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When I did my Train the Trainer Certificate last 2 months, I met this lady who is a lecturer who happen to be in the same group. She told us in same group, she has a young son who decided not to join the regular office workforce but to be a financial planner.

I decided to give this boy a chance.
I told his mother to give my number to her son and let him call me for an appointment.

He contacted my one month after my class ended.
I grant him an appointment.
I am not an easy person to deal with when it come to this financial planning.
To me there are no such think as expressway deal!
You got to earns my trust first then you can deal with me.
The most I hate in this world are people who beg to live rather than work it up to earn it!

Back to the boy who came to see me.
First meeting, I can sense this boy- lack of confidence in what he is doing.
He came to see me with high expectation to close the thousands deal using his mother contact.
He prepared many packages which are poorly explained.
He himself not sure on what he  is represent....worst case to deal with people like me.
I ended the meeting and said I will think about it.
You come meet me again when you are ready to answer my question.

Same time I am looking out for medical coverage plan for my little sis.
I want to buy it anyway.
So I decided to buy from this boy.
My intention to give him the feeling of happiness to be able close some small case.
After the signing, here he goes again and this time he said the word which I hate the most in life.

Boy : " Miss Rina, if you feel you want to help me please buy this plan or if you can't commit this one you can go with this small one too. If you want to help me....."

I look at him direct to his eyes and said,

Me :  " Your life have been very easy isn't it? Do you know life is not as beautiful as you think it is? Do you know nothing will goes according to plan without much effort from you! "

Boy : " No no no that's not what I mean at all. just my team leader told me if I can't close the sales just tell the customer to help me to reach the quota." 
He shyly admitted what being told.

With disbelief.....ah! this boy need some lecture of life from me then...he appreciate it or not...well that his choice but telling him what is the right way to do things is my duty right now.

Me : " I am sorry if what I am about to say may hit you pride a bit! But asking me for help with your poor explanation on what you represent- you owe me thousand apology. Who ever your team leader is , I really hope you could find another leader to guide you. You are still young and have a long way to go. If you can seek guidance from good people I am afraid you could waste your life living your life begging in this way which will not lead you to any where better life."

Boy : " I really sorry Miss Rina. I don't mean to annoy you "

Me : " Well...let me ask you  questions, how do you find your potential client?"

Boy : " Once I met high ranking people like Miss Rina , I will ask for leads and the make appointment and ask for help."

Me : " Did you ever close any sales before through that method?"

Boy : "Never! "

Me : " Then how do you live? What about your pocket expenses?"

Boy : "Through my mum"

Me : "How old are you again?"

Boy : "I am 26 years old"

Me : "That old and you still living off you Mum???"
rolling my eyes big to him...yeahhhh!!! me and the bullish attitude again....bless me!

hehehehe...that boy sheepishly cuckle.

Me : " Look! this is not something to proud of. So don't ever smile or laugh over this.I don't mean to scold you but to teach you. "

I gave him a stern look like a teacher trying to teach a student.He is nobody to me. I wonder why I waste my time talking to this boy although he may end up hating me. But I still feel it is my responsibility to correct him. It is his choice then.

Boy : " No no no...I did feel embarrass asking that to you and other. But I have no choice. "

Me : " No choice?? Choice is in your hand. First of all if you decide to be in this servicing line, you need to equip yourself with CONFIDENCE, IMPROVE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, ENHANCE YOUR NETWORKING, LEARN TO BUILD TRUST -trust build through your sincerity, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE REPRESENTING. Do you know if you decide to be in financial planning industry you need to be able to educate people around you and people you meet. This is a noble career making people realise how important to have security for future unfortunate event. If you go around squeezing people just to reach your quota. Shame on you!! Do you know that you don't have any of this ever since our first meeting??? I agree to meet you again because I want to give a second chance but I am very disappointed because you are getting worst!!"

I let out a big sigh to show how disappoint I am to him.

Me : "If you want me to stop here. I will and let us end here. I will not torture you with my lecture if you don't even think about changing you way of living life.My next words may be too hurt for you to listen but that is the fact. Nobody like to listen to the fact because it is the reality of life but many of us falls for sweet talk and beautiful lies which will not bring you any further in life. "

Boy : " Please please continue ....nobody talk to me this way before. I want to improve but I don't know how????"

He replied with lower tone and nervous voice. Hope he don't cry in front of me...gossshhhhh!!!!

I then continue my lecture to him. bla bla bla bli bli bli di da di da di da...its fasting month, I can't even drink and it really hurt my throat.

The point here, some of us here lives life leveraging from people around without thinking. Why?
To me one word, Lazy!! It is just what need to done..I am doing now with whatever resources in front of me.
Just put yourself in the people you use to achieve what you wants!
They will feel obligation and no sincerity and you may end up losing the friendship in return to the favor you have granted!

You need to put effort to achieve the success!

Life is not easy to deal with.
Once one put life lightly, then one need to be ready to face the consequences.
That is where all the blame game starts!

Rather than take responsibility for our own life, it's just easier and lot less painful to find someone or something else to blame for what we haven't yet accomplished in our lives than take total and complete responsibility.
This blame game is an ego defense to make us feeling good about ourselves, as we perfectly justify and defend our present place in life!

Ahhh... me with that wisdom thoughts again...can't help it!


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