stayed in. Not bad! But I was so struggling to finish this alone. I ate until feel so damn bored eating. It's not that I don't feel thankful for my food, just don't understand why the Chinese love too big portion in every meal served? Why? Can't you serve moderate portion? Woman or Man there....they can finish this without any problem. I was damn struggling and feeling like crying to finish this. Can't waste food ma!

Sour Fish Soup

I discover this by accident, while looking for a toilet at one of the shopping malls near Bingjiang Shopping Street, then decided to head down to basement food court. I found a Halal Sour Fish Soup. I fall in love not only with the young guy who prepares this but this soup is super delicious and refreshing taste. I ordered the set with rice and who knows there are noodles at the bottom of this soup. Die! I need to finish a bowl of rice together with this noodle. They really serve a generous portion here. The fish meat is so fresh and the black fungus kind of chewy too. The pepper taste and sourness of plum really delicious to eat during cold days. 

I went back to the same stall during my last day before heading to the airport in the evening, to taste the Mala (Sichuan) Pepper soup but the person who took order misunderstood me and serve me with tomato soup version. Aiyakkk!!! I really hate tomato soup in the first place. Forcing myself to finish the tomato version fish soup. isk isk isk Not that bad for my hungry tummy. I purposely skip the buffet breakfast at my hotel and waited for the mall to open just for this. huhuhuh

Address? muahaha. IMA forgot to note down. All using my memory and only found the place after a few rounds lost my way on the second visit. hahaha

Inner Xinjiang Muslim Food

OMG! I seriously missed all this food from my Xi'an trip. When I saw this restaurant...I was like...take my money. I don't care how much is the bill. I will eat my most craving Dapanji (Big Plate Chicken). I ordered half chicken Dapanji, 2 sticks of grilled lamb and some warm nan bread. I really finish all this until the next table staring at my lonely table. Yeah! they ordered a lot and waste lots of food. Me? I just wobble all clear! muahahaha...ZERO Waste mission ma! Red Dates tea is free flow is delicious too. huhuhuh

Sorry! if you think I went to Tianjin but ate Xinjiang food. I just craving for this food people! Craving for Dapanji for super long time. Craving satisfied and this Dapanji is super delicious than what I ate in Xi'an. Gosh! I really need to save up and brave myself to Xinjiang soon. Let muster my courage to visit that place in few years time.


This fried twisted dough is a famous snack in Tianjin. People buy this by boxes people. It must be super nice, right? I don't try this one at all since I need to buy a big bag for this. I am just afraid unable to finish this by myself. I just imagine the taste is like our very own Mahua here too. kekeke...can't taste this? Just use my wild imagination! hahaha

There is so much other food you can try in Tianjin. If you are a non-muslim, abundance of food waiting for you. Even if you are a Muslim like me, you won't end up in the Hotel room eating pack instant food. Just prepare lots of money and enjoy!!!!

There are a few famous Food Street in Tianjin you can explore :

Nanshi Food Street 

Address: located West of Heping Rd. 

I visited this place with hope but the result was a total let down. It so touristy and I just don't feel comfortable to even explore further. The price is expensive too. You won't miss this place because the building is like a palace-like classic building with rows of stalls selling snacks and food.

Heping District Food Street

Address: Liaoning Rd, Heping District

I don't visit this place but just pass by. You can give a try though! I would go if the weather is not that cold at night.

Shiyue Food Street

Address: near Zhonghan Park , Hebei Distirct

Actually, the place itself is a nice environment but just happen during my visit the place is too quiet since it's after the Golden Holiday.

Five Great Avenue Food Street (near to WuDaDao)

It is more restaurant a cafe place since this place is quite a high-end area. But worth for people who love the posh environment.