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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Ways You Can Give Back To Your Community

It’s easy to become sucked into your own everyday activities and checking off boxes your to-do lists. However, it’s important for middle and upper class people to look beyond themselves and be grateful for the fortune that they have. If you fall into this category, take advantage of your position and use it to give back to your community in these ways.

Support Stores That Give Back

There are many clothing stores like TOMS NYC that give a portion of their sales to charities. Some companies run a “one for one” style charity. Every time you buy one of their products, they donate that same product to a child or family in need. Some stores make sure their clothes are made handmade in humane conditions by women in impoverished countries like Ethiopia, Uganda and Costa Rica opposed to Chinese factories.

Volunteer at Local Organizations

No matter where you live, there are plenty of organizations that are non-profit, do great work for the community and in need of volunteers. If you love animals, volunteer by feeding puppies and kittens at the local animal shelter. Help serve food to those in need at a nearby soup kitchen or food pantry. If you have any skills such as dance, crafting or cooking, volunteer to teach a class at a nursing home or a school district in a lower income area.

Donate Items You Don’t Need

If your house is cluttered with items you no longer need, consider donating them. Check out the charities that your local church is working with. They may need toys, food or Christmas gifts. Bring clothes to a nearby thrift shop. Libraries accept books and DVDs to donate to families and schools in need. Even doctors offices accept used eyeglass frames to donate to charity.
When you decide to give back to your community, you will feel immediate satisfaction. Make donating and volunteering and conscious habit.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Complaints

Many of us spend time complaint about our work during lunch break or happy hours time.
Its not wrong if it is positive bitching. As long as don't harm other, you could release your stress by talking about it.
Do you know most of us thought we are the most unluckiest person?
Facing the tough life and many more problems in life and work and relationship?

Yesterday after the lunch break , my colleague and I took the lift up to our office.
In the life there is 4 more other ladies.
There was this lady complaint to another lady about one of other colleague.
I guess she is bitching about her supervisor .

After our lift reached to our office floor while walking towards our office I turn to my friend and told her about she is not the only one having the 'toughest life'.
Many others on the same boat and may be they are in the worst boat and waiting to sink or sinking by now.

Imagine this :

* when you are getting scold by your boss......    somewhere out there at other place many people get terminated.

* when you are having big argument with your partner or husband......... somebody else got beaten or even killed

* when your food taste is suck...... other people don't even have anything to eat

* when you are sick and helpless...... somebody else is on dying bed

* when you have not enough money left..... others don't even have a single sen

* when you are complaining heavy traffic and congested road....... others have to wait for the bus or even standing in the 'sardine pack' public transport

* when you are complaining your room or house too small..... others don't even have place to live

* when you are complaining your are boring with your wardrobe collections....... others don't even have things to wear or any choice at all.

Many more too complaint.......dare us complaining on what we are having now????

Be thankful and wish for bless from our God!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I was so lazy... ooppppssss ... not was but still lazy.
Somebody called me last night and still asking me the same question.
Have you decided?
mmmm... ah! should I answer or should I not answer. Dont want to be rude and dont feel like to be polite either.
I reached home almost 12.30 noon and my mind focus to my marathon plan. Marathon for Playful Kiss...Manage to finish the entire episodes (16) until 12 mid nite.Yo! I am with my Zombie face to work... overdose of radiation from my computer. Anyway, I am happy and satisfy.I even dream about Hyun Joong at night.... wow...dont feel want to wake up at all.... I like the feeling of being in dreamland again... I was waiting for this for so long ever since Boys Over Flower and Personal Taste series craze ended.

I have many photos to upload but yet I am so lazy.
My CM trip was the most memorable journey.
Of course hiccup here and there but manageable with my snobbish and cocky attitude make into play. hehehehe... Yeah! I am trying to be a DIVA.

My work?
mmmm... coming to end of year.
I dont push myself at all and currently just let my life continue and decide by God.
I dont want to change any of your plan God!
I just feel exhausted!

I had rejected this company offer for CFO position. It has been 3 times politely rejected. Thanks but no thanks.
4th time offer drive me up to my top and I finally closed whatever doors available and rejected him firmly on my decision. Not even another ....darling!!!! A stop mean a stop! Let me go somewhere I feel like working and have positive feeling to be in. But not this company. I just dont feel the chemistry at all! I know I am talented and I know I am capable.You work with me you fall in love with me.
I know I know... a bit exaggerated hehehehehehehe....:)
Anyway, I want to start new life in year 2011.

Tonight achievement... upload photos to my online diary and watch my Hyun Joong again... I want to shut this world and be in my own world for this week. Back off everybody Cindyrina is back!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strong hearted Panda

I am doing a lot of thinking these few weeks and days.
My mind is full of thoughts from many subjects.
When I am at work.... my mind is thinking of something else.
Things keep coming into my head while driving to work or back home or when I walk to toilet or sit in the toilet or walk to the lift or stand in the lift or while talking to anybody or while reading the newspaper or while sleeping.... yeah hardly sleep these days.
My panda eyes getting darker and darker and I can admit I am panda sibblings now...
I made up my mind but still hesitate with my decision.
I am just afraid on making the wrong step.
Am I daring enough to face yet another tough challenge in my life.
Like I said previously, life is like playing monopoly. Everything we work for will go back into the box. But doesn't mean we dont have to work or work harder? We just need to balance up!
I have been through many difficult situation.
I hope I could go through this with open heart.
Nobody know how worried I am right now.
Nobody will understand why I make this decision.
Like any other people... I just feel this is the best for me.
Because I am just a human.
Hope God continue allow me to continue have my courage and strong heart to live on.
I promise I will put my head up and walk forward without looking back!
This is a story... called 'Tripping by the Beach ' one fine morning ... beautiful bright sky and fine weather...

nice for beach jogging

Oppppppss!!!! ouch ouch fall down and not even started running yet

jia yor jia yor... ah! must be the wave trying to swipe me away....

Never give up.... I will run to the finish line.....

Congrats! cheers............

Owwww! that hot dude behind me.... hihihihihihi

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a life

I have a very bad migraine these days!
My head feel heavy and hurt.

I miss my favourite TV shows.
I miss to read newspaper every morning.
I miss my life I can play I can sit down and dream and can lie down on bed at some other time other than at 12.00 midnight.
I miss my old days!

My life right now seems to be full of too much serious thing!
It hurt me a lot!

Is this a sign I am getting older?

These days my life all about working and working and studying and studying.
Well for now... how about next year?
How my life gonna be?
No more study but just working?
Am I still going to be at the same place?
I hope not!

I need to plan for next year.
Next year is not far from now.
I can't find time to plan... thats my biggest problem now.

My place now in a mess.
Don't have time to do proper cleaning.

Gosh! so tired right now but still need to crack my head for my IB case studies!
Nak mati rasanya...
Maybe I will die due to overworked myself!
One day everything just malfunction and there I go to see the ONE!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Single Woman

I decided to start blogging about my life as single woman when I was preparing for my MBA assignment. I choose Independent Living Community as my Business Plan. Reason being I am afraid to go through my golden years alone and hopefully don't end up died alone. This concept is nothing new to the western but for asian like Malaysian we don't have such community.
Well, I am blessed with young gene look with the fact I am now reaching 35 years old. I have no man show interest on me or whatsoever. I hardly go out to socialize. (My social skill sucks!). Not many friends and living with no best friend to turn to for over 35 years. I cut off my private life from my family.
Basically, I got nobody to turn to... sounds pathetic!
However, I can tell you eventhough the description sounds lonely but I am happy with my life. Its all about routine and we forgot about the loneliness.
You wake up in the morning go to work, work work and work then reach home by 10.00pm. Not much time left for yourself end up doing some chores and go to sleep. This continues for 5 days a week. I always looking forward for weekend. I wake up on Saturday morning having breakfast at Kopitiam near PGRM building then go for my 2 hours chiropractic session for my wellness and well being. Then go for spa or salon. Go back home spend my time online to either for my favourite japanese or korean drama or for my online beauty product business. Time pass by, here goes night time watch tv or go online, if I feel good I will do some reading, then go to sleep. Here come Sunday, another routine lazying at home, do some chores at home or go out do some grocerries shopping then here come Monday. My routine start all over again. I am happy to live in my own world. I don't have mum or dad to nag on me or another friend to make me listen to their mushy mashy love stories or bragging or break up stories. I don't have to please anybody to live my life. I feel peaceful.
But my question, how long can I continue my life like this?
I am healthy now, what if I am not well and I need help?
Who will assist me to continue my life?
I am aftraid to look forward to that.
I always pray to God to bless me with good health.
My question is what if I died and nobody know where I live.
Who will find my body when nobody know I am here?