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My choice of skin care change when I reached 40 ears old. I really concern about reducing wrinkles and losing out collagen and so on. Its been too years using the anti aging skin care. I end up with dull skin and look pale without BB cream. WTH! The pigmentation???? Oh! tell me about it. I am considering laser treatment but really thinking hard since this treatment may end me with over dry skin. I was introduce to Neesya skin care early this year , really happy with the quality and result from its product. At least, less wrinkles and healthy skin at this age....kekeke... this can't last forever but we can slow down the process right? mmmmmmmmm..... How is my beauty regime with Neesya starts???? 5 Steps Day Time Regime with Neesya 1st Step : Wash face with facial cleanser 2nd Step : Don't forget to apply toner 3rd Step : Apply Neesya Brightening Eye Contour Gel - Gently pat eye gel around the eye area then blending gently inward to the outward corne


When I was invited to do a selfigram review for Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, I was SUPER EXCITED! IMA not require to do a blogpost but feel ashamed for not sharing it in details to others. Why? IMA fall in love with this foundation. I walked for 45 minutes ('lazy to drive punya pasal") all the way from my office to KLCC to get the item picked suit to my skin color tone and have mini makeover by Estee Lauder Beauty Consultant. I bought  Estee Lauder lipstick before and love them so much. IMA heard a lot about Estee Lauder Double Wear but never personally try! Since IMA was introduce to BB Cream and then CC Cream , later DD Cream amd most recently EE Cream...IMA  totally ditched Foundation. But one thing about all those BB,CC,DD and EE Cream does not give a smooth and good coverage to IMA uneven skin tone. The Hype about this Estee Lauder Wear is it stay in place, transfer free which means no smudge or stain to your clothes (don't worry wardrobe s


POWER JAM????? Like this??? This is traffic jam back North last weekend. So POWERFUL too! It made me delay my journey back home town to the next morning. WTH! Not this POWER JAM leeeeee..... I am talking about this 3 IN 1 POWER BANK.  Speaker + Mobile Stand + Power Bank I have been delaying my power bank purchase and when this delivered to my door step last like my prayer answered instantly.Thank you Thank you I kind of mesmerized with its sleek design and sweet color. When it come to function wise....well... the power bank is what I am looking for all this while. The speaker is a bonus to me. While the mobile stand is convenient to watch movie when I am bored and alone. Product Specifications :  Input : 5V-800Ma Output : 5V-1A Dimensions : 29X 30 X 138MM Package Contents : 1. USB Input / Output data cable 2. Power Bank 3. User Manual  How to charge phone using POWER JAM? * Take out the POWER JAM top cover * Conn


You are sick with your current job and Boss? Tired of getting bossing around by others? You have a unique skill and want to join the freelancing world with the mind set, at least you are your own Boss. This sound like a Wheel of Fortune, huh? this before you quit your day job. 1. #FINDING CUSTOMER This is the number one challenge for all freelancer. Create a website and wait for calls and emails? Dreams on! You can wait till the kingdom falls! Advertised your services at portal like , and so on? Well...good luck! The inquiries received mainly from people who are looking for job and blindly email you without even read to your advertisement.There are phishing inquiries which you need to take extra caution and know what and who you are dealing with. Do not get so excited with all inquiries as if , it is a done deal! The reality about finding clients as a freelancer is a tough competition unless you have a very outstandin


I was invited to grand launching of Malaysian based Horien Optic (M) Sdn Bhd for soft lens and lens care product called Eye Secret on 11th April 2015, Saturday. The product mainly manufactured by a certified and renowned manufacturer in Taiwan called Yung Sheng Optical Co. Ltd. There are many good and quality products under Horien Eye Secret brand, such  Color Lens , Eye Wears and Solutions. It was an exciting grand launching at One Utama, Oval Court attended by many VVIPs, Media and Bloggers. The event also to introduce to their newly signed brand ambassador, Yumi Wong. Gorgeous , Yumi Wong is a Malaysian who is also renowned Artist in Taiwan as an Actress. Yes! Cindyrina was there signed like a Superstar but don't pose or act like one. Oh! how I wish I have that drop dead gorgeous body like hers. Damn! she's hot! Oh! thats not Yumi. IMA don't know her. IMA saw she signed and then all those photographer swamped to shoot her photo.  ***Face


I was invited to have some doodling fun with 50 other Bloggers at Kare Cafe , One Utama last week. Have you heard about the new cute lip balm called Chu Lipbalm by Mentholatum? Serious this thing is too cute until you feel like you just wanna to adore it! Most of us ladies love to apply lip balm where ever we goes. Chu Lipbalm is now becoming a trend for ladies in Japan. Since it came with unique design with funky colors, one can help it to hold this Chu Lipbalm and it become part of fashion accessories. For a creative brain, personalizing Chu Lipbalm is like bringing it to another fashion level. One can decorate their Chu Lipbalm as much as they want and how you want it to be. From a belly dancer to Mr Moustache man or a bling-bling Chu Lip.  Have you tried Chu LipBalm before? Don't give this a miss!!!! This Chu Lipbalm is not just a funky and unique design but it also has ultra-moisturising properties and best of all it really glides easily onto your lip


I tried another awesome Korean Chicken Restaurant. Yup! another Korean Drama influence which make me hard to resist and taste this awesome fine dining chicken restaurant. This will be my last awesome meal since I started my 500 calories per day meal to lose weight. isk isk isk..IMA gain 5kg in just a month. That is why very determined to go through this suffering journey of 500 cal per day diet. WTH! Back to BB Korean Chicken Restaurant which I stumbled into this place by chance at The Curve, Damansara last Sunday. BBQ Chicken Restaurant is not a new place in town and they have been in Malaysia for many years. I remember tried this many years back even before I started my blog. I am their first customer of the day and this was my BRUNCH and also dinner. WTH! I ate all this with Chinggu since 8 March is that fella's birthday. Awesome! Spoil with mouth watering choices, both of us end up settle with this fabulous meal. Pane Mushroom Cream Soup  The creamy


I have been a great fan for ever since my first purchase from them last year. I was skeptical at first but gave it a shot and never regret ever since. I will look out for their great sales and promotion day to get item needed with great bargain. 3 criteria for to get sales from me? 1. discount and promotion price. 2. product with sold and fulfill by lazada 3. good ratings and review from past customer 3 things make me continue loyal to lazada : 1. prompt delivery 2. good bargain 3. good quality product and to date they yet to disappoint me. 3 things I bought from lazada last year 2014 ( In reality , I bought more than 3 things..*face pal,m*) : 1. travel blender 2. portable home sauna 3. Infrared cooker   5 things,  I want to buy from lazada in year 2015? 1. Power bank 2. Air Fryer 3. Foot bath with reflexology 4. Samsung Galaxy / Xiomi Smartphone 5. Face steamer *** Disclaimer : This post is an entry


End of last year, I joined my friend for car hunting. He was looking for new one to replace his old which the lease has expired and fully paid off. I could say it was tiring because we were hoping from one car showroom to another and another for entire week. It was bored to death to listen to the salesman pitch over and over again. I gotten a bit frustrated since some of the salesman didn't car much to input us with the information as we wanted. They are just focus on closing the sales and ignore our needs!   My friends has settled with his new ride last 2 weeks. Myself still searching for my dreams car. Recently I started to spend time to research online. This is when I stumble upon an online portal which I find all in one platform. ASSSSAAAAA!!!! I don't have to go elsewhere then. Moreover, this portal are very easy to browse for information and the loading time is super fast too. The navigation features are super clear and organiz

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