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Kyoto and Nara in 5 days / 4 Nights

Early October 2017, I have an opportunity to visit Kyoto and Nara for 5 days. I took AA 8am flight and reached Osaka around 4pm due to flight delay. I prefer to travel with AA because of spacious seating space and people in front of my unable to lean down so much as if he or she gonna sleep on my lap. hehehe...serious annoying certain airline kind of allow people lean down so much and create uncomfortable feeling to the person seating behind them. I chose the quiet zone seating and my favourite seat is always on the aisle. I can't seat elsewhere because of my Claustrophobia. isk isk isk 

I made a mistake during my booking and end up having 2 meals in 6 hours plus plane ride. Oh me the Fatty bom! bom! Hell ya!!! people is look at me like so glutton because the only person having 2 full meal. So bless la!

Reach Osaka and my journey begin . Struggling with my luggage to get train ticket to Kyoto. See the luggage belt at Kansai Airport ? How they arrange all the luggage ? Try to compare this with KLIA2 hehehehe... so much different.

After gotten my train ticket to Kyoto. I bought my light dinner. Still wanna full dinner after 2 meals in flight? Aihhhhh...that light dinner is just to fulfill my desire to eat Nato. hehehe

By the time I reached to Kyoto Station it was dark and heavy rain too. Struggle to get to bus stop while dragging my luggage. I took normal city bus about less 30 minutes ride to Gojo Zaka stop. I was soaking wet waiting for rain to stop under those shop near the bus stop. Bus stop no shelter , k!

Accommodation in Kyoto

Love this small studio at Kotoha Kiyumizu Guest House. I reached very late night and the reception has closed. I don't have problem with that at all. They emailed me the pin no. for the safebox at lobby for me to retrieve my room key. The location a little bit at downhill but very convenient for transport and other location. Just walking uphill about 10 minutes, will reached to famous World Heritage site Kiyumizudera.

Glad that this small studio provide me all the necessities I need. I used the microwave almost every morning to prepare breakfast. I reheat the rice and dishes bought from Family Mart. You can cook too but need to rent the utensil from guest house. I don't cook because the unit is quite small and afraid it will smell. I really hate that!

I booked my accommodation in Kyoto and Osaka via It was smooth check in and check out.

Transportation in Kyoto

If you into cycling, you can get free bicycle from guest house. I don't see cycling is a good choice for sightseeing here since the bicycle lane is not convenient at all. The best choice for traveling in Kyoto is to get bus pass 500 yen per day and ICOCA card to purchase train ticket at Kyoto station some you just can tap ICOCA as long you have load it with sufficient cash. You can get the bus pass from guesthouse or Kyoto Station bus centre. It located outside Kyoto Station inside the bakery next to bus terminal. Don't know which bus to take? Don't worry they will give you map and you will not get lost using that.

Itinerary in Kyoto and Nara for 5 days / 4 Nights

6th Oct 2017 - Flight from KUL - Kansai then Train to Kyoto (whole day gone)
7th Oct 2017 - Nishiki Market ----- Fushimi Inari ----- Gion
8th Oct 2017 - Kinkakuji Temple ----- Arashima Bamboo Grove ----- Togetsukyo Bridge
9th Oct 2017 - Nara
10th Oct 2017 - Kiyumizudera ----- Check out and back to Osaka

Basically, I only have 3 full days to explore Kyoto and Nara. Another short trip. Unless I don't have to go back to work, I would have stay longer. Well short trip is consider a bless for me.

Things to do in Kyoto and Nara 

Nishiki Market

I wanted to go out early in the morning but it was raining heavily. So wasted 2 hours in my room. isk isk isk.  I thought will be there for half morning and explore other area of Kyoto. Who knows...I end up lost my soul with all delicious food haven here. I heavily departed from Nishiki only around 3pm. kekekeke...Glutton side of me.

Lots of food here. No wonder this place also known as "Kyoto's pantry". Love to sample all the food here.

Nishiki Market, Kyoto

You can find traditional Kyoto cuisine like Japanese pickles (my fav) , fresh tofu, Kyoto Vegetables, Wagashi, tea, fesh seafood. Lots of yakitori and sashimi here. Food Haven! I was drowning!!!!

Fushimi Inari

Many people opt to visit this place early in the morning to avoid crowd and snap great selfies with Tori Gate. IMA went there late afternoon to watch Fushimi Inari fully light up. Beautiful!

The Crowd ????

There you go...this is just small number of them. Obviously crowded with all those girls dress with Japanese traditional costume. Most of them are Chinese Tourist.  

It is hard to even walk inside that rows of Tori Gate.I explore at the side of Tori Gate and manage to snap some photos without the crowd.

It fully light up at Fushimi Inari and really beautiful view. Before leave Fushimi Inari, at the staircase outside near to souvenir shop please look back and up hill you will see one nicely light up Tori Gate. It was a beautiful site and look so mysterious. Sorry my phone battery flat to take any photo to show you.

If you are hungry just grab some snacks on the way out before get on the next train.

How to go to Fushimi Inari ?

From Kyoto Station take JR Nara Line and and stop at JR Inari Station.The journey less than 10 minutes and cost you around 140 yen one way. Fushimi Inari located right across the station.


Place I stayed just one bus stop away from Gion. So I decided to grab dinner there after Fushimi Inari.
I read if you walk at Gion can see glimpse of Geisha. I only see Chinese or Indonesian girls dress like Geisha. Geisha also , right? hehehe

I have my Spicy Ramen at Naritaya near Gion. I spend around 1500 yen just for one bowl of ramen and small pieces of karage. Uwaaaaaa!!!!! Here goes my money.

Here goes my breakfast every morning. Family Mart rice , Miso Soup and Nishiki pickles vegetables reheat with microwave at Kotoha Kiyumizu. Yummehhh!!! My cost for one breakfast here around less 1000 yen.

Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavillion)

I just follow the Raku bus map given when purchase day pass. I took bus 205 for around 40 minutes journey. So make sure you get seat through out journey unless you wanna stand like sardines with others. Recommended get on the bus from Kyoto Station.
Golden Pavillion is beautiful 2 storeys covered with pure leaf gold. I enjoy walking around the park surrounded this temple. Beautiful trees and pond with big Koi. Everything is perfect except for the tremendous crowd. isk isk isk ...who ask me to visit during peak season? 

On the way out, I grab some roasted green tea rice cake and green tea with some gold powder sprinkle in it. Having fun chatting like duck and chicken with Japanese Auntie. I end up taught her some Malay words. hahahaha 
Finally some Human for me to talk to. (loneliness syndrome)

Arashima Bamboo Grove and Togetsukyo Bridge

I took bus and its quiet challenging since it require bus changing in the middle. Just follow the Raku bus map given to you. This is a huge park. Require lots of walking so be prepared with your most comfortable shoes and clothing. I really amaze for those girls who can walk with Kimono or Yukata through out the whole course. Salute!

Many activities to do here. If you love boating can rent one and enjoy a romantic ride with your love one on the river there. I just walk around the trek along the river bank and finally reach some quite spot. Spent my quiet moment away from crowd sitting and empty my mind while enjoying the stream and bird sound. Love the view in front of me.

See that orange flower. The plant this a lot and it gives really nice fragrance.

The bamboo walk is just the short one. Many people to snap nice photo is almost impossible for me. isk isk isk.


I visited this place during my last day at Kyoto. I was early in the morning before check out back to Osaka. Since I visited during school days , there are many students came for field trip. 

Kiyomizu-dera is a world heritage site which originally built in 798. I saw many boys and girls drinking water from some water falls and apparently it has grant wish powers. I don't believe in such things. So skip! I love walking around the park here. Beautiful because it located up on the  hill and can view nice Kyoto City view.

Did I mentioned that in order to get to Kiyomizu-dera you need to walk up hills for around 15 minutes? If you love shopping then you can browse through the shop along the way to the temple. 


I took JR line to Nara from Kyoto Station. You will reach there around 45 minutes train ride. I think it cost around 700plus Yen for one way. One you reach Nara just buy the bus pass around 500 yen for unlimited day ride. You can rent bicycle too. But...I prefer bus since I don't need to worry about where I park my bicycle later. kekekeke

Nara is about seeing deer walking and wondering around street freely. Smells??? Of course! Because shit is everywhere. Who dare to scold them because they shit freely? They are protected creature and national treasure too. So don't even think about getting deer skewer there.

You can buy some crackers to feed them. I am one person who afraid of animal . I can see them from far but don't come trying to be friend with me. I run far far away from you.

I love the bus pass at Nara. So old fashion but yet a great souvenir to bring whom as memory. It was fine afternoon. So I just walk around clueless way of exploration. Since bus ride is unlimited pass for me, I just hop on and off the bus whenever I see them. kekeke...

Todaiji Tempe

This is another heritage site. Japan most famous and historically significant temples and a landmark for Nara. Many people here too. There are some worshiper perform some religious rites.

I saw long queue. Not sure what it is and then saw many kids crawling through some whole from one of the bid pillar inside the temple. Apparently for Good Luck and blessing. Some small size adult crawl in too. Me??? I don't want to be in Japan News Front page with title some foreigner stuck in between of the pillar because she is too fat to go out.. isk isk isk 

Naramachi Walk

If you have some time left in Nara try to explore Naramachi Walk to get some experience walking through old times merchant townhouses. Some converted into cute shops and cafe.

The end of my journey 3 full days Kyoto and Nara.

To download this article for offline reading or travel directions to the attractions highlighted in this article click here.


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