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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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Many of us wish we can turn back time.  Everyone knows this is bloody impossible! Yeah! What different can you make anyway if you can turn back time? I was asked this question last 2 weeks...WTH! The question was totally unexpected. It left me scratching and cracking my head hard. Thinking hard how to answer this question make me frowned hard! Damn! Must be an ugly sight for that woman to see me that way. Anyway, the first response blurted out from my mouth without even thinking carefully.... "Can we really turn back time?" "Is it possible?" "I don't want to go back to old time!" "I don't want to change anything!" "Pass is pass!!" "Let us move forward!" "why want to think about something impossible??" "Why?" Why?" That woman who asked me the question...frowning uglier than mine...kekekekeke "I never met somebody response me in such a way


Late June this year, I met up with this old man who I look up the most. He text me for coffee. Its not like I look up at him because of everything positive about him. I look up at him because I learn a lot from him to compare with other people I had met! Among of his words makes me remember until now, " If you want to be stand out, always swim against the current " " Other problems are our opportunity " " If you are expecting different result, try other method to solve you problems " " Its all about system" This is just part of what I am believing.... Yeah! I once met this psychologist and when I told her about him , she said I was 'brain washed'! Hahahaha...yeah! I could say that I am 80% agreed with her! Back to old man, he told me in our recent meet up that he think he is in the wrong business. My response to him, was like.... "Hello!!!!! you made millions of ringgit out of this business and loo


When I did my Train the Trainer Certificate last 2 months, I met this lady who is a lecturer who happen to be in the same group. She told us in same group, she has a young son who decided not to join the regular office workforce but to be a financial planner. I decided to give this boy a chance. I told his mother to give my number to her son and let him call me for an appointment. He contacted my one month after my class ended. I grant him an appointment. I am not an easy person to deal with when it come to this financial planning. To me there are no such think as expressway deal! You got to earns my trust first then you can deal with me. The most I hate in this world are people who beg to live rather than work it up to earn it! Back to the boy who came to see me. First meeting, I can sense this boy- lack of confidence in what he is doing. He came to see me with high expectation to close the thousands deal using his mother contact. He prepared many packag


Have you ever heard about the story of Monkey and Banana?? Let me tell you this interesting story. huhuhuh... I am now a story teller, huh? I may sound like I am full of playful and cheeky attitude. I can be wise old woman when I want to know? Today, I decided to share my wisdom story...WTH! Anyway just read further and you may learn something from this Monkey and Banana story. Once upon a time , there is this monkey call Kiki. Yeay, she is adorable like her cute and catchy name. Unlike her cute and catchy name, her life has not been good and adorable at all. She once live in the jungle where use to be very blessed with food and friends around her. One day the humankind, invaded her blessed jungle and most of her kind was either caught or killed brutally. She manage to escape herself and live into hiding. Her problem now, she has problem on getting food to survive. She was lonely too. She was physically and mentally exhausted! One day wh

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