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My main reason to visit Hualien last April is experience and witness this best little secret of Taiwan, Mukumugi Valley. This little valley is extra ordinary natural beauty place and part of my bucket list before I leave this world soon. WTH! Got bucket list some more? hehehehe I was a bit nervous when I read this place was closed due to typhoon damage. I thought I will never get to accomplish one of my list. Tried my luck and...phewwwww...I was lucky because it re open during my recent trip. Mukumugi is a remote place and this is a home for aboriginal tribe who is famous for its traditional knife works. The owner of the place I stayed in Hualien was amaze that I visited this place. Bet not many people know this place and even local like him also never been here. Assaaaaaaaa!!!! HOW TO GET TO MUKUMUGI? Mukumugi valley located in Tongmen Village which is about 20 km from Hualien City. It really a remote place.No public transport unless you rent a scooter or hire a c


I just came back from Taiwan last Monday. I am still adjusting to the reality mode of life after a week long holiday. WTH! The worst part after a vacation. My flight landed in Taipei around 2:50pm and from there I took airport bus to the Taipei Main Station for my train to Hualien at 5:40pm. I reached Hualien around 8pm. Goshhh!!! my whole day gone. Anyway, its my choice. So I will stop my complaint here. kekeke How to get to Taipei Main Station from Taoyuan Airport? I took a Kuo Kuan Bus to Taipei Main Station which cost me NTD125. The journey around 1 hour. The bus is every 10 minutes so don't worry. Everything is very proper , systematic  and convenient in Taiwan. If you are not a bus type , you can take Cab but it will cost you around NTD900 - 1,200. Your choice! How to go to Hualien from Taipei? Tze-Chiang Limited Express is the fastest class. There are different types of Tze Chiang Limited Express, Taroko Express and Puyuma Express and these takes abo

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