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15th October 2014, Wednesday

I visited Jeju Forest in Ecoland to experience the forest of Gotjawal riding in a train, which I ejoyed various view in each station where the train stops in between.

If you are driving just enter this phone number : 064 802 8020 to your GPS.

What is Gotjawal?
'Got' means Forest
'Jawal' means expression the shape of rocks and thorn thicket bush entangled in Jeju dialect.

How Gotjawal was formed?
* Volcanic eruption on Jeju Island,
* Laval flowed from the parasitic volcano,
* Lava with high viscosity split while cooling down and start forming small rocks,
* Over time the forest is formed on rocks
* Water start seeping underground through cracks of roots and eventually,
* an ecosystem is formed from the humidity underground.

Visitors get on the train at the Main Station and it usually operated at regular intervals so you are allowed to stay at station where the train stops in between and board the train you want.
Ecoland 4-2-2 Forest Trains are made by British SEVERN LAMB company which produces Euro Disney Land and Hong Kong Disney Land trains. There are 6 Lincoln Trains and each train is named after the beautiful nature of Ecoland.

* Red Sand
* Green Forest
* Black Stone
* Yellow Flower
* Blue Lake
* Purple Dream

First Train : 08:30am
Last Train : 17:00

More information visit :

There are 4 station with different attractions here :

1st Station : Eco Bridge Station
This place is unique since the 300m water deck installed on more than 66,000m lakes which gives the feel like you are walking on the lake.

The rest of other station are designed to travel by train but for 1st station which is Eco Bridge and 2nd Station : Lake side station we can walk to each stations.

2nd Station Lake Side Station
I travel here by foot and it was a great feeling to walk inside the nature surrounding to reach here. Goshhh!!! such a lovely feelings here. Inner peace!!!

At this Lake side Station, one can enjoy exotic scenery that lake and windmill are harmonized by using the geography where people used to breed horses here.

3rd Station : Picnic Garden
At this station you can choose to either walk to Kids Town or Eco Road. I choose Eco Road. I really enjoy breathes out fresh air and walking in a forest setting foot on a mystic substance volcanic scoria made by underground magma. Its a long walk...but worth it!

What is scoria?
A gram of volcanic ash which was made from lava solidified when a volcano erupted.  You see those red color sand along the forest path? That is how scoria look like.

Stop at Eco Cafe which you self service make your own coffee and paid by putting the cash inside box at the counter. I joined the club and left my print on piece of post it note on the wall in the cafe.

Along the path you could see Small animal's hotel...Small Animal in Jeju live in Hotel.
Nice to meet lil pony name Annie and Cony which I mistakenly pronounce as Horny! WTH!

The view at Eco Road really give me experience in enchanted wood moment. A memory to remember....Love the fresh air here.

4th Station : Lavender, Green Tea, and Rose Garden Station
(Nice to visit during the month of April - Nov)
This place are full with herbs, rose, lavender and green tea garden.

The end of my Ecoland visit at Jeju. Love this fresh air and mystic feeling walking in the forest.

Next stop is Sagumburi Crater!


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