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My Lovely Spacious Bag from Mizzue

I never understand a woman who can go out carry small purse with them. I envy for those who can just walk out from home with empty hand. As far as I can recall...never in my life I walk out from home without my big handbag. Sort of insecurity problem. isk isk

 It is annoying when people commented to me , 

'Are you a runaway?' , 
' Why need to carry around big bag?'
'Isn't that heavy?'

Oh! my...just mind you own bag...why need to bother mine?

My logic is out of 24 hours a day, I only spend 9 hours at home. Out of 9 hours at home, 5 hours is my sleeping time. I only practically spend only 4 hours daily at home during 5 working days. Most of other hours, I will be out of home. I need many things through out many hours outside home.

Why I carry big handbag around ? 

Bigger bag means bigger space.Most important my hand is free from carrying any stuff around since all fit in my bag.

Bigger bag means , I can carry my life around. Many necessities need to bring out with me.

Typical items you can find in woman handbag

I am talking about woman like me....hehehe

* Long purse with all sorts of cards and cash in there - I carry around thick purse which difficult to zip off due to too many cards and coins in it. Its super heavy too. 
* Bunch of house keys , office keys and car keys
* Mobile phone & charger
* Mini Ipad & charger
* Headphone
* Earphone
* Make up pouch which is super heavy too. Its complete with eye shadow palette, eye liner, lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, mascara ,  concealer , CC Cushion , Compact Powder , eye drop, Hand Lotion, Moist Face mist and my favorite miniature perfume spray.
* Wet wipes hygiene
* Wet wipes anti bacterial
* Pocket Tissue
* Shopping Bags
* Novel
* Pen
* Shawl
* 500ml drinking water
* Chocolates
* Mints

Oooppsss! I don't carry around power bank because I afraid this thing explode in my bag. hahahaha...superstitious belief from me!

No way!!! all those can fit into one tiny mini bag , right??? Obviously, big bag can fit those things well.

I try to carry around as complete possible so I don't miss home. WTH!

How I choose my handbag?

Well, to me its simple. I love woven bag the most. Not sure about others ,I find the woven texture is sturdy compare to plain surface leather bag. I prefer bag that can carry in many ways, eg. sling , cross body, shoulder and tote style. Love bags with many compartments and smooth zip. That bag I carry in the photo , I got it from famous online bag Mizzue. I have been eyeing this online website fb ad for quite sometimes. They have many good collection. Check them out! You won't regret. 

The quality is comparable to high end designer bag. I chose mine from their new collection Kayla Wilderman.Its woven!!!!  I was totally in love with it but no black color. It comes with only Gray and Blue. This is my first ever blue bag. So satisfied with the quality because its all I need.  Spacious with plenty of room inside with zipper and slip pockets, fashionable and its versatile to carry in many ways. PERFECT!

I can never imagine myself walking out the house carry with just clutches or purse. Many people commented to me big bags are really out of style. Well..seriously, I am not a slave to fashion or dying to be in trends. Most important the bag I carry around need to be practical and part of my life is with me all the time.

pssstttt!!! did I mentioned to you ? Big bag can cover my bloated belly and cover me when I feel cold too. I can even hug for comfort if I feel down.huhuhuh


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