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IMA went for GST seminar for SME just to get some overview on what is coming for GST. See??? IMA not just about beauty month of August IMA attended 2 academician talks. One by SME which is regards to GST and the other was organized by MIM, a talk about Innovation. Lets have some basic knowledge on GST...basic only!!!! If want to know the comprehensive one...please go attend the seminar yourself!!! 2014 Budget announced the GST will replace the current Sales and Service Tax effective 1st April 2015. Many companies as well as consumers are pretty nervous coming to the implementation which is counting down to another 7 months from now?? Is your company ready to accept this GST??? What is GST? GST means The Goods and Services Tax. GST is an indirect tax which , when introduced will replace the very much narrower Sales Tax and Services Tax (SST). GST is very useful as revenue raising tool. Guess what??? - We are not the first cou


MVCA (Malaysia Venture Capital and Private Equity Association) is holding its first ever VC2E Roadshow 2014. Attention all Penang people!!!! MVCA first stop will be in Penang on 25th September 2014.  Calling all aspiring Entrepreneurs in Penang to bring innovative ideas and join this roadshow. At this event you will get to meet and get to know the nature of venture capital funding and what makes the venture capitalist invest in you. Who said no money means cannot start business? Ideas and execution plan is the most important to start a business. The seats are limited. Do register yourself early by download this registration form   Or you can visit for more details.


Late June this year, I met up with this old man who I look up the most. He text me for coffee. Its not like I look up at him because of everything positive about him. I look up at him because I learn a lot from him to compare with other people I had met! Among of his words makes me remember until now, " If you want to be stand out, always swim against the current " " Other problems are our opportunity " " If you are expecting different result, try other method to solve you problems " " Its all about system" This is just part of what I am believing.... Yeah! I once met this psychologist and when I told her about him , she said I was 'brain washed'! Hahahaha...yeah! I could say that I am 80% agreed with her! Back to old man, he told me in our recent meet up that he think he is in the wrong business. My response to him, was like.... "Hello!!!!! you made millions of ringgit out of this business and loo

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