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Most of us drive to work , college and even during weekend for our leisure time. Nowadays, traffic is getting bad and people are getting crazier! I guess because of food they ate and also stress in life. I always believe every traffic jam start with an 'idiot' act'! Here are some of list that I can think off base on my experience driving on the road. 1. When the driver are busy texting at a red light and they don't notice the light turn green.  "Gosh! You just make me miss the green light!" 2. When the other driver just stare at you when you are both stopped at an intersection.  "AWKWARD!" 3. Fast car show offs out of sudden.  "DAMN! wish you hit that barrier!" 4. When they all change lane on the sudden without any signal. "Hey! am I invisible?" 5. A sudden 'U- Turn'. "Huh! forgot something?" 6. They drive 10 mph under the speed l


Getting Rid of Everything Rotten in my Life? GET RID ALL THE ROTTEN thing around me and move forward are not easy task!!! Yeahhhh!!! if letting go is an easy task then no stress exist....right??? Especially when I already reached at mid level and experienced many things to be at who I am right now....letting go is the biggest decision in life. Make it more dramatic...matter of LIFE AND DEATH!!!! So serious...mehhhh???? When it comes to life???? I am wide awake and conscious on surrounding... and suppose to be in controlled to my own life. Of course its serious!!!! When it comes to death??? Fear of death...may be...because don't know what to expect! My death time is not up to me to am not in control of that! long as I don't harm others and be a good human in this life...the rest I leave it to God! Age never come back. Example who have chance to be at 23 years old twice??? Mad! If you can be at 23 years old twice means you ar


It is our tradition to give out 'duit raya' aka 'ang pau' money to loves one during festive season. Well ...if Chinese, as long as you is time for you to give out. But to our Malay culture married or single, as long as you working...time to pay the toll. isk isk isk. Lucky, I am not born to so many siblings and among 4 sisters only my first sister married with children. She has 4 children - 2 boys and 2 girls.  This year as usual I gave out 'duit raya' to my parent and last sister.  My last sis still studying and still deserve the 'duit raya'. hehehehe this year is her last. She have to start working next year!  I also gave out some to my nephews and nieces. As usual..not so easy getting something from me..even it is just once a year. This year I have some event for those who think deserve my 'duit raya'. As usual...this naughty Aunty!!!! kekekekeke (evil laugh) I announced to them...if you want 'dui


When I did my Train the Trainer Certificate last 2 months, I met this lady who is a lecturer who happen to be in the same group. She told us in same group, she has a young son who decided not to join the regular office workforce but to be a financial planner. I decided to give this boy a chance. I told his mother to give my number to her son and let him call me for an appointment. He contacted my one month after my class ended. I grant him an appointment. I am not an easy person to deal with when it come to this financial planning. To me there are no such think as expressway deal! You got to earns my trust first then you can deal with me. The most I hate in this world are people who beg to live rather than work it up to earn it! Back to the boy who came to see me. First meeting, I can sense this boy- lack of confidence in what he is doing. He came to see me with high expectation to close the thousands deal using his mother contact. He prepared many packag


This is the meesage I received from when I reset my password due to my forgetfulness. Sarcastic gilerrrrrr!!!! Forgetfulness during pregnancy is common (just saying)???? Cheh! You make me so put off to shop online with you! Good luck with your sarcastic message! (just saying) Is this kind of message necessary??? Pregnant lady! don't you feel sensitive reading this message? I am not a pregnant woman but I feel so put off receiving with this kind of message. Maybe, I am the one who are overly sensitive...just saying!!! I know...I don't have to make this kind of message so big deal at all...but.... It doesn't sounds like a joke at all! This kind of message also beyond creative and ridiculous! HiShop! change you annoying message!

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