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Tips To Choosing The Right Course For Further Study


As someone who is completing high school soon, I bet many still searching and wondering which course is suitable for you to continue studying to higher learning. Many people may write, that you need to choose what you love in order to find happiness in life.

To be honest, some of us have no liberty to study the course for the sake of happiness in life but more on survival.

I would rather advise the young one to pursue study in the course that able them to earn for a living.

Here are some tips on making the filtration on the right college, university and course to narrow down to where you want to be - very quickly.

👉 Acknowledge your existing skill set and experience

👉 Think about what interests you more

👉 Take into consideration career prospects and employment opportunities

👉 Where would you like to study?

Have you heard about Saito University College?

Saito University College was founded in the year 1988 by Mr Tetsuo Saito as the Saito Academy of Design. Now Saito has been established for 30 years and is well known as an award-winning school. From Design to Saito Security Academy and Business School.

Each program has been meticulously designed to enable productive and brilliant graduates to take on their careers to the next level.

Mr Saito's vision is precise :

* Educate and nurture young talents in design *

* Identify and unleash their passions * 

The list of courses at Saito is expanding and many to list down.

Referring back to the tips above, the courses offered at Saito University College are on point.  Here I narrow down some of the many options available from many courses offered in Saito and make them relevant for your convenient decision making.

Saito Design School 

Design school is not limited to just fashion. There are several courses ranging from graphic, multimedia, interior and fashion design. If you aren't sure whether the Design course is right for you, here are some reasons for you to consider.

1. Transferrable skills mean they can be applied in many other contexts and job scopes. So your prospects are not limited as you have the skills to be a valuable employee in different fields and industries

2. With the rise of technology such as  Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing and robotics, developing video games, apps, websites and other digital products give more options for student to choose their future career path. Such skills are highly sought in this era.

At Saito Design School one can choose a career path by selecting the various range of courses available.

1. Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) (Honours)

2. Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) (Honours)

3. Diploma in Multimedia 

4. Diploma in Interior Design

5. Foundation in Design

6. Diploma in Graphic Design

7. Diploma in Fashion Design

The Master Trainers of Saito Design School comprises big name instructors  :

Mr Bruce Head has a passion for Architecture -  Interior Design, Museum, Visitor Centre Design, Interpretive Interactive Designs and Events. He has successfully run Design Studios in both Malaysia and Australia for over 21 years.

Miss Sandra Sin is the year 2000 graduate of Saito College. She has more than 18 years of experience in developing ideas and concepts for all kinds of brands and product categories.

Mr Bill Keith who don't even need an introduction to the Malaysian Fashion industry scene. He is well versed in couture and expanded to furniture, footwear, handbag and interior designing.

In addition to the experience Masters line up, Saito Design School at Saito University College has Global Design Program which gives opportunities for students to experience the design industry globally with partners like Bunka Fashion School, Japan. 

Saito Business School

Business Management courses are among the common choice in higher education. Mostly suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. Graduate in Business Management is always in demand in the working world. If you are keen to apply for Management roles in the organization, then this is for you. 

Many do not realize that Business Management courses are not limited to just general Business Studies. Saito Business School offers a range of specialized subject to suit the management position in the organization which make the graduate are most skilled and knowledge equipped.

1. Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Honours)

2. Bachelor of Business Management (Honours)

3. Bachelor of Business (Digital Marketing) (Honours)

4. Micro-Credential 

5. Foundation in Business Studies

6. Diploma in Human Resource Management

7. Diploma in Business Management

8. Master in Business is one of the latest addition in Saito Business School

The Prime School of Integrated Logistics

This is one of the crucial subjects and most sought in the supply chain industry. Especially, when we are in the era of technology where e-commerce is growing super fast. If you see yourself as a logistic manager and able to develop the ability to make accurate predictions of possible needs of the company and a problem solver, then this course is for you.

- Bachelor of Business in Logistics Management and E-Business (Honours)

- Diploma in Logistics Management

Saito University College has partnered with many top Universities to offer students to pursue their academic programmes, be it student exchange or joint projects.

Some of the listed prestigious Universities are :

* Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China

* Ling Tung University Taipei Tech, Taiwan

* University of Canberra, Australia

* the University of The West Of England Bristol, De Montfort University and Solent University, United Kingdom

* University of Lethbridge, Canada

Students of Saito University College can leverage Industry Linkage and possible employment opportunities with the well known and established organizations such as :

* The Chartered Management Institute

* The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

* POS Malaysia

* Kenny Hills Bakers

* Safeguards Oceanic

* Ringgit Plus

* Logistician (LogM)

Most of the graduates from Saito are Industry ready to blend with the real world with excellent career prospects waiting for them.

Saito Security Academy

The law enforcement industry has really evolved. The profession is very demanding individually which makes it a need to have all those educations is essential - if you want to be successful in this profession.

1. Master of Law Enforcement

2. Bachelor of Arts in Law Enforcement (Investigation) (Honours)

3. Diploma in Security Management

4. Diploma in Law Enforcement Administration

5. Foundation in Police Science

6. 3 Kredit - who said 3 credits in SPM is the end of the world with no future. Saito Security Academy offers a course in the Law Enforcement Program

The programmes at Saito Security Academy have accreditation with Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), JPA & SPA

Le Masters School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts

If you are keen to be in the Hospitality service industry, or interested to become an aspiring chef or even patisserie, look further no more. Saito Le Masters School Hospitality & Culinary Arts offers a range of courses for your selection.

1. Diploma in Hotel Management

2. Diploma in Culinary Arts

3. Diploma in Pastry Arts 

4.  Bachelor in Hospitality Management

Saito Professional & Executive Education (SPEED)

There is room for growth for adults or mature students too. SPEED was established to suit the changes in the current business world, which provides opportunities for individuals with executive education and learning opportunities to enrich and stay relevant.

SPEED offers quality programs that meet the needs of organizations and governments. The program is delivery suitable for upskilling, reskilling and multiskilling of the human capital of this nation.

Some of the programmes offer:

Certification - The Certification programme comes in 2 category which is Certificate and Professional 
Certificate. For Certificate, the courses offers include, a Certificate in Risk Base Thinking, Systematic Inventive Thinking, Customer Service Manager, Productivity & Quality Specialist and also a programme called Certificate in Sales Professional.

For the Professional Certificate, Saito offers 6 Sigma Green Belt, Advance Quality Auditing, Coaching & Counselling, Digital Marketing, Hospitality Management, Retail Management, and Security Management.

Executive Development - Certified Management Development Programme, Emerging Leaders Programme, Executive Development Programme, Leadership Development Programme, New Managers Programme, Senior Management Development Programme

Professional English and Enrichment - Basic English, Business English Communication Skill, Customer Service, Elementary & Conversational English and Workplace English

Team Building - Culinary Team Building, Indoor Team Building, Treasure Hunt Team Building and Outdoor Team Building

Soft skills - range from Business writing, Change Management, Crisis Management, Emotional Intelligence in Workplace, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, Personal Branding, Sales & Marketing, Teamwork, Time Management.

So, have you foreseen your career path yet? Be it in Management, Law enforcement, Logistic professionals, arts and creative, Hotelier, chefs or even a Pastisirie, your future is in your hand. Make the right study choice to open your own career path.

Saito University College is located at 18, Jalan Tengah, PJ New Town, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Saito University College is now open for registration for the new intake. Visit Saito University College's official website here


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