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Early April, I travel to Saigon with my Last Sis for first time. Yup! first time travel with somebody after years traveling with just me. We took Air Asia not Vietnam Airlines....hehehehe This trip not really plan. Just one ad hoc travel for the sake feel like getting out of Malaysia. Oh! WTH! I sounded like so rich woman huh? Reached at Saigon Airport, we were greeted with crowds of young girl with all those banners. 'I love You' and bla bla bla banners Aikkkksss! my sis and I thought we are like 'hallyu star' I was dragging 'fat bag' out while my eyes busy looking for signage for 'CINDYRINA'. My sis with her 'bloody heavy' bagpack...and she was busy looking at the line of girls waiting anxiously for somebody important to walk out from international arrival. Me : Wei! look for my name le...quick we need to go to Hotel. Tired le... My sis : but no your name only 'M-Tiful' Me : huh??? vietnamese band ke? My sis : No


  We took tuk tuk for TB100/ each person for van to our hotel. Just buy the coupon at airport. Reached Hotel around 2pm.  Late check in so late lunch. While waiting for late lunch ...the coconut ice cream is calling... The food I ordered for family...since all don't want to make decision...there you go...freaking spicy seafood tomyam , seafood salad and fried chicken for them. After late lunch...let them rest in the hotel then me...went down for 2 hours massage...serious only cost me 300 baht for 2 hours. Late evening...went out to Asean Trade Market...thought of walking and look around...but since came here with old people ...after almost 20 minutes journey by tuk tuk. I only can walk around here for around 10 minutes. Mum said..nothing to see here and nothing to buy...ooooo ok... Go back hotel and pack some food for them. food was sucks!!! My sis bought fried fish paste and the taste was sucks!!!! serious

I am sick but still flying out

I was so sick this morning but still dragged myself out from bed to work. Trying my best to finish off my work but yet my body is totally against me. OK ! Fine...lets go back home ...body!!! Yeay...guess when you sick all the bad thing seems like magnet to you. It was jammed as usual...gosh!!! I noticed the car behind follow me closely....WTH!!! I knew it ! I knew it!!! this going to happen. He kiss my sexy butt!!! OMG!!!! This fella... Yup!!! as a single woman drive I shouldn't stop right... Oh well ...not that I proud because I just go myself in danger... I just forgot what situation am I right at that time... All I know when that car hit me... I just up!!! I get out from my car. Look at my car behind...then after ensure no damage....I glance at him..I mean the other driver..that fella seems not too care to even lift his butt our from that car or even say sorry... F!!! that arrogant fella... Wish you bad luck! I know I know...I am


2 days of temples trip....oh gosh!!! I am sure I am overdosed of all those ruined temples by now...I decided to go easy on myself body need some treatment yo!!! Woke up lazily on day three in Siem Reap. think I will go shopping??? Ah! me not a shopping freak when travelling....Old market? night Market?? I think I am going to vomid going through that place over and over again..basically I was there everyday every night...I saw they are selling the same thing on every stall everywhere. Mostly Thailand and China made. Being an asian myself...all those items is nothing new to me. I can even get it from my home country. So shopping??? Not necessary for me. Place I stayed near to donated every morning...full of student laughter. If hair salon at my home country full of branded shampoo line up on the in Siem Reap i can see the hair salon with Rejoice,Head & Shoulder and many more common brand shampoo. Found thi


Wake up as early as 4:00am and be prepared to go out by 4:45am. The early hours morning wake up call is worth it!!!! Many people waiting for the sunrise at very early hours!!!! Local kiddo going to school... This kiddo sleeping...guess Mum make her wake up early to open the stall... I bought this delicious morning coffee from Lady Gaga...yeah!!! lady Gaga from stall no. 4 at Angkor Wat. They even have Harry Potter stall...WTH!!! Monkey having breakfast at Angkor This Monkey still looking for breakfast... The Cat lost his love one...his love one turn into lotus stone..I guess...WTH!!! Found this girl name Monica on the way out from Angkor is normal for those local kid trying to sell you something with a plead they are going to school. Since found her out of other I dare to hand her some cash to help her out! I doubt she will go to school...they can't afford to go to school..


Day two at Siem Reap Suggested itinerary : Option 1 - tuk tuk price between USD13 - USD15 - From morning go on Grand tour visit Pre Rup, East Mebon, Ta Som, Neak Pean,Preah Khan,North Gate of Angkor Thom and finish with sunset Option 2 - tuk tuk price between USD18 - USD20 - From morning visit Banteay Srei then go on grand tour Pre Rup, East Mebon, Ta Som, Neak Pean,Preah Khan,North Gate of Angkor Thom and finish with sunset. My itinerary on Day 2 at Siem Reap : - Wake up early at 4:00am to go out at 4:45am for sunrise at Angkor Wat - Explore Angkor Wat in the morning - Ta Promh - Grand tour (Victory Gate, Pre Rup , East Mebon, Ta Som, Neak Pean , Preah Khan ,North Gate of Angkor Thom ) - Banteay Srey - Thommanon - Ta Som - Bantey Kdei Special interest focus tips : 1. If you interested to view sunrise - Angkor Wat or Srah Srang 2. Trees growing from temple ruins, you can visit - Ta Prohm (most famous for the Tomb Rider and Paramount paid USD10,000/ day for seven

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