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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Best-Suited Skincare for Women in 30s

While in 20s we are enjoying our best time in life experimenting some new trendy hairstyles and colors and some of us may be the fashionista while enjoying dating as many possible to get various choice for long term partnership. Flowers are blooming at this age. Who did all this? Sounds like a movie. huh?

Then here come the 30s where all this time things in life will get more serious. Regardless your work , lifestyle and even overall life. 30s women supposed to be in control over life and even relationships. Work is on track with some savings in bank and enjoying the more stable life. Sounds like happy ending...huh?

Natural sometimes can be cruel. Like people always says...nothing last forever. Your youthful slowly faded with age and this is the fact. When you in 30s you can feel your body, skin and looks change. Its not a good change can't smiles to often due to deep wrinkles will began to emerge and faint lines around your eyes will slowly turn into full blown crow feet. I would say....this...been there and still there. Still trying my best to slowdown the whole process of aging. This is the time where we always find excuses to purchase more and more beauty products. WTH!

What kind of beauty products should women in 30s buy? answer this question ,we need to identify the key problems of women in 30s are facing. 

* Fine lines
* Wrinkles
* Loss of skin elasticity
* Collagen

Which product I use during my 30s? See all those blue bottles below? be honest I tried most of it before. I myself a hardcore fan of Hada Labo because of the key ingredient in their products which is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is important to your skin. Even though this already and naturally in our skin but due to aging process and also our lifestyle this important nutrients in skin slow diminish and the process of producing it slower than time needs.

I was excited when Hada Labo invite me to showcase the new improved lifting and firming range to awaken skin's youthfulness at Roof Top Bar , KL Trillion.

This is the first beauty event I attended in year 2017. Seriously, no joke since 2017 started I never expect that I will be super busy and decline those who invited me. Sorry more important than pleasure at this moment. 

The dress code for that day was White with tinge of red. Gosh!!! do you believe this is my first time wearing white after I finished my high school. All this while my wardrobe look more like grim reaper than angel or princess. WTH!

It was a light drizzle day. But the view and the atmosphere here is superb! Since mingling around with people totally not my cup of tea. So I end up enjoying the breath taking view alone while waiting for the event. 

Well... my introvert moment doesn't last for long. Angie the savior came to save my lonely and awkward moment and Thank God she was also invited. At least I have somebody to chat and laugh that day. Totally glad to see her that day. 

The presentation of Hada Labo's new improved lifting and firming range was done with simple demonstration.

Just tie rubber band on 4 chopsticks to form into square. Tie it firmly! Then try to push and pull the shape. That shows how firm your skin are when you are young. Firm and Elastic! Then untie one of the rubber band from the chopsticks. It lose open right? Everything like almost fall off? Thats shows how your skin sagging over the years due to lack of important nutrients like Collagen and Elastin in your skin while aging. 

The new and improved Hada Labo range has 2 key ingredients :

1. Hydrolized Elastin

2. Hydrolized Collagen

These 2 ingredients works together at cell level to create skin strength , firmness and shape. The Elastin and Collagen are both essential to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. 

This range also infused with Elasgrow and Fermented Soymilk, an exclusive ingredients to boost collagen and elastin production that helps improve skin density, firmness and elasticity to keep skin visibly tighter, firmer and more lifted.

Hada Labo doesn't stop there....this new improved range is also upgraded with 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid to help deeply hydrate skin from the surface to the inner skin layers. for significantly soft, smooth and supple skin. It also contains powerful anti oxidants properties to fight against the damaging effects of free radical.

These are some of the Hada Labo lifting and firming range :

Lifting and Firming Lotion - Rich (RP : RM67.50)

Use this twice daily after cleansing. Gently pat this lotion onto face and let it absorbed.
It will awaken skin ad drives moisture deep into inner skin. To keep it short it helps to ready your skin to absorb whatever nutrients your are putting on next. 

Lifting & Firming Milk Lotion (RP : RM67.50)

Applied twice daily before lotion / essence application . Gently pat on to the face and let it absorbed.This helps to restore youthful radiance and luminosity , leaving skin smoother and visibly firmer. 

Lifting & Firming Essence (RP : RM89.90)

For best results , apply after Hada Labo lifting and firming lotion. This essence is highly formulated with high performance penetrating and deep moisturizing (HPP&M) Technology which has active deliver system to drive moisture deep into skin to fully hydrate skin from the surface to the inner skin layers. 

Lifting & Firming Wrinkle Care Cream (RP : RM74.90)

Use this twice daily after moituring. Just dab onto wrinkle prone areas such as forehead, eyes and lip area.  If you use this regularly the lines will look finer and smoother and helps to renewed skin texture and more youthful.
Lifting and Firming Cream (RP: RM78.00)

Use this after applying lotion / essence. Just take sufficient amount and apply evenly on the face and don't forget your next area too. 

Lifting and Firming Mask (RP : RM52.90)

Use this twice a week. I can tell you this mask is super because you can see the result the very next day. You will feel your skin instantly revitalized, lifted and smoother. The serum soaked mask enriched with anti aging ingredients to deeply hydrate the skin and restore the skin's youthful vitality. 

With this..I hope you don't confuse with Hada Labo products again ya. Just like me previously. Since the writing mainly in Japanese it really confuse me what to what. hehehehe...

Hada Labo brought to you by Mentholatum a well known company with 99 years of history. Hada Labo uses the finest , purest and highly effective ingredients to provide you with ultimate result of beautiful skin.

If you are in 30s, its time for your to be more thorough in your beauty regime. Only use skin care suit to your skin. Ladies keep your skin properly moisturized!

I am not 30s but in 40s.

Tip :

Key of cleansing is not to rub the cleanser for too long. Try to finish the cleansing process as quickly as possible. If you are massaging your face after cleansing..just tap it with finger tips not to rub it!


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