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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Awkward Lift ride Drama

Just now when I was in the lift this morning I felt like in the most awkward lift ride .
There are 3 other people inside the lift.

The drama actors and actresses list as follows :
- Purple shirt young malay dude with spiky hair do (leading actor) - Malay dude
- Medium size Chinese lady (leading actress) - Chinese lady
- Me (Co actress and narrator for this extreme short drama(
- White shirt man (co actor)

Scene enter the lift with rush as if many people waiting for the lift. The lift door almost close and suddenly one medium side chinese lady hand appear to hold the lift door. I quickly hold the open lift door button.
I checked around if there is any other person rushing for the lift before pressing the close door button.

The Malay dude and chinese lady seems to know each other but me and the white shirt man seems to be a stranger.

Suddenly the Malay dude turned to Chinese lady.

Malay Dude : (with loud clear voice) " Are you fasting?"
Chinese Lady : (with sarcastic smile face) " Are you implying that I am fat ? " 

From the lift door mirror I could see the Malay dude face was so confuse and almost speechless with the respond from the chinese lady.
Ah!!! which part of the question said that she is fat???? Stupid woman.... can't you notice that man is trying hard to make a descent conversation with you????

The white shirt guy and me was at awkward feeling with the reply from that chinese lady.

Malay Dude : (scratching his non itchy head burst out with most awkward laugh I ever heard) "hahahahaha... no la..." (embarrassed with the unexpected reply)

and the silence atmosphere to the whole icy cold lift.
The ride to 20th floor seems too long for me. I believe not only me feel the same feeling of getting out from the lift but that Malay Dude especially feel like pressing the door open button immediately.

me counting the level 15,16....

Malay dude : (broke the silence) " so what you going to eat for breakfast???"

Ohhhhh dude!!!!! stop it!!!! just get this over...... (my heart screaming)

Chinese Lady : (still with her bloody sarcastic tone) " Ah! now you asking me to eat??? Don't you see how fat am I"

Thank god the lift reaching to level 20....

As I am getting out the lift I stole a glance to that 'trying hard' Malay dude...

Poor guy with the most lost face I ever seen.

To that Malay dude - you should just stop at any level as long as you out of that place or just answer to that no mercy woman , " Yeah! it will be good if you could loose some kg!"

Poor white man shirt have to continue the ride with the most " no give up and over friendly malay dude"  and  " no mercy sarcastic chinese lady ".

Me??? I am out of here!!!!!


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