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14th October 2014, Tuesday

I woke up morning to catch flight to Jeju.
I took Jeju Air because Lee Min Ho is the ambassador! KWave craze started ledi...WTH!
Hey Lee Min Ho! see see I supported you duh!!!!

I read that Join enJoy the In flight magazine...
According to this write up Jeju Air is among Korea's lost cost carriers worrrr!!! Not low cost but lost cost??? mmmmmm...that proof reader need to be fired for this embarrassing mistake.

Jeju O Jeju! Princess Cindyrina kissed you.....lovely ocean in front of me.
The sweet jeju orange farm everywhere.

This is the place I stayed from 14th Oct - 17th Oct 2014. Nice view and they even provide kitchen. Well...who cook during trip. I rather eat outside.
Now...the shelter all set...its time to feed my angry stomach!

First destination to visit just 5 minutes drive from place I stayed...Oh ya..I stayed near Seowigpo-si area.

This restaurant near to Seogwipo Chilsimni Food Street.
There are rows of good restaurant at this street. I tried few of them and they are really good. They even display menu in English with price too.
Ordered grilled mackerel and Abalone Porridge. The food was super delicious! Especially the grilled mackerel which can be eaten even the tail and bone. So crispy! The side dishes came full table with that order. Most Jeju Ajuma are friendly and generous too.They even tried to communicate with me in Korean. I can understand certain words....hehehehe thanks to my Korean Drama addiction. My listening skills in Korean language quite good weiiiii!!!
Did I replied them???
kekekekeke..with my broken Korean word by word.I am thrill with my own ability. If don't know how to response???? I just laugh and laugh and laugh.....WTH!

After late lunch, just went for a a stroll near the restaurant. This place are still at Chilsimni Stree Food place. Beautiful sunset and...awesome view! Awhhhh! so so in love with the peacefulness here.

Then walk towards the art street. Well the view well explained in the photo...

.... and found this Lee Jung Seop house. Who is Lee Jung Seop??
Lee Jung Seop was a genius painter during ill-fated era. When he fled the war to Seogwipo City, a couple named Song Tae Ju and Kim Soon Bok offered him a room to live in.
Seriously his house is damn small!
Within a 4.6m room, living on meager side dishes and cold leftover rice, his family were spending the happiest days together eating small crabs and sweet potatoes.
Though he didn't like drawing portraits, he couldn't refuse the request of neighbours asking for them. He spent around a year at this place drawing portraits on a pile of firewood. Then he went to Busan with his family. He never stopped creating art until his last breath on Sept 1956.

Continue my olle trail again and found this traditional favourite place!!!!
Wanna buy that orange and try it... but too much to eat it. They don't sell just 2 or 3 oranges but in basket or box. Damn! I really afraid to eat oranges during my trip. Don't wanna have that diarrhea moment at foreign country. I really wish one generous Ajuma to grant my wish to taste just one Jeju orange. HANA!!!

This tteuk was so super duper delicious!!!! Fresh, Soft and full of grains and seeds. Many people buying from them. Guess they are very popular stall since they also appear in TV. Yup! saw the TV sign. mmm...worth it to try! I bought some of those in photo.That white color are just steamed bread. How I wish I got can of sardines with me to eat with this bread.

Bought all those...including the spicy small crabs for my tomorrow snacking!

First night at Jeju...and I already love this small Island so much. I even dreams to settle down and retire here at Jeju . Who knows I could be neighbour with Lee Hyori!!!! hehehehe
mmmm...need save more money to buy expensive house in Jeju then! or find myself old chaebol?

To download this article for offline reading or travel directions to the attractions highlighted in this article click here.


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