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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Top 5 (Dai Chow) Chinese Restaurant in KL You Can't Miss

In Malaysia, we are spoiled with choices when it comes to food selection. Most of Malaysian are well known for their food hunting hobbies during the weekends and public holiday. We hunt for good 'makan place' and enjoy the food until our heart content.

Here some top 5 restaurant list, especially for our foodies who are craving for authentic delicious Chinese food to bring you back to the old-time taste and some home-cooked that you miss.

Photo Credit to @gankimpoh

1. Chong Yen Steamed Fish Head Restaurant

Address: Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin 4, 22-24, Jalan 2/89C, Pudu, 55200 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hours: 10am - 4pm (Closed on Sunday)

When it comes to satisfying your craving for a steamed fish dish, it got to be at Chong Yen Steamed Fish Head located in the light industrial area of Jalan Chan Sow Lin. 

The steamed fish here only served with two styles. For those who are more in light taste, bud can go for a classic style which is the fish head steamed with minced ginger and lots of minced garlic. For those who have a thick taste-bud can try the steamed fish with fermented soya bean.

The steamed fish dishes portion here are perfect for 2 people sharing. You can order some Yong tau foo and other assorted vegetables of the day as side dishes for a complete balanced meal.

photo credit to @limjenjen

2. Sek Yuen Restaurant Jalan Pudu

Address: 315, Jalan Pudu, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hours: 11am - 2:30pm , 5:30 - 10pm (Closed on Monday)

Old school food is the best ever! This place is one of the oldest restaurants in KL. It has been existing ever since the year 1948 which means they have been serving the customer for over 70 years. Such a legend! Starting from a humble one lot and now has expanded up to a few shop lots to cater to countless loyal patrons especially during the weekends.

Specialised in traditional Cantonese food and maintained wood-fired stoves to cook all the food. Their legendary signature food which always goes sold out daily is 'pei pa duck' (roast duck). Another old-time favourite such as the steamed tofu and fish paste is also a must-try. 

Many famous celebrities such as popular HK stars such as Eric Tsang, Richard Ng has visited this restaurant. So it not surprised this restaurant has been named as the world's best Chinese Restaurant by FoodieHub (a site alleging to be the world's largest global network of food experts) in the year 2015.

photo credit to @hungrybabes

3. Chuan Kee Hakka Restaurant

Address : 14, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Batu 3 Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hour : 11:30am - 3:00pm , 6:00 - 9:30pm (Daily)

If you are a Hakka, then Chuan Kee is one of the most familiar places you have been frequented to enjoy awesome Hakka styled dishes. This place has been around since 1980s and still going strong due to its regular patrons as well as the new one. 

One of the most popular dishes is Claypot Stew Lamb Brisket which cook to tender and the gravy described with one word....SUPERB! For those who love steamed egg custard, here they did it to silky smooth texture and melt in your mouth. You are not in visiting any Hakka restaurant and walk away without ordering the Yong Tau Foo. Here they don't just use fish paste but also minced salted fish and some blended toasted squid too.

photo credit to @jasonkiahkeat

4. Hau Kee Seafood Restaurant

Address : No. 12, Jalan Kaskas 2, Taman Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hour : 4:00pm - 2:00am (Daily)

This place may look tacky to some of you but this place has been very popular and people who have tried their food will keep coming back. If you asked any Cheras people, they will recommend you to check out this place.

Some of their popular dishes such as dried shrimp with intestines, 'Bucket of Chicken' or in mandarin called as "Yi Dong Mei Wei Ji", rack of lambs, crab with Chinese herbs and Goji Berries

photo credit to @jiakpapa

5. Hup Kee Seafood Restaurant

Address: 4A, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Sentul,55100 Kuala Lumpur
Operating hour : 10:00am - 10:00pm (Daily)

One of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Jalan Ipoh and totally family favourite place. This place is another gem of 'Tai chow ' restaurant. Many describe the food here is very delicious and never been a disappointment.

Some of the popular are Assam Fish, Prawns with Yam, Spinach Soup, House Special Tofu and also Kerabu Paku Pakis. 

Recently, I read news the Federal Territory Minister has declared four areas within Klang Valley as "coronavirus red zones". The area mentioned, Lembah Pantai, Kepong, Cheras and Titiwangsa. The deployment of police, law enforcement and military personnel in these areas will increase to ensure residents comply with the Movement Control Order (MCO). 

Oh Gosh! is this means you can't enjoy your favourite Chinese Food during this MCO? Worry not! FoodPanda Malaysia Delivery can settle your craving to your doorsteps. 

Notes: To all Muslim friends the Restaurant listed above served 'non-halal' food.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Cloud 9 New Berry Twist Has A Very Satisfying Flavour

I am still in Cloud 9, a box of chocolate reached me at 11pm when I was craving for a night chocolate snack. As far as I remember Cloud 9 Classic taste is caramel, peanuts and soft nougat coated with rich chocolate.  Plus another signature taste of caramel, cereal, crispies and peanuts wrapped in rich chocolate really something a bar of craving chocolate satisfied.

This year 2020, Cloud 9 has a new flavour addition a New Berry Twist chocolate. When I have the first bite of this new Cloud 9 flavour, I really can't get enough with just one bite.

If I would describe to you in words on how this new berry twist Cloud 9 taste? 

Well... imagine a bar of chocolate indulgent of rich milky chocolate-filled layers of sweet caramel, soft nougat, full of nutrition almond, crunchy nuts and a burst of flavourful raisins and tangy cranberries.

Since I am an avid traveller - not necessary abroad, it can be stuck in the traffic jam, this new Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut is a perfect companion to satisfied your hungry pang or snacking urge.

In short, I am confident to say this new Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut is really satisfying explosion chocolate indulgent!

In conjunction with this new chocolate bar, Cloud 9 introduces its #OldWorldCharmWithANewTwist campaign that celebrates the 'ol days made better with a new twist. Just like our favourite childhood games but with a modern twist to make them not only memorable but more exciting and relatable today. It the same with our fashion mix and match of vintage clothing with the latest styles!

Most of us loved Cloud 9 chocolate bar but now it has a modern twist with exciting fruit and nut berry twist.

Good news to all Cloud 9 lovers! You can try this delicious New Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut as well as take a walk down to memory lane by revisiting old world charm at Cloud 9 roadshows. On top of that, there will be special Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut truck making its way around Klang Valley. Don't forget to stop by their roadshows and visit the truck to have your first bite of this awesome flavourful chocolate. For a short period, you can get Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut at an introductory price.

For further details on the whereabouts roadshows and trucks location, please get an update at official Cloud 9 's  Facebook Page.

With this new addition, Cloud 9 now has five chocolate bar variants :

  • Classic - Caramel, peanuts and soft nougat coated in rich chocolate
  • Plus - Caramel, cereal, rice crispies and peanut wrapped in rich chocolate
  • Overload - caramel and soft nougat stuffed with a load of peanuts wrapped in rich chocolate
  • Crispies - Wafer bar wrapped in chocolate and packed with peanuts, rice crispies and caramel; and don't forget its wafer cubes option, Cloud 9 Wafret Twins, coated with chocolate and filled with either vanilla, chocolate or kaya pandan flavoured cream

Here come the latest addition Fruit and Nut with its timeless combination of satisfyingly rich chocolate, crunchy nuts and fruity tanginess waiting for you to try out!

Cloud 9 Fruit and Nut is available in two sizes: A single-serve bar RM1.20 and Buddy pack with 12 big bites at RM6.50 which you can share with family and friends.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Where To Stay and Eat In Jakarta

Early this year, I have an opportunity to visit Jakarta and work there for a few days. The first trip, I went with my Boss and the latest one which is early July I went for a solo working trip. It was a great experience for me especially for the culture and the variety of food that I tried out when I was there.

Where I stay in Jakarta?

The place I stayed is about 10 minutes walking distance to our office in Jakarta. 

Century Park Hotel
Address : Jl, Pintu Senayan , No. 1 RT1/RW 3 , Gelora , Kecamatan Tanah Abang , Kota Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta.

Telephone : +62 21 57102041

The room is spacious and the location is so convenient except for the traffic jam. But ...which place in Jakarta is not jam? 
Since I was there for a working trip and my office is just walking a distance so traffic jam is not a problem for me at all.

One minus point of this hotel is whenever there is a soccer match then this place will be super crowded with the human. Difficult to walk around too since its the local habit to sit on the pavement and any empty space on the sidewalk area. I experience this during my latest trip here. I was so annoyed and really can't wait to reach my hotel.

Why is that so?

Well, this hotel situated right opposite the big stadium, called Gelora Bung Karno. huhuhuhu... The view kind of magnificent from my hotel room though!

Walking to my office kind of easy since I don't have to brave myself to cross the big main road. When I went there for the first time was my Boss, it was not a good experience. I have to drag my poor luggage all the way to my office and hotel and crossing the main road. Safety comes first? mmmmm..... I think we failed on our first trip though!

I plan well during my solo trip. I checked in my luggage into the hotel and walk with my laptop to the office. Moreover, I make use of the overhead pedestrian bridge every day. So, travel safely for everyone. As much as you want to travel like locals. Safety should be on top of priority!

Just about 400 meters walking distance from Century Park Hotel, you will find FX Sudirman. A shopping complex when I frequented every day. hehehehe... I went there for working not for leisure. No time to explore other places. About 500 meters can walk to Plaza Senayan but I haven't reached there yet. The luxury shopping complex Pacific Place is around 1 km from this place.

One of the night, I manage to walk around outside the FX Sudirman and found a few interesting food carts selling unique name food. For example 'Nasi Goreng Gila' which literally translate as Crazy Fried Rice. I asked the local people and they said the name is due to the big portion. Other than that, it just fried rice.

What to eat in Jakarta?

Note that, most of the food in this photo is the mixture of the foodies during my trip with Boss and another Singaporean colleague. So don't get shocked if it shows as if I eat a lot. 

1. Basement Food Court at The Energy Building
Address: SCBD Lot aaA, Jl Jend. Sudirman, No Kav, 52-53, RT 5/RW3 Senayan, Southern Jakarta

The first food is at the basement food court inside The Energy Building where my office situated. I tried Soto. I love the broth. It's so unique taste with lots of spices. My second trip, I wanted to try this again but unable due to difficult to find a place to sit and eat. The disadvantage for the solo traveller. 

Soto Ayam
Then I experience this call Nasi Kotak. As I said not easy for me to eat at the food court alone. I require to pack my food. I visited one of the mixed rice stalls and end up with this box of food back to my office. There is a bit of hiccup during the order with the stall owner. The stall owner asked me if I want the 'Nasi Merah' or 'Nasi Putih' which literally translated Red Rice or White Rice. In my mind, the red rice will be something like Tomato Rice. Almost laugh out loud when the lady scoops the healthy red rice to my box. Keke Keke....

Nasi Kotak
Food price at this food court not that expensive and not too cheap either. But still much cheaper than all the food I ate at the restaurant.

2. Sate Senayan
Address : Fx Lifestyle , Lt 1 Unit 22-23, Jl Jendral Sudirman, Tanah Abang, RT 1/RW.3, Gelora, Southern Jakartan

Sate Senayan place is well known in Jakarta. The menu selection is so varied and you don't have to visit other parts of Jakarta to eat each place special food. They are famous with Sate. But I went there to eat only rice. I tried the Sate Kambing but not to my liking at all. The Sate Ayam kind of good and lots of spices. 

Some of the interesting rice set tried are :

Nasi Kuning - Turmeric rice with an assortment of meat and vegetables
Nasi Liwet - Coconut rice with skin satay chicken, sweetened beancurd and egg over a spicy light vegetable curry
Nasi Krawu - Coconut rice with an assortment of shredded beef, egg, potato cake, anchovies and fried chicken
Nasi Uduk - Coconut rice with fried chicken wings, skin satay, fried chicken skin, crispy sweet corn fritters and orek tempe.

Rujak Cingur is something worth to try for those who can take exotic taste like me. hahaha... this is assorted vegetables, tofu and rice cakes with cingur (if I am not mistaken this is the cow nose part) and serve with peanut sauce. I love the sauce taste.

3. Kamadoya Nizaemon @ Century Park Hotel

If you get bored with Indonesian food, you can try out this good quality Japanese cuisine located near the lobby of Century Park Hotel.

I would say, we overdid this during the ordering spree. We both woman have to pig in this to max used of the meal allowance. hahahaha...But it was a really great experience for me to eat this much. Many more not in this photo.

The environment is nice here. Many Japanese businessmen visited here or get entertained here. I only visited this place when I was here with Boss. The food is delicious here.

4. Dapur Solo
Fx Sudirman, Jl Jend. Sudirman, RT 1/RW.3, Gelora, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta

Nasi Langgi Solo

Nasi Urap Solo and Pindang Serani
The food here is not bad too. My favourite is Nasi Langgi Solo and some jamu drink call Kunyit Asem. But the Pindang Serani is a total failure for me. Not recommended for your to order that.

Indonesian food is really unique and I wish can try them all. The cakes are another interesting story too.

I really have fun visiting the local bakery and try out some of their famous cakes too. The best is I don't have to buy a lot.

They sells the cakes in slices and pieces which is perfect for me to sample some of these cakes. One of my favourites is the cheese swiss rolls.

I hope this post helps others who are visiting Jakarta near SCBD area and unable to decide where to stay and eat.

I will try to write some of my recent China trip experience soon.

This article is also available on GPSmyCity.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Popular Restaurant Trends For 2019

The food industry is constantly changing. Each year different trends appear depending on what people seem to be interested in at that time. Here are a few things you may notice becoming more prevalent in the coming year.

Online Ordering

With so many different delivery services popping up, online ordering is more popular than ever. People want to eat gourmet food, but many of them find that they do not have the time or energy to go out to a restaurant each week. Now they simple search for what they like, such as the best seafood Plano TX, and have it at their door within an hour. Some restaurants are even have it so that you can order online from your table instead of with your server.

Plant-based Options

Plant-based protein is becoming a popular meat alternative. As people become more conscious of the environment, they are often cutting back on the animal products that they consume. It also seems that people are constantly looking for different ways to lose weight, so restaurant menus are trying to provide healthier options as well.

Enhanced Presentation 

Restaurants have really stepped up their food presentation game recently. This is because people love posting beautiful looking food on social media. It is a great way for restaurants to get noticed as well. Some places have even come up with some pretty outlandish items to try to bring in more business. You can expect that restaurants will continue to work on enhanced presentation as the posting of food pictures does not seem to be going away any time soon. 
While you will likely notice a rise in these trends, not every restaurant will follow. If you are someone who likes to stick to what you know, you can still find plenty of restaurants out there that cater to what you like. Remember that trends change all the time, so always be on the lookout for new discoveries. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Homemade Recipe Chilli Sauce you will fall in love with one bite

It was a long time ago since I bought Chilli Sauce. I really find most Chilli Sauce in the market it's sweet and tangy. Since I really love hot and spicy food, sweet chilli sauce totally not my 'forte' at all. I rather make my own 'sambal' but this will happen only occasionally when I have time and most of the time the taste is not so consistently delicious. Don't laugh! I admit not being a good cook. kekekeke

When BOSS Chilli Sauce reached me the expectation was like....mehhhh!!! another sweet chilli sauce huh?

The bottle even comes with a different theme :

* Happy Boss
* Angry Boss
* Crazy Boss

I was like why is this Chilli Sauce related to BOSS ?

Well... I just checked this BOSS is not even related to the Boss we think it is! Duh! Brilliant and yet cheeky in a way. Thumb up Boss Chilli Sauce!

B - Benchmark
O - Of
S - Super
S - Standards

Boss Chilli Sauce claimed their chilli sauce with no added preservatives and colouring. Basically, homemade recipes with natural ingredients.

You want to know what is my verdict for all three Boss Chilli Sauce ?

I dipped bland mushroom sticky rice rolls with the sauce. I choose to taste on the Crazy Boss and YES! I was super crazy. This is extra hot chilli sauce with some garlic in it. I feel like dancing 'BTS' Fire!!!!! right away. OMG! OMG! this is it! my kind of Chilli sauce.

For baby (don't la feed your baby with chilli sauce. Later people report you abusive Mama hhuhuh)....who can't take spicy food can try Happy Boss. You will definitely feel happy when dipping in this Happy Boss. It looks green and thought I think this is just normal green chilli, not the green bird's eye chilli. The taste suit for the non-spicy taker.

I have many days in a week where I don't have time to cook at home. So, I normally pack food home. I just couldn't get enough of Crazy Boss, huh? The photo shows me having fried squid with Crazy Boss. Yummy!!!!

What about Angry Boss? 
Well... Angry Boss is just spicy to me. It says medium but it still hot. I love this one too. It will be delicious if I suddenly feel like eating 'egg sambal' but no time to cook the 'sambal'. Just boiled the egg or fried egg and pour the Angry Boss on it. meal ready, just served with hot rice. 

I have so much simple meal use the Boss Chilli Sauce but no time to make this happen plus...I am saving up this awesome Chilli Sauce for Ramadhan time. kekeke....

How nice if can just fry chicken then pour the  Crazy Boss on top and eat with rice and some cucumber. Tadahhhhh....'Ayam Penyet' set ready!

On one of the recent weekends, I have some time to cook my own meal. What do you expect from my fridge? Chicken? Fish? Squid? Prawn? Hurl!!!! Only 'tofu' or beancurd and a bit of anchovy which dying to be restocked since I don't go for groceries shopping. huhuhuh

Fried lovers always wanna eat fried food and will fry anything. I fried the tofu and anchovy and then pour Happy Boss and Crazy Boss on top. Owh! I forgot to tell you I fried the shallot too for good fragrance and sprinkle it on top. WTH! Eat it with hot rice...two bowls confirmed!

My conclusion for BOSS Chilli Sauce?
I will definitely replenish whenever my stock getting low. Reason? This is totally my kind of chilli sauce and must have at home for 'sambal' lovers like me. 

Like what the Boss said this is definitely the real taste of chilli and once bitten by the Boss, you'll be in love forever. I am glad to find this chilli sauce.

Boss chilli sauce was founded by Boss Brothers Sdn Bhd and established in 2017 and recently improvised and come in new packaging.

Halal Chilli Sauce? YES

Where to buy Boss Chilli Sauce?

How much is Boss Chilli Sauce?

You can click purchase of 3 bottles for RM40 at the BOSS website.

Boss Chilli Sauce, I give you TWO THUMBS UP! 

If you are HOT and SPICY like me....mmmmm...this is a must to be in your fridge. Nothing will go wrong for your next meal. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sisters get together at D'Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ Buffet


Last weekend was a long holiday for many of us. Mine just 3 days long. So envy for those who lucky enough to get 4 days off days. Haihhhh... 

When I was invited to do a food review by D'Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ Buffet Restaurant in Shah Alan, I was a bit ...who should I bring along? Then decided to bring along the 2 sisters with me.

One of my sister has been living in Shah Alam for many years and to find this place is like 'piece of cake' for her. eheh... The location of this place is superb. It is convenient and ample parking space too. The space here also very spacious and can fit many people for gathering. You can choose to sit outside or inside. It will be fun to have it here.

Not sure about other review who has done 3 types of cooking here but during my time, there are only 2 types cooking methods which is Steamboat and BBQ. We agreed to choose tomyam soup. Thick and satisfying tasted too.

I don't give so much of high expectation when coming here. ....but..I was surprise by its varieties of spread to choose from. All fresh and delicious.

Look at the seafood selection. I can't even fit all in one photos. Clams, mussels, cockles, crabs, squids, fish on the stick marinated well. No fishy smells at all.

Even the marinated items for BBQ look delicious , right? It is delicious and can feel that the chef really made it from his heart. They have many types of fish like small mackerels, stingray, chicken, beef and many more to list down.

Even this selection make you can't help it but drooling and craving for a nice hot steamboat and BBQ time . right? The even have brownie from line for you to eat. ahahahaha...who will be able to bite that adorable brownie face?

Countless selection of fresh vegetables to balance up your diet.

Love it because the vegetables super fresh here.Unlike other steamboat restaurant this one really choose delicious types of vegetables to present to their customers. Sorry la...I can't list down the vegetables name because I don't know many of it. I just ate it. WTH!

Time to dig in....We love the fresh clams here a lot. That bamboo clams is very rare for you to get but they have it here.

The squid and fish also won our heart.

I wish to have room for some noodles to add into that sweet and spicy soup but gosh...guess I overate the seafood and meat earlier. They have many types of noodles for your selection too. But end up throw in some fresh vegetables into the tangy super kick tom yam soup. Delicious!

They even have many types of sauce for you to choose. Here are some of my selection. I love the spicy bird eyes chillies with soy sauce.

After all those full of spices food. Cool down your throat with sweet and creamy ice creams as your dessert. They even have ice monster but during my visit its almost out of stocks. I end up choose a cup of 'teh tarik' and ice creams. They do have fresh cut fruits too.

By the way for those who think eating steamboat and bbq don't fulfill their hunger pang can go to the fresh cook meal like fried rice, chicken rendang, fried noodle and koay teow too.

One of the kids in other table is having a birthday lunch. The clowns just made her day. Sporting clown posing for me. Hope he make plenty! I normally afraid of clown but his make up not so scary for me. Just nice and adorable especially for this big kiddo. ahaaaa...thats me I'm talking about. kekeke..

For those who are still looking out for the best venue for fun outings and gatherings ...this place is the most suitable option. You can have fun steamboat and barbeque with your friend with as low as RM22.90 and plenty of selections for you to choose. You won't regret it here!

You can't get wide varieties selection Steamboat and BBQ buffet with this super cheap price. Not to mentioned its convenient location and ample parking space which make it easier for everyone to enjoy the feast.

Steamboat BBQ Buffet D'Kayangan address :
 No. 1, Service Apartment Sri Acapella
Jalan Lompat Tinggi 13/33
Seksyen 13, Shah Alam

Opening hours : 
Lunch time : 11:00am - 3:00pm
Dinner time : 5:00pm - 1:00am 

Check out D'Kayangan Steamboat BBQ Buffet latest promotion at :

Instagram : @dkayangan 

You want to win Free dine for 4 person at D'Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ at D'Kayangan?

Check out my giveaway post here

Complete all task given and I will choose 2 lucky winners to win free dine for 4 each. Good luck!

Friday, May 30, 2014


Last Sunday, I was craving for delicious walnut carrot cake.
Found this at Espresso Lab near One U. WTH!
So damn shiok wor!!!
Totally my taste.
I am one person who are very picky when it comes to cake tasting.
I only eat cream cheese with clean taste.
Hate the thick too creamy and greasy taste!
When it come to cake...mmmmmm...I don't like the fluffy and dry type.
I love solid and moisture type of cakes.
The cake need to be less sweet too!
 I don't eat sweet cakes!
So difficult huh???
This Walnut Carrot cake at Espresso Lab, seriously????
Give it a try!
Its expensive, they charge you RM14 for one slice but to me it really delicious!

 Lovely Sunday with delicious Walnut Carrot cake and pair with Latte

After enjoying, found out my best friend came. WTH!
I forgot to spare sanitary in my bag.
End up at watson looking for the smallest ultrathin kotex.
Lovely packaging from kotex and really convenient for emergency lady like me.
nice huh!

How can from carrot cake story change to sanitary pad????
I also don't know!!!
This is weird huh?

Friday, May 23, 2014


Since I bought my smoothie blender from, my morning breakfast is sooooooooo bloody healthy!

Since I am office lady and my belly fat is accumulating  so I did more research on  smoothie recipe.
My focus more on detox ,weight loss, slimming and something delicious and healthy. Which women don't google all this???? Tell me? who ? who? who is that lucky woman with no such worries???


My first recipe which I find this delicious is Strawberry Beet Root Green Smoothie.

Ingredient :

* 1/2 cup beet, cut into small cube
* 1/4 avocado, peeled and slice
* 1 stalk of celery
* 10 medium sized fresh strawberries
* 1/4 cup oats (optional)
* Water ( can put whatever amount suit your taste)

I am bloody lazy to blend it step by step so I just dumped it all in the blender. Blend it until it smooth and creamy. The taste???? Lovely!!!! just suit me. You can add honey if you want your smoothie sweet.

This smoothies is said to be rich of vitamins, B1, B6, copper,magnesium, manganese,potassium and zinc. Yeah!!!! can become IRON LADY after drink this every day...huh?

Owwwwhhh!!! this is not a snack...this is meal replacement smoothie. Good for breakfast and start your morning with this delicious healthy taste!

This smoothie totally suit somebody who are trying to lose weight healthily and do some body detoxification!