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One evening after one of my evening microcurrent treatment at Central, instead of head back to MTR back to my hotel room near mongkok.... I decided to get out to see outside the Central Building itself. That evening treatment was the most painful. Yeah.... you see my fake smiling face below???? Gosh!!!! God knows the bruises and the pain.... heart need some O lalalalalala session....   Out of the Central building.... front Lois Vuitton... Gorgio there and there and there all branded places... I got headache!!! WTH!!!     Then saw this cute adorable double decker bus...and....yeahhhh!!!! got to take this cute tram... I read it somewhere...HK have this oldest transportation call Tram and it is electric operating transportation for almost 100 years and one of the oldest. Oh..yeay!!! I just hop in one.... I don't care where this fella going to bring me...I just want clear my head from painful event just now!

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