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Nasi Bamboo Sungai Klah, Sungkai Perak

Last weekend I went back to home town for my Dad's Birthday advance celebration. All of us tried to escape the 'balik kampung' festive crowd this week. If you are Malaysian, you will understand what I am saying. The traffic like hell! The journey that suppose to be 4 hours can be up to 8 hours or more. Can try to brave to waste the time unless desperate to go back and no choice.

On the way back KL all 3 of us are so desperate to find new foodies place. Especially home cooked Malay style dishes which all of us longing for a long time. You see... our Mum has been very old and sick. She is not like other Mother who are in the position to go all out cooking for children who miss her home cook. We strictly prohibit her from even cooking because this will make her health condition worst forgot how to cook anymore. It will be waste of her energy and ingredients because she no longer can cook good dishes. This is what we call aging!

How about us ? Why we don't cook when back home? Well....we are working people from Monday to Friday...Saturday and Sunday are the only day we have our self moment. You want us to sweat and wet our hand to cook in the kitchen???? A little bit too much! (**rolled eyes**) All of us are not a good cook anyway. Waste of ingredients and painful for others to even swallow our food. hahahaha be fair to others. We don't want to spoil the weekend with your food. Aiyoooh!!!! Laziness come in this form too. kekekeke

Back to the title of this post...
I found this Nasi Bamboo Sungai Klah when we were on the way back to KL last weekend. It just less than 10 minutes after Sungkai tol. We use google maps to get there. Very easy.

Interesting huge scale 'makan place' I could say. Varieties of dishes waiting for you to 'gobble up'!
They even have this mouth watering smoked lamb.

Smoked lamb sells  in gram .

 Freshly fried fish. It just a simple turmeric and salt fries but it really delicious to eat it hot. Many types of fish to choose from here. I tried fried 'bawal fish' and happy with my choice.

Plates of 'Talapia fish'. I think this is percik style grilled. I personally find the meat is hard. My sis love this but I don't fancy Talapia at all.

Freshly 'kampung chicken' fry and grilled one too. My sis took the grilled one and all of us find this is too hard . Maybe because this is 'kampung chicken' meat which is originally a bit chewy than the usual chicken.

 Many types of stew. You can choose from bone to lamb.

Curries are variety too. Everything is country style home cook using some ingredients which you can only get from country side. For eg. the banana shoot and flower.

Mixed 'kampung style salad. My sis took papaya flower salad which all of us find it ...way to bitter like eating some kind of medicine with our rice. isk isk isk
We tried the fern leaf salad and it turn out delicious.

As for dessert all of us settle with traditional style of sorbet and kind of remind us to our old days.

They even have counter for fried banana, banana ball and some other bean porridge. Everything is freshly prepared. That banana ball really authentic because I can find more banana than flour. Eat it hot...mmmmm...super delicious dessert.

If you need some souvenir then you can head to 'Ole Ole Bamboo'. They have many items on sale. You can pick from snack to some T Shirts on display.

There are plenty of seats available and if you need some air cond place than you can head to air cond room which is available with some surcharge.

They open at 10:30am to 6pm daily except for Friday which is closed. I saw many bikers and people come in group here. We reached here around 10:15 am...and there are many people already here getting their craving fixed. Not that the concept is self service. You pay at every counter when you pick your food. 

How is the price at Nasi Bamboo Sungai Klah ? 
For some maybe will find this a bit pricey. I paid for :

* RM38 - Percik Talpia, Bawal fish fried , Grilled Kg Chicken
* RM2.50 each for very small bowl of mixed salad
* RM2.50 for 5 banana ball
* RM7.90 for 3 traditional style sorbets and one bottle of soursop drinks
* The one paid by my sis forgot to ask them...hahahaha

Oh!!!! you read this write up until now and you didn't see any photo of Nasi Bamboo yet????
I sincerely apologize... I totally forgotten to even snap a photo of this Bamboo rice. hahahaha
I got too excited to see all those variety dishes ! I totally don't care about rice at all. My take on Nasi Bamboo or Bamboo rice???? Well it just normal steamed rice cook wrap with some leaf inside bamboo. I don't even taste or smells of bamboo. Just a normal rice for me. Nothing special except for you get your rice in Bamboo. Thats all!

We will visit again soon to bring our parent to experience this place. This time, I will make sure to snap photo of Bamboo Rice. Follow my instagram@Cindyreena for latest updates on my life journey.


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