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Review : Anna Sui 5x Miniature Collection

This is the result of my duty-free shopping spree on air during my recent trip. hehehe...
What you expect, it is too bored in a low-cost carrier 6 hours flight journey...I end up going on a shopping spree to fill up my boringness. Anna Sui is not even my favourite perfume, to begin with. I was eyeing for my all-time favourite perfume Elizabeth Arden,  Estee Lauder and Kenzo

But hey...all I can afford is taking the low-cost carrier which leaves you with not many choices of selection. 

One thing attracted me to Anna Sui Miniature collection is for its vibrant box colour. It's my favourite colour purple. Sucker, right? Impulsive purchase to begin with. huhuhuh

Back home...did the unboxing of the new miniature collection with hope the fragrance smells is to my liking. High know!

OMG! the pouch is sooooo...beautiful. So colourful, full of flowery embroidery and feminine like. I am loving my impulsive purchase already. I can use this pouch to replace my almost belong to the museum pouch. Do you believe it? I have been using the same pouch for almost 6 years already? Deserve replacement! Convince myself this is a good buy. WTH!

Jeng! Jeng! slide out the beautiful miniature. Loving the design of the unique miniature perfume bottles.
This box contains of 5 x 5ml Eau De Toilette. 
For the benefit of those who don't know about the different between Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette :

* Eau De Parfum is a stronger perfume compare to an Eau De Toilette since its use a higher concentration of oils.

So it is safe to conclude the difference between an Eau De Parfum and an Eau De Toilette is the amount of 'juice' or perfume concentrate mixed with alcohol.

Anna Sui 5 x Miniature Collection smells so so so so sweetttttttt!!!! Love this light and lovely smells of this Anna Sui collections. 

It came with 5 variants and all smell sweet scents and brings pleasure to my nose. No regrets! I am not a fragrance expert to describes the smell in details. I will try to make it as simple as possible to describe this to avoid any misleading descriptions.

Anna Sui Fantasia Eau de Toilette comes with a unicorn bottle cap. Its smells woodsy and with some floral hints. 

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme which comes with a lavender based concoction with hints of pear and red berries sweet smells. over the moon with this smells.

Anna Sui Secret Wish bottle comes with a fragrance of garden full of roses. OMG! for those who know me... I love the smells of roses. I love rich of this bottle aroma.

Anna Sui Lucky Wish which brings you the scents of citrus and floral fragrance. Totally refreshing smells.

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid seems to smell more like floral and fruity and makes this as one of my favourites. Lovely smell.

Since my readers are all luckier than me, I recommended you to go to the Air Asia duty-free online store and redeem it with your big points to get this deliver to your onboard seat for next vacation.

I am not so lucky since I failed to pre-book this online due 'bloody system glitch for too long which the useless customer service unable to helps and blame it to my internet connection. WTH! Yes!!! I cursed them big time due to that! Hope not so bad luck due to my bad mouthed to them.. huhuhuh

You will curse them like me too if you were me since I tried to make purchase almost every day for 2 weeks before my flight date. Always failed to make the payment and then hang to that page like forever. Its the same error every day for two weeks. I cleared the cache, cookies or whatsoever. Use my phone, my tablet, office laptop, my pc and all same error. My fault meh?

The customer service performance is totally hopeless, big time.... I would say. I keep wishing that fellow who attended to my inquiries have insomnia like the rest of his/ her life. Served you right! Don't do your work properly.


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