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15th October 2014, Wednesday I visited Jeju Forest in Ecoland to experience the forest of Gotjawal riding in a train, which I ejoyed various view in each station where the train stops in between. If you are driving just enter this phone number : 064 802 8020 to your GPS. What is Gotjawal? 'Got' means Forest 'Jawal' means expression the shape of rocks and thorn thicket bush entangled in Jeju dialect. How Gotjawal was formed? * Volcanic eruption on Jeju Island, * Laval flowed from the parasitic volcano, * Lava with high viscosity split while cooling down and start forming small rocks, * Over time the forest is formed on rocks * Water start seeping underground through cracks of roots and eventually, * an ecosystem is formed from the humidity underground. Visitors get on the train at the Main Station and it usually operated at regular intervals so you are allowed to stay at station where the train stops in between and board the train you want. Ecoland


11th October 2014, Saturday After my hiking trail at Gamcheun Culture Village, I continue my journey to explore Busan's famous market called Jagalchi Fish Market.  How to go to Jagalchi Fish Market? -Take subway Line 1 (orange colour line) - You can stop at Jagalchi Station then take exit 10 about 10 minutes walking There are many other attractions nearby area such as : * Gukje Market * BIFF Square * Taejongdae Park * Yongduan Park * Songdo Beach Just continue walking and you will find these places and you will not lose your way since there are big tourist map nearby. You can use it as reference or can buy map which will cost you around KRW2,000/-. IMA travel using Busan subway map. Why I chose to go to Jagalchi Market after Gamcheon Culture Village visit? Jagalchi is just one station from Toseong -Dong. Very convenient! Jagalchi market is a huge fish market with lots of fresh seafood waiting to be executed live!!!! isk isk isk ...poor c


No doubt the Hallyu Waves is HOT around the world and Malaysia can feel the heat too ever since Winter Sonata, Full House, Boys Over Flower, My Love from the Star and many others to list down.  IMA one of those crazy Ajumma (head down, I am one old woman Hallyu Waves Fan) ...joining all those Gen-Y fans jumping up and down to Hallyu Waves. CN Blue, Big Bang, FT Island, B1A4, Beast, EXO, MBlaq are among this Ajumma long list favourites.  Korean Cultures totally influence my lifestyle too! Gosh! this Ajumma....isk isk isk I am happy to give this shout out!!!!  Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) will be organising an exciting event called K-Festival @ Pavillion KL ,Malaysia dedicated for local fans of the Hallyu or Korean Wave this 8th - 10th August 2014. It is during weekend everybody!!!! Golden Triangle will be damn pack and congested with all those Hallyu fans!!!! For those who are not into the waves....AVOID this place during these period and for fans.....let us c


Wanna visit South Korea for free this October and November? The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched a new event called “To:ur Imagination.” This special promotion was created to encourage foreign tourists to have more interest in visiting Korea and has already been endorsed by stars from across the globe including Big Bang (Korea), Mario Maurer (Thailand), Xin Jiang (China), Ebina Kenichi (Japan) and Michelle Phan (U.S.A.). Some of these celebrities even visited Korea and videos of their trip are shared on the To:ur Imagination website. To participate in the event, simply visit the To:ur Imagination website and describe what you want to do when you visit Korea. KTO will then select 8 grand prize winners who can take a guest of their choice on a 4-day trip to Korea in October or November. In addition to the grand prize, other prizes such as an iPad mini, signed Big Bang CDs and more will be given away! To be eligible for the event, participants must post their

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