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Difference between Hyaluronic Acid vs. Glycolic Acid for skin

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Just like that...year 2014 has come to an end. Here we are a fresh start in the New Year 2015 and wish to try out something new. Even my blog now become white and clean. Yeay! my darkness ERA has pass. I am starting my Year clean possible.What do you think with this new look? Better? Cleaner? Anyway today I am going to do some babbling on our new 2015 color. Yeay! they said Marsala is the new color for year 2015. When think about Marsala, we will be thinking about berry shade or red wine delicious looking color. For those who are thinking 'Marsala' is one type of curry dish from 'Mamak / Indian Restaurant, you are not wrong. kekekekeke...keep on your creative mind working and have fun with you imagination. This is all about individual creative visualisation. WTH! Again when we think about 'Marsala, it can be a dark colors for some of us. However, Marsala is wearable with rose tinted nude to a deep pomegranate shade. I am not sure how are we going to blend tha


I really hate mosquitoes. Who love mosquitoes??? Hands up please!!!! Gosh!!!! you like mosquitoes???? WEIRDO!!!!! Recently, I get invited to Candle Pi Stop. I have opportunity to mix own aromatherapy candle. When other bloggers opt to mix something for sleeping and more refreshing smells, IMA created formula to chase away the most annoying companion in the world during sleeping apart from loud snoring, MOSQUITOES! I need to chase away that NGENG... NGENG... NGENG to my ears from that annoying mosquitoes. This is IMA's humble creation called, MANGO PUNCH. That tiny wax bitz may look like delicious omelet but it PUNCH AWAY the mosquitoes in a very delicate and sweet way. MANGO PUNCH = Citronella and Mango You've probably heard of the citronella plant. Its function famous as mosquito repellent plant. It has that strong spicy and citrusy scent and can be a bit strong smells which one may hate as aromatherapy. IMA cure that strong smells by mixin


I always wanted to try Korean Fried Chicken. Being a Muslim it is limited chance for me to try this in South Korea itself even though I was there twice. Every time watching my Korean Drama my saliva feel drooling when there is scene of delicious looking Fried Chicken. WTH! I know...I know...what you are thinking...'face palm' right now! In South Korea they ordered fried chicken like the culture to order pizza delivery. So every time watch Korean Drama...fried chicken here and fried chicken there...of course I am being an ordinary human being unable to take the temptation and desire to have a bite of those finger licking good crispy fried chicken. Good excuse huh? Many said...when it comes to frying chicken nobody...and I mean nobody.. nobody...does it better than the Koreans. My apologies to all other people but this is also my opinion. So if you have other opinion...please try the Korean's fried chicken and let me know. We all have our own preference anyway! 


I started my New Year 2015 with a lip tattoo. So dare of me to do this lip tattoo, huh? Don't worry, this lip tattoo procedure doesn't give me pain or my lips swollen like a gold fish or whatsoever. I also don't have to go through that peeling or dental block. Oh! why many opt to do lip tattoo when we have lipstick, colored lip balm and lip gloss???? Why need to go through all this pain? Many opt for this because they want their lip color to be as natural as possible.  So much of revolution, we now can enjoy beautiful and sexier lip tattoo without going through painful and uncomfortable procedure with Shizens Lip Tattoo. What is Shizens selling point for Lip Tattoo? - spread of moisture and relieves the formation of fine lines. - It helps to lighten dark pigmentation lips and gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones. Now, let me try and share my experience applying Shizens Lip Tattoo. Its hard to believe this whit


What happen when I am so bored at home??? I go crazy become the Princess of Narcissism! Oh gosh! another personality disorder coming up? Anyway, I was having so much fun trying out the product received from Butterfly Project Dinner the other day. Thank you to all generous sponsor! Getting ready with all bare face to scribble... 1. KOJI DOLLY WINK LIQUID EYELINER (Deep black)  - It has a ultra fine and flexible point tip which gives people like me (so inexperience in handling eyeliner) greater precision and easy to handle. - The deep dazzling black really gives me a more defined look yet so natural. (not  so black and look like panda eyes....hihihihih) - This eyeliner is waterproof, sweat proof and have the quick dry formula. So it stay on for hours without a smudge.  - I like it because it not too watery or too thick Retail Price : RM49.90+ Origin : Japan  2. MAYBELLINE ELECTRO POP (Pink Shock with Watermelon Flavor) - Awesome moisturizing lip b


Season of greetings are around the corner. Most Shopping Malls are fully light up their best Christmas trees and it is magical for one to wonder around and enjoy the spirits of joy. It is the mood to celebrate our hard work through out the years and the moment of reflection of what we did and the undone resolution. It is also the best time to appreciate the people around you with the best gift to show your thankful for having them around. It is my norm to send some gifts to my ex Bosses and to others who always be there for me when I need them. Since I am so lazy to drive around and I feel it such a hassle for me to drive all the way and stress out due to parking problem, I rather send my love to them use online deliveries. Its not easy to find the reliable online shopping store. I tried out a few online shopping store but the most reliable in term of delivery and quality; goes to : 1.  2.  Recently, I bought this for Pei Li


My poor hair was badly tangled due to dryness of Siberian wind I experience in Busan. I was so worried that I have to shave my hair due to terrible hair I have. isk isk isk At the same time was so amaze with Busan woman who have nice hair. At least theirs look nice and not tangled like mine. I went into the Nature Republic for some face mask purchase. At the same time ask the sales girl to introduce me something for the tangled and dried hair. I told her my seaweed hair are soon turning into dried pollack hair and she laugh at me and said cannot be ...cannot be..this is hair not seaweed! Of course la...I just joking to you la woman....haissshhh!!!! Where is your sense of humor??? Walked out from the shop with this Argan Oil Hair Essence from Nature Republic. I don't know how much they sell here in Malaysia but I gotten mine at KRW18,000 for 60ml. IMA totally love the smells of this oil. Don't know how to describe but pleasant sweet smells unlike that Rose H


Yesterday morning received this voucher from Tammy aka The Mamasan of Butterfly Project the beauty bloggers community's President . I feeling so happy! Especially after came back from my Busan and Jeju trip, I really need to rejuvenate my aching body. Thank you Tammy and also Amante for presented me with this complimentary gift. I will make use of this wisely soon! Today I am having brunch with Jamie aka the Cili padi at Bangsar!!!


I really love any food with fish. Fish head noodle is one...I can't really give a miss. So fishy huh???? Old Asia specialty is Fish Head and Fish Paste noodles. The Restaurant location is in One Utama same row with Sakae Sushi and McD. I want to add more XO Sauce...with Chingu...I need to 'guai guai'. WTH! Restraining myself not to eat more chillies so I don't become too HOT! Chingu said I can't eat hot food because every time I did...I transform into 'angry bird' mode! hahahaha Enjoying my Fish Head Noodles... and of course for this one I refuse to share with anybody. Its mine mine and mine!!!!! After finish my bowl of Fish Head Noodles...I am telling Chingu..I am still hungry..which Chingu keep reminding me that I am on strict diet because I want to lose 10 pounds. I keep convincing is exceptional case...because its weekend! .... plus let me just cheat for one day! Chingu trying to rationalize to me...I am


I received this 30ml CLIV Revitalizing C I2 PL Corrector Ampoule when attended MUSE by WATSON Beauty Regime workshop. Decided to try it and been using it for a week after my Melvita brightening serum finished. My verdict for CLIV Ampoule....mmmm..not bad! Its non greasy and fast absorb to my skin. It doesn't have a fragrance smells or whatsoever. CLIV Revitalizing C I2PL Corrector Ampoule , Made in South Korea - This brightening ampoule helps to recover the vitality of skin. You know our skin could be effected by being under the skin too long or exposed to air conditioning or our body toxic released! What is the different between ampoule  and serum? Serum - generally are thicker than essence, contains higher concentration of ingredients with a specific purpose for your skin. Ampoule - normally contains the lightest texture and it penetrate into the skin faster.Ampoule provided the fastest results within a short period of time. Let me continue on what C

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