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Battling My Lower Back Pain

For the past few weeks, I have been battling with chronic lower back pain. My pain has been prolonging to the extent unable to sit, to stand to even lie down. I went to the nearest GP and was then referred to Pantai Kuala Lumpur. I went to meet with one of the Orthopaedic Specialist in Spinal. My GP advised meeting with Spinal specialist since he suspected I have Slip Disc.

Orthopaedic Specialist at Pantai Kuala Lumpur

I went on to meet with one without getting any recommendation from anyone. Well, this Specialist listens to my concerns then requested me to lie down face down. He checked on my back then told me to confirm my availability to do the RF ( Radio Frequency) procedure in 2 days time. It will cost me between RM15k to RM20k for a 45 minutes session. Hurl!!!! just like that! No, X-Ray? No MRI? How he knows where to perform the procedures? 
I asked him how long this will last me? He said maybe 3 to 6 months! Hurl!!!!! just like that? Then what? Still in pain? I know the operation is the last resort. Plus back pain operation always ends up with a horror story for the patient. 

I paid RM190 for the consultation fees here.

I have a friend who recently suffers a slipped disc who opted for operations. He was immobilized for work at least a month. Now after 2 months, I asked him if he still feels the pain? He said still painful. I told him what is the difference between you and me then? I am suffering from pain without any procedure and you have to go through that operations cost RM32k and still painful. He is in state of giving up! I would say! It's not fun at all. I just told him to continue doing the prescribed physiotherapy.

As for me, I never go back to meet with the Ortho at Pantai KL again with reason to seek a 2nd opinion. 

I really find that we are lacking Specialist who is sincere to heal the patient. I am not saying this just my first time experience. I have been meeting with a few of them previously for my knee problem back then. From Gleneagles, Prince Court, Ampang Putri and they are all the same.

Recently, my Boss whom I have chatted with on my concern told me the same things too. She is suffering from haemorrhoid problem herself.

She suggested to try out Chiropractor since her husband who has the same problem as mine, seems doing alright nowadays.
I was a bit afraid with Chiro due to the bone setting procedure really give me cringe to my spine. I end up trying out Acupuncture instead. I did twice at this old man who did his practice at the back of the Chinese Herbs shop. He is a certified Doctor of Medicine and also a Professor. He is super old in his late 70s. But it gave me more pain. So I stop visiting the place.

Orthopaedic Specialist at University Malaya Specialist Centre

My Boss then recommended me to visit the UMSC (University Malaya Specialist Centre). She has few connections through her son's football club. One the boy's dad is an Orthopaedic for Paediatric. He recommended me to meet with one Ortho Surgeon.  

The Dr explained to me about my conditions in details. He told me his way is more intervention method. He will prescribe me with medication and some simple exercise which I only do this after a week of medication. Meaning at that time, I should have less pain by then. He told me to visit him again another 2 weeks. He will not recommend any MRI or X-ray at this moment because it will waste of money since this is just to confirm the condition but we are not doing any operations or whatsoever.

He gave me 2 types of medication one in the morning and one at night since the night one is the drowsy type and will tackle my nerve problem too. I was advised to do the 'Superman' pose exercise regularly to strengthen my lower back muscle and don't lift up any heavy things and maintain good posture.

At least one Dr gave me some sincere recommendation to heal rather than go for my insurance money.

I paid RM266 including the medication.

I hope to recover well and may this pain disappear! My mum has been complaining about pain all the time. Trust me Mum....I know how you feel!

Thank you to my Boss who has recommended me to this Doctor and really helps to release some of my stress holding out my pain alone. I work harder!!!


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