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That Health Concious Uncle



I decided to write this post because this story amused me.

I took a short trip to Malacca to celebrate my last 4 series of age. Hahaha...not sure if I will make it to 5 series next year. I tried my best but it's all Good Will, right? 😑

The previous month, was a family trip to Malacca too. But last month, I stayed in a 5-star hotel. My solo trip here this month was a budget one. So, I booked at a Boutique hotel which is not far from where I stayed last month. The location is superb!

When you travel alone, you have your moment just for yourself. I love it so much, even though it's a short trip.

This story is about a local people, I briefly met during my trip.

I was sitting by the stairs overseeing the Malacca Straight. Watching the local folks passing by. Mostly, elders do their evening brisk walks and so on. Then, one uncle sat near me. Trying to make friends and chatting with me.

Uncle: You tourist?

Me: Local tourist.

Uncle: Ooooo...I already need to care for my health.

No one asks. huhuhuhu

Uncle: When old like me horrrr....the health maintenance very high.

Me: Yeah

I am old and also need to pay so much for health now. huhuhuh

Uncle: You see... The doctor is the most unscrupulous profession.

Me: Huh! Why?

Uncle: They need to gain experience and always require you to get a second opinion before you proceed with their suggestion. The first thing you do is see them, they will ask for your medical insurance limit. Then they will charge you to make use of your medical insurance limit.

Me: Ermmmmm...

Uncle: Then when we proceed with their recommended surgery or whatever, it does not really fix the problem. When you complain to them...their reply...huh! I think we should operate here instead of there first. Waluweiii!!! You think we cow ar cut here there trial and error.

Me: Oh my god! Scary. They should know better before proceeding with the surgery, right?

At this point. I saw that Uncle took out something from his pocket. My eyes fixed on his hand with disbelief. WTH!

A box of cigarettes. He shamelessly continues talking on and on and on... I didn't want to listen to him anymore. I just wanna lift up my heavy butt as fast as I can before he lights up that ciggy. 

Me: Uncle! Excuse me. Nice chatting with you. I have a dinner appointment to go to now. I wish you a healthy life.

Uncle: working this late also?

Me: Ya

Uncle: You working as what?

Me : I am an auditor. Byeeee...hhehehe

Super big lie! It would be a long story if I said I am a retiree at this age. I don't even wanna waste my time. At this point, I saw him light up the ciggy. Cheh!!! You talk bad about Doctors and try to be health conscious and so on....Quit that Ciggies la Uncle!!!! 

Some more you expect me to wait there sucking all the smoke and risk my lung together with you arrrr???

I never look back, the moment lifted up my butt from there. 😒

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