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Today's post may sound a bit gross for some of you.
I still want to post it here anyway since it may benefit some of you out there.

Before I visited Japan, many people told me Japanese toilet are much cleaner than other countries. Well, my verdict ....its just a toilet and whether you Japanese or Chinese or Korean or even Malaysian, its just a toilet. Nothing clean when it comes to place to throw your waste. Of course plus the attitude of the human who use that place. It smells toilet even if they put lavender in it. Its toilet air! For goodness sake! I still found dirty and gross toilet in Japan. Don't over rated it!

Apart from most hotels I stayed in Japan provides Electronic toilet, WTH! love this especially the warm seat, the wash sprinkle button and so on. Well others especially public toilet provide you the squatting one. Here come the challenge for those who have weak knee like myself.

Given a choice to use public toilet, I prefer the squat one since to me its more hygienic. At least , I don't have to imagine my butt kissing other people butt. WTH!

But really challenge you knee strength.At least to me.

Sorry for the blur photo since this was taken at one of touristy place. YES! inside the toilet itself. WTH!


1. You need to know 'FRONT' and 'BACK'

- Please note, your back will always facing the door in Japan which otherwise in Malaysia. To me the back facing the door is much better since if you accidentally forgot to lash the door properly and someone happens to open the door....kekekekeke only you 'moon' will expose! 

Just imagine if this happen in Malaysia where our front facing the door????...kakakakaka....THAT'S it! Dare you show your face out there again?

2. Stand over the bowel

3. Put down your pants to ankle

- caution not to put down your pants to the floor or your pants end up wet with other people urine. Gross!!!
If you wearing skirt, just lift up your skirt. WTH! like that also ..want me to tell you ar?

4. Squat down over the bowel

- its hilarious to imagine people who sit over the bowel. Eeeeewwwww!!!!

What's next?

5. WTH! DO YOU BUSINESS and relief yourself - make sure you bring your own wet tissue. I normally spare that with me. One thing I like Japan toilet never lacked of toilet rolls unlike others.


If you fall down, high chances you are going to land on others urine or shit. Ewwwww!!!!

Squatting toilet is nothing new to me. When I live with my Grandma back then, this the toilet I used. Back then, I was young and my knee joint still in mint condition. 

I used to squat down when visiting China and no problem for me at all. Gosh! those was the times when I am young and energetic. Now , seriously it really really really pain to my knee. Hey! when you need to go then you need to do it , right? 

I was there in Japan for 10 days recently and I have no problem for the first 4 days. The problem started afterwards. I did lots of walking and hiking there so my knee and leg was super muscle pain like after marathon.

I have no problem of squatting down...but to bring myself up again was the real painful challenge for me. Goshhhh!!! my heavy ass.

Some toilet, do have metal bar to help people to stand again. Most of the place don't have this facilities and  have to use your knee strength.

Many times, my knee was locked up after squatting. Damn! I forgot to bring along my glucosamine supplement with me. I am unable to rise my self after squatting down. Goshhhh!!! I resorted to depends on walls beside me and of course things getting a loud from my cubicle when a hypo trying to stand again. Thank God! no wall or door damage along the way.

Just sharing from my experience.


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