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Vegreen Vegan Skincare Review

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I was told by my friend that now China trend to wear bean sprout hair pin. I was  disbelief! Then start googling and found that it is real info.

Its tiny clip in bean sprout which give illusion that a tiny plant is sprouting from the head wearer. Well its not just  bean sprout. It can be mushroom, grass and flower. I called this flora and fauna trend then bean sprout.

People wearing bean sprout hair pins

I know..this may be the latest crazy beauty trend and guess what????? Even G Dragon from Big Bang has fallen victim to this antenna type flower hairpins. WTH!!!!

G Dragon updated his personal intagram on Aug 31st with Cherry and bean sprout hair accessory with caption saying, "You like? #Shanghai. "

Instagram post of a celebrity wearing bean sprout hair pin

How does this started?

I am not sure too. I read it somewhere , some says it originally started in the tourist areas of Chengdu,China.

Some claims this is inspire from Chinese cartoon called "Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf". One of the cartoon character apparently have sprout on top of his head same like this crazy trend in China now.

Head wearing bean sprout hair pin

Do you think this is craze by only women and kids?

Man wearing grass hair pin while talking on phone

Well...not true. In China, you can spot man sprouting their head too. Totally fashion victim huh!

2 girls wearing flower hair pins

What is you opinion to this latest trend?

Bean sprouts on the ground

Instead of wearing one sprout on your hair, just bring this to another level and make it more sprouts. One can even add some mushroom , grass and flower. The result , you can have a mini garden on top of your head. WTH! 

Whats next?
Waterfall and fountain on top of your head?

Hands holding up mushroom hair pins

The mushroom look adorable too.

For the sake of blogging and I was so bored to death last Sunday after being trapped in between of main door and grilled door with bags of rubbish....forgot my key ehhhh.

I don't think I wanna spend a penny of my hard earned money to sprout my head.

A bouquet of flowers

Poor table flower become my experiment victim.

Pins, flower and leaf

Cut off that grass and little white flower and 2 hair clips.

Girl posing with plant hair pin

WTH!!!! here we go....the sprout head. OMO!!!! imagine I browse this blog when I am 50 years old and sayssss......GOSH!!! I did this??? Speechless!!!

When do you think our budding entrepreneur going to sell it here?
Or is it now selling somewhere part of Malaysia and Singapore ?
I am not sure , if you spot it selling somewhere , will you buy and wear it? ngehehehe

When do you think can spot bean sprout on top of Malaysian and Singaporean head?

Is our fashionista here will be infected to this craze?

Latest news!!! China new trend to wear hairpin of cockroach, shrimp , roasted chicken wings,  even a fried egg and so on on top of their head. WTH! Seriously???
Look!!! what I found...

Girl wearing cockroach hair pins
image credit to google search

Girl wearing food hairpins
image credit to google search

fried egg hair pins

Seriously???? This is Madness!!!! is this fashion or simply out of ideas???

What's next? Poo series? Cow dung? Rocks and Stone series?

Disclaimer : All photos credit to google search images except for 3 which are my own.


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