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Starting To Blog Is The Best Decision I Ever Made

Blogging Guide


How it started?

My journey as a blogger began in the year 2009. This blog started as a place for me to vent and rant about my stressful workload. I hailed all the way from a small town in the northern part of Malaysia. I was all alone in this big city,  to make ends meets with no one to rely on. I feel so lonely struggled to survive in this big city. This blog started with the name 'Single Woman Story' then change to 'Princess Cindyrina. My life changed from loneliness to full of activities outside work. I was invited to events, launching, experience new beauty products and even visit new places with many other friends with the same interest.

Blog Change My Personality and Lifestyle

I am an introvert. I used to focus on my day job without having any hobby in particular. It's all about work and home. No hanging out with friends after work or on the weekend. Trust me! I used to lead a boring life. Through my blog, I received few event invitations which give me the opportunity to mingle and hang out with other blogger friends. I learn many things through that priceless experience. I started to see more colours in my life. I am more daring to talk to a stranger and even challenge myself with a series of solo travelling abroad.

Blog Direction

Starting from an online diary and now become a Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle blog. I write whenever I feel like doing it. The topic depends on my personal interest. If you ask me, what is my preferred topic? I prefer to writes about the personal travel experience, beauty reviews, health tips and online shopping experience. I love to do online shopping in my past time.

Blog Trends

Things won't be stagnant forever. In this world, you need to change according to times and trends, if you wish to stay relevant. As time pass, blogging has been perceived as an old school way of advertising. Most brand has started to shift their ways towards video marketing than writing. Although online writing is still relevant it's better to complement it with video marketing. I started to open my YouTube Channel. It's more about sharing my cooking which focuses on the first time try out the recipe. I am not professional in cooking but cook to survive. I also did some unboxing videos. I learn to shoot and edit the video. One of my favourite websites which I frequent for some guidance to learn some best practices for personalized video content.

Now in the year 2021, most brands and PR approached me with a requirement to post the content in the TikTok account. I have no choice to start one and slowly build in the contents. I am still a newbie in the TikTok world. But have you heard about this saying? Never too old to learn.

In my opinion, whether you like it or not, over the years until now a blog post helps the brand online presence the most. A video may be fun and more interactive than a write-up to create awareness. However, a write up in the blog gives more comprehensive and detailed content about the brands and a permanent online presence for the brand.

Blog Monetization

I never imagine that one day this blog can give me some side income. My blog monthly earning is enough to pay for my broadband and telephone bills. Some people may think can become a full-time blogger and quit the day job. You can do that if you are a hotshot blogger or influencer. As for me, I treated blogging as part of my hobby. I only do this for fun. Getting paid from my blog is a bonus for me. It's not consistent earnings and not enough to cover my living cost at all. I registered myself in a powerful end-to-end influencer marketing platform called intellifluence. Some of the writing jobs came from this website. If you are a brand and would like to engage an influencer for your marketing campaign can get a good quotation from them too. Influencer management can be a big headache if you have lack experience in this area. Let the professional do the job.



Now that I am in the semi-retirement mode due to my back pain. I have more time to write and create online content. I am really glad to start this 12 years ago. At least, I can have more activities and stay busy in my daily life. For those bloggers and influencer wannabe out there. Don't dive into this industry without any clear direction. Well, unless you are more like me who a more focused to be a micro-influencer than a star influencer. You can get more online reading on what to expect and how to be an influencer as a profession. One of the successful influencers is Christina Calph. As she said everyone is an influencer. If you have 10 followers around you. You are a micro-influencer. So don't feel intimidated if you don't have followers in your social media accounts. Just keep on creating the content and maintain an online presence. Well, that's what I am doing right now. I did it as my hobby and passion. I find joy in creating content. I will continue doing this as long as my strengths to do this.


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