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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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How To Determine Car Affordability Based On Salary

  Reality checked! To be honest, Malaysia's public transportation is beyond convenient for some of us. This causes us to get another way of transportation such as Car, Motorcycle or Bicycle. The motorcycle seems not so practical for some of us, especially women because it seems dangerous and our weather climate is unpredictable. As for bicycles, the specific lane is not enough. Either inconvenient at all or poor maintenance and most of the time the cyclist is prone to danger due to ruthless motorcyclists. For the majority of us, we are left with no choice but to get a car, Although, Malaysia's traffic jam is famous for being horrendous.  Some of us end up spending too much on expenses just to own a car. Many end up trying to fulfil their dreams to get a car beyond their affordability. This ends up becoming a burden. Many forget, that buying a car is just about an instalment payment. There are many other expenses to add in such as - maintenance, repairs, insurance and road tax.

EPF Withdrawal : The Fourth Withdrawal Is Like Killing People Golden Years

  Recently, most Malaysians have been grateful to the government's decision to allow a fourth withdrawal from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). Grateful? Frankly, speaking nothing great about that decision at all. This is the fourth withdrawal for goodness sake. Repeat again the fourth withdrawal of our retirement savings. How could we feel thankful to allow a withdrawal from our own money? Is it a wise move to withdraw your EPF for the fourth time? We should only feel grateful if the government funds that aid. They are using the reason the country transitions to the endemic phase. Most people are using the reason for the recent flood and settling the debt with the EPF withdrawals.  My question here is if the government is sincerely thinking to help the people, why make them pay using their own future money. Where are all the money gone? Massive leakages and criminal breaches of trust by a few prominent leaders who have caused the Malaysian to be in this situation to dip into the

Research week

Monday started with a wet day. Raining in the morning. I will be busy spending my weekdays with my research on Company Financial and Tax Planning. Feeling like doing MBA studies again.... sigh! More boring subject to me. Hedging oh hedging! Have to study market and see numbers and numbers again..... awwwww!!!! So not cool this week. Yeah! I am so damn lazy to study again and my mind just feel like want to play and play only. Thank God! My Min Ho Drama is airing again this week. Damn! I am in love with him once again..... tall and cool and of course rich with drug money. 3 more days to Saturday.... I can't wait! 2 more months to go for my next adventure... I just can't wait for that too.... Great Wall I will conquer youuuuuuu soooonnnnn!!!!!

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