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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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[GIVEAWAY] Free One-Year Premium Membership from GPSmyCity

Hello everyone, I guess most of us has been living life and do the travelling as usual despite with all the news about bad weather and the viruses upgraded. 🤭 Personally, I am still on the staying put mode here in my home country for the time being. I may resume my travelling adventure, perhaps sometime next year.  Anyway, I have a MAY SPECIAL GIVEAWAY to all travellers out there. is collaborating with my fav travelling apps GPSmyCity.  No need to do any task! 😎 GPSmyCity is giving away one-year premium membership. 🧳🧳🧳 How to claim Free one-year premium membership from GPSmyCity?  1. Download GPSmyCity app click here .  2. Proceed to the Account screen to register GPSmyCity user account.  3. Then go to "More" screen and "Feedback" to send GPSmyCity email, which will include the claim code, from within the app.  4. Type in Claim Code : 27530508 Important!!!! You must email GPSmyCity the claim code WITHIN ONE Week which is from May 8, 2023 t

Best App for Self-Guided Walking Tours

Longsheng Rice Terrace    The last time traveling abroad was at the end of the year 2019. I chose to stay put in my home country for the time being for a few reasons.  First, I am still skeptical about the safety issues. Recently, I got caught the virus and it was a daunting experience for me. The effect is still in me now. Second, the cost is expensive now. My home country's currency is too weak for me to travel abroad. Third, the country I want to visit is not fully open. Fourth, some country has tightened the rules and regulations for foreigners to enter their country. Fifth, I just don't want to be on a plane with many others for long hours. Sixth, I need to deal with my anxiety issue. Everything is too uncertain. Being a person who lives with risk calculation most of the time, it is not a good idea for me to travel abroad now. Travel can wait. Anyway, those who are more adventurous and excited to see the world. Let me share with you the best app to be your walking city gui

Self Guided Travel using GPS

Whoa!!! can't believe the year of 2018 is going to end soon. Then we will welcome the year 2019. Its all about hard work throughout 2018 and I am one person who believes in balance life. My travel episode is starting soon enough. Here I am writing a blog post on my travel journey again. Just wait up for experience sharing session next month. It is my pleasure if my travel article can help others too. Sharing is caring! Since I started my abroad trip in the year 2012, I always feel such a waste to subscribe to a data plan. I don't have time to even online in the daytime since I will be busy sightseeing. I can just go online at night time using free wifi from the hotel I stayed in. There are good and bad at using my method. Let me tell you, why I said so. I usually plan my itinerary by reading other people blog and articles. Most of the time I will just bookmark on my browser. Hurl! I can't afford to print that article out and bring with me. That is so much of hassle

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