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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Final Week 3 - Giveaway December 2016 : Collaboration with D'Kayangan

Hello December!  Soon we are going to say goodbye to Year 2016 and our new Year 2017 will begin. December is always my favourite month because its full of holiday mood and its also season of joy and giving.

I started my giveaway in Oct and I continue to Nov. As promised earlier for those who miss out my previous can join my Dec 2016.

I break it into 3 weeks Giveaway schedule. Keep following me for my announcement.

FINAL GIVEAWAY FOR YEAR 2016 - Collaboration with D'Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ Buffet. 2 winners will be selected and each will win FREE buffet for 4 pax at D'Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ. This generous prize sponsored by D'Kayangan. hohohohohoh Merry Christmas!

Wanna win this awesome prize? Complete all easy task given for week 3 below.

Week Three Dec 2016 Giveaway :
Start date : 15th Dec - 20th Dec 2016
Result date : 21st Dec 2016 via instagram post (so make sure you follow me in instagram)
Prize to be won : 2 lucky winners will win 4  Free Steamboat BBQ Buffet at D'Kayangan.
This prize is sponsored by D'Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ Buffet.


1. Follow instagram @cindyreena

2. Like PrincessCindyrina Facebook page
3. Facebook : Steamboat-BBQ-Buffet-DKayangan  
4. Instagram : @dkayangan 
5. Twitter : @dkygnsteamboat
6. Visit my review post on my blog title 'Sisters get together at D'Kayangan Steamboat and BBQ Buffet' and drop comment there  " I want to experience awesome steamboat and BBQ at D'Kayangan because .................................. " 
7. Don't forget to include your email address with your comment for me to contact you.

Tips to win : Complete all 7 tasks given.

PRINCESSCINDYRINA.COM have absolute rights to replace this bag with different color in the event the color is not available. So winners please be mentally prepared to receive different color bag. Don't dispute since this is giveaway!

Week Two Dec 2016 Giveaway : (CLOSED!)
Start date : 8th Dec - 14th Dec 2016
Result date : 17th Dec 2016 via instagram post (so make sure you follow me in instagram)
Prize to be won : 2 Japan Inspired Backpack (Two Winners)


1. Follow my instagram
2. Subscribe to my google plus +Cindyrina Rina 
3. Like our Facebook page
4. Follow our Twitter 
5.Share my Giveaway Week 2 post in Instagram with #PrincessCindyrinaGiveaway and #princesscindyrina included in the post with Comment why you need to win this Backpack.
6. Fill google form Week 2  to make your participation official

Please read the terms and conditions of giveaway...scroll below.

Week One Dec 2016 Giveaway : CLOSED!
Start date : 1st Dec - 7th Dec 2016
Result date : 10th Dec 2016 via instagram post (so make sure you follow me in instagram)
Prize to be won : 2 Japan Inspired Sling Bag as photo (Two Winners)


1. Follow my instagram
2. Subscribe to my google plus +Cindyrina Rina 
3. Like our Facebook page
4. Follow our Twitter 
5.Share my Giveaway Week 1 post in Instagram as many times as you want with #PrincessCindyrinaGiveaway and #princesscindyrina included in the post with Comment why you need to win this Sling Bag and tag 3 of your friends!
6. Fill google form for Week 1 here to make your participation official

Read Terms and Conditions below before participating.
1. Open to all Malaysian gender age 18 years old and above.

2. This activity schedule :
Week 1 : 1st - 7th Dec 2016.
Week 2 : 8th - 14 Dec 2016
Week 3 : 15 - 20 Dec 2016

3. Please fill up google form to ensure your Giveaway application counts. 

4. Winners will be announced on our instagram post 
 Week 1 : 10th December 2016.
 Week 2 : 17th December 2016 
Week 3 : 21st December 2016

5. All winners will be judged base on task completions as mentioned in

6. Judges decision is final.

7. All prizes are cannot be exchanged , cash out and transferred ownership.

8. Participants must have valid Peninsular Malaysia delivery address. PO Box address will be disqualified.

9. reserves right to amend the terms and conditions set herein without prior notification.

10. This contest is not affiliated or run by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter of any other Social Media platforms.

11. No other correspondence or comments will be entertained. Do not ask me where I get all these awesome prizes. I hate that kind of question!


TIP TO WIN : Just do the task given and if you do extra miles by writing a post or giving my blog a big shout out...I would appreciate that and high chances to win.


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