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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Home Mini Facial Spa with A'bloom by Althea Korea

Its blooming season and everything blooms prettily even at Althea Korea. Recently, Althea Korea launched fresh awesome K Beauty for all their fans out there. A'bloom series by Althea brings you what every girl wants readily at home for a perfect fresh look. 

I would say the A'bloom kind of a complete Home Mini Spa for your beauty playground. Everything is affordable and I can guarantee these items won't burn your pocket at all.

1. A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster
2. A'bloom Sheet Masks
3. A'bloom Meringue Puffs

A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster 

I have tried this and I am loving this already. This blackhead and whitehead removal not only comes with Natural BHA stick, but it also has non - irritating formula treats and prevents new ones from forming. By the way, the ingredients use is really gentle for the skin.

Key ingredients: Natural BHA (White Willo Bark Extract 5,0000ppm)
Other ingredients: Charcoal, Apricot seed, tea tree leaf oil

How to use A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster?

Step 1 - Cleanse your face
Step 2 - Wet your face 
Step 3 - Apply the A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster on 'T' Zone area or any targeted areas with excessive sebum.
Step 4 - Use the lukewarm water and gently exfoliates your skin to release trapped oil and dirt.
Step 5 - Rinse off the excess until it clean

My say on A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster

A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster not only helps to removes blackheads painlessly, but it also purifies and clarifies pores instantly. I love the comfortable melting texture effects which cleanse off the impurities on my skin. est of all the packaging is travel-friendly too.

Extra tips! if you have a concern on your heels or elbow, you can apply this on that area too. It works as a quick scrub too.

How much is A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster?

Only RM16 for a stick.

If you hurry to click purchase today you will get FREE limited edition A'bloom mobile phone grip.

A'bloom Mask Sheet

Juicier ever! A'bloom sheet mask is the fastest selling and sold out during the launched. You can check out the website.

Why A'bloom Mask sheet has been sold out so quickly?

A'bloom Mask sheet available in 4 fruity flavours - Water Melon, Avocado, Lemon and Peach. Each mask sheet has 2 in 1formula consisting of fruit extracts rich with antioxidants and plant extracts for extra hydration.

Moisturising Water Melon Mask - Pack with awesome essence for hydration and moisturising. It has Watermelon, Fruit extract, Lavender extract as the ingredients. This mask suit for all type of skin (great for Combination Skin like mine).

Nourishing Avocado - Suitable for ageing skin. This mask sheet infused with avocado extracts and hibiscus. Apply this daily to prevent wrinkle, nourish skin and full of antioxidant, make your skin soft and supple. (I guess this suit my ageing skin too)

Brightening Lemon - The line up of powerful ingredients such as Lemon, lime extracts, Niacinamide,  and Camellia Sinensis Leaf extract gives a double dose of Vitamin C and helps to banish dark spot while giving a calming effect to your skin. (I love this one too since it helps to clear the dark spot)

Anti Blemish Peach - For those who have blemish skin can check out this one.  It has peach extracts and tea tree oil to regulate oil and balance moisture for skin. This is an anti-blemish mask to helps purifies and soothes irritate and sensitive skin.

How much is Althea A'bloom Mask?

Only RM2 per mask sheet and if they also sell in bulk which is RM15 for 10 mask sheets. Good buy! You daily mask pack cost only RM1.50. Super cheap for a good quality mask!

Why I said this is a good mask sheet?

My say on Althea A'bloom mask sheet......

The mas made of super soft cotton that fit your face well and they are not stingy with essence. It is rich with essences until it dripping a lot while using it. I usually wait for 15 to 20 minutes for a mask sheet but for Althea A'Bloom mask sheet I just need 10 minutes because too much essence so I cut the time short. I don't want to over stimulate my skin.

Since its super cheap and good quality, I apply one mask sheet in every 2 days. My favourite is Water-Me-Long since I have dry skin. It really helps to moisture my skin.

Extra tips! don't throw away the excess essences from your mask sheet pack. Just squeeze it out and apply for any other concern skin area such as neck arms, even your knee and leg.

A'bloom Meringue Puffs

Strictly not a dessert!

It comes in two sizes - Giant Meringue Puff and Baby Meringue Puff.

What is A'bloom Meringue Puff?

You don't need to hire MUA to get flawless skin. Just use A'bloom Meringue Puff to apply perfect makeup. Just grab one A'bloom meringue puff for both wet or dry for different effects on the skin. For an impatient person like me, the Giant Meringue Puff is super perfect for a quick finish. Of course, the big puff won't reach your nose corner and so on. 

Althea being Althea very details when it comes to product development, they have this petite size A'bloom Meringue puff to reach out the corner of your skin.

Before dabbing this on your skin, what is this cutie made of? Of course, you need to know this too!

No worry this flexible soft puff made on high-density latex-free foam. It's safe for skin, girls! Suitable for all skin types.

What is my say on A'bloom Meringue Puff?

I am not even a person to use any tools to apply makeup other than my bare fingers. Reason? Isn't it troublesome when applied using hand is much quicker? OK! don't talk about the awesome finish using the bare fingers. I admit it doesn't go so well by doing so in my daily life. huh huh

This is my first time using a puff to dab on the foundation on my skin. I was like... WOW! why my laziness always makes me miss a lot of good things. hhuhuhuh... I was amazed by how quickly this thing smoothes and even out the foundation. Seriously, look like good coverage, right?

Yeah! you will say this ...your photo all filtered one, sure look smooth and nice. Well...try it for yourself it cost only RM8 for Giant Meringue Puff and the Baby Meringue Puff cost only RM11 for 3 babies. 

Extra tips! tips for you on this one since I am still learning how to dab! dab! on my foundation but I want to tell you on one magical thing. This Meringue Puff will expand 1.5 times from its original size if you put in the water. hehehehe...KAWAIIIIII !!!!

Shop Althea A'bloom collection here
They have the most affordable quality K Beauty collection and guess what? This is my favourite online K Beauty shopping destination. 

Check out short videos below and watch me having fun to try out A'bloom by Althea Korea products at home and another video on me having fun with other Althea Angels at A'bloom product launching party at Soft Srve , Desa Park City somewhere end of last month. 

Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more of my video. HERE Don't forget to give me a like to my videos for encouragement. Thank you all for reading and viewing! 

Trying out A'bloom by Althea Korea

A'bloom Product Launching Party


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