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Travelogue : First Night Seogwipo, Jeju-do

6th October 2018, Saturday

Long outstanding travelogue coming up starting today. I was so busy with my daily life and really can't find time to write any of this. This is not my first time in Jeju-do. My last trip to Jeju-do is a short trip from Busan was four years ago. I don't feel cover enough of this amazing and beautiful Island. Opportunity knocks down and here I was exploring Jeju-do for 9 Nights / 10 Days. WTH??? Super long for one small Island? For my style of travelling this is just nice to round the Island.

Flight (KUL - JEJU)

Started my journey early in the morning using AirAsia direct flight to Jeju-do. When AirAsia announced direct route to Jeju-do, I was like....big plan is on the way !!!  I can't even have proper sleep the night before. Nervous breakdown! kekekeke 
I was not so sure if I can do this. Anyway...this is all over for me. All I have now sweet memories and sweet experience from this journey.

I reached Jeju-do after more than 6 hours flight journey. Totally back pain to sit that long. I did moving around the plane a bit since I chose the quiet zone seat. Not many people in that area. Love it! At least not so noisy or stuffy with people. Me and my Princess syndrome problem. Why I don't take Premium Flatbed? No promo for KUL - JEJU but I did take that for JEJU - KUL. Raised my eyebrow a bit for that! High maintenance problem. hahaha


Since this is a free and easy trip without any tour involve, I definitely need a data plan. I found roaming man portable wifi rental with a good price. I took the lowest plan. I get good coverage throughout my journey in Jeju-do. The rental process is super convenient and easy. Just drop by their oulet at KLIA 2 anytime. There is no need to do advance booking or whatsoever. I will use Roaming Man service again soon.


I had a luggage issue at Jeju airport. Not only my luggage arrive super delay, but it also reached me with the handicapped wheel. I lodged a report for the damage and mishandling but at the end the reply was negative. At least I tried. I don't have high expectation from the start too.


Upon getting my handicapped luggage, I rush over to gate 5 and walk across to find the shuttle bus to my car rental company. I would say to get around Jeju-do, it is the best to rent yourself a car. Just convert your driving license into international. Cost you around RM150 for a conversion at JPJ.

I booked a small car Kia Morning from Lotte Car Rental If you want other option, you can get yourself a discount book pass from KTO Malaysia. They have at least 50% discount for car rental. It saves you a lot of money though because the discount book also includes other attractions entrance fees too. It was late afternoon. I was a bit in a rush because my first hotel location is like almost 50 minutes drive from Jeju-si. I don't want to be driving in the dark so I was calculating in my head to reach there at least before 6pm. I am not used to left-hand drive too. Everything needs time to adjust. Nervous breakdown again. I wish not to do this. hahahaha... I bought myself a one-way ticket with no return. By hook or by crook, I need to overcome this. Overall Jeju-do road is not bad. Many traffic lights the working one and mostly malfunction. WTH! If you were to follow the rules properly, suppose to drive 50km to 70km max. But most locals don't even bother to this. I was a good tourist follow the rules exactly. Don't worry, no tailgating here in Jeju-do. No middle finger, high beam light flash or vulgar word if you are slow like a tortoise but don't overdo la. I just noticed most local love to stop beside the road out of sudden. Hate this! I have to alert on this all the time especially when driving in Jeju-si. Just give yourself at least 2 - 3 days, you will become an expert as a left-hand driver like local.

By the way, getting around Jeju-do is super duper easy because of the Rental Car GPS, DAEBAK!!!! Very fast and accurate. Totally different from 4 years back. It was an amazing experience for me. I impressed. YES! they give us tourist English GPS.

Accommodation at Seogwipo, Jeju-do

Seogwipo is my favourite area in Jeju-do. Why? This place a bit quiet and not so touristy. In fact, a bit of regret to stay another half of my trip in Jeju-si. I would rather spend my entire trip stay at Seowigpo. I thought can find one Seogwipo Oppa here but I think most of them run off to Seoul or Busan. huhuhuh... Oppa but just Ajussi waiting for me. Ouchhh!!!! A little daydream is good to entertain yourself but too much of dreaming can be bad.

I booked Howard Johnson by Wyndham Jeju Seowipo Habor. I love my entire stay here from 6th - 11 Oct 2018. I love that this place has ample parking space. If you don't choose your hotel properly the parking will be a problem because the place here is super limited. I don't have much complain when it comes to parking because I just rent a small car. But if you choose Sedan car then it will be a bit of problem to park. The parking space is super small. It is hard to park even with a camera. So please choose your rental car with practical in mind.

Purposely choose the room with sea view. I got myself checked into a room with a superb view. Worth of journey, I could say. I can sit by the balcony anytime to enjoy the awesome view. While some people who did the solo travel prefer to check into a hostel or bed and breakfast. As for me, I really prefer peacefulness and comfort so I don't miss home during my trip.

The room amenities here at Howard Johnson is totally my style. They have this full series of green tea extract toiletries. Gosh! I am loving this every day. They even have rooftop Jacuzzi facilities here. By the way, you need to pay KRW10,000 to enjoy the outdoor Jacuzzi. Me? Outdoor Jacuzzi in this weather? Am I nuts? 

When it comes to location this Hotel has a good point because some of the attractions are nearby this hotel. Convenient store, 7 Eleven just next to the hotel. If you need something cheaper just cross the street and one mini-market waiting for you to shop. Price is cheaper than 7 Eleven.

Just cross the street and walk straight until you see ABC Market, then walk to the left you will find Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market. Along the way, you will come across Lee Jung Seop Culture Street.

I was so hungry after checking into the room. Ditch my luggage and hurried out. I chose not to drive but walk to the back of the hotel. I went back to my favourite Ajumma Restaurant which is around 15 minutes walk from the place I stayed. It took me around 20 minutes to find the place. My memory kind of blur because it was 4 years ago story. Pray hard Ajumma don't close shop. 
Thank God to find this place finally. Love her awesome grilled mackerel and Haemul Jiggae. Check out the link here. I wore the same shirt 4 years ago. hahahaha.
The food here still delicious and the Ajumma still friendly like before. I think am the only one foreigner visit this place. Most of the time I see only local frequented this place/ I was here almost every night at Seogwipo. This is the only place I have the confidence to eat without worry. They serve nothing but seafood here. 

Happy tummy needs to digest well. I walked all the way to the opposite of the Hotel to the Olle Market. I bought some Tteok for tomorrow snacking since I am going to eat one full meal a day, which will be dinner. Try this Tteok super delicious in cold weather.

I end up my 6th Oct 2018 journey and enjoy my warm and comfortable bed back in this superb hotel.

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