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My main reason to visit Hualien last April is experience and witness this best little secret of Taiwan, Mukumugi Valley. This little valley is extra ordinary natural beauty place and part of my bucket list before I leave this world soon. WTH! Got bucket list some more? hehehehe

I was a bit nervous when I read this place was closed due to typhoon damage. I thought I will never get to accomplish one of my list. Tried my luck and...phewwwww...I was lucky because it re open during my recent trip.

Mukumugi is a remote place and this is a home for aboriginal tribe who is famous for its traditional knife works.

The owner of the place I stayed in Hualien was amaze that I visited this place. Bet not many people know this place and even local like him also never been here. Assaaaaaaaa!!!!


Mukumugi valley located in Tongmen Village which is about 20 km from Hualien City. It really a remote place.No public transport unless you rent a scooter or hire a cab. If you don't like to explore and less adventurous, you can always hire a tour package.

How I get to Mukumugi Valley ? 

I hire a cab to the place and then asked the driver to come and pick me up after 5 hours. Haihhhh...I wish I ask the cab driver to pick me up later. I think the best hours to spend there is 6 hours. 3 hours in and 3 hours out. So I can take my sweet time enjoying the nature. Well at least I don't have to rush out.

If you have the local phone with you would be easier. You can just call the cab driver after you done with your hiking. I don't have such thing with me since purchase a local sim card or whatsoever is not my norm when traveling. Base on trust and faith I just request the driver to pick me up after certain time. My back up plan just in case the cab driver doesn't turn up is to get the police officer nearby to call my Bed and Breakfast owner and seek for help. is good to have plan B. Plan C is to hitch hike. WTH! Never done that before and hope I don't reach that Plan C.

map and Mukumugi Valley


Mukumugi is a remote place and surrounded by mountains. This place is less touristy area compare with Taroke Gorge which is crowded by the Chinese Tourist. When I visited Mukumugi, I was the only foreigner there. WTH!


1. Bring your ID / PASSPORT

If you read online many says need to do advance application to visit Mukumugi.No need advance application. Just need to go there and fill up some details. So easy if you can read and write Chinese. I was nervous about this at first because I can't even write or even read a single Chinese word. Thank God! I met many good people when I was there in Taiwan. The cab driver help me to communicate with the police office there at the station. No entrance fee for this permit application.My cab driver help me to fill up my details. good of her. Yup! the same lady I hire during my Taroke Gorge the day before.

All you need to do is bring your passport along with you and show to them then fill up the form. There you are off to explore.

Just bear in mind, I was told they only limit 300  visitors per day depends on the weather. Reason they need to preserve this untouched natural beauty valley.The best time is go early in the morning to make sure you are the first 300 in the list. 

The police there quite friendly and helpful to me. I was the second person to enter Mukmugi Valley for that day. Kiasu woman went very early to be the first 300. WTH! There was this elderly couple right behind me. They came with a tour guide. Aihhhh! I just went in base on feelings. Just walk straight ahead and you won't get lost!

flower, roads and tunnel

2. Get ready to hike and walk and walk and walk and enjoy the view

This place is local tribe place and not many vehicles would be allow to enter this area. Its a normal walk to me but a long walk because I walked up to the end of the road. Be prepared to enter and exit more than at least 15 tunnels. WTH! Thank God! I have torch lights in my smartphone.

A bit eerie at first especially when you always alone walking inside dark tunnels. Most of the tunnels are wet with spring water. So watch out because the ground can be slippery too. Make sure to wear proper shoes. Sometimes you need to do some cliff jumping too. Well...this will be for the adventurous too. You need a strong knee to climb up and down if you are the adventurous seeker. Me end up overworked my knee for this trip. Wait up for my update in my next week post for knee treatment soon. WTH!

Split roads
Once you reach to this split road, just take the left  and start to walk until you pass through local fresh vegetables and eateries.

market and skulls
I have fun mingling with local at this place. No need Chinese language. Just talk whatever language comfortable to you. More body language and smile to communicate with them.

rice cakes and monkey skulls
I bought this awesome rice cakes which I fall in love with. Seriously , can't get enough of that cheesy  texture like grilled rice cakes top with sesame and peanut powder. Owhhh! eat it with monkey head skeleton view. WTH! What a way to start my long walk into the valley.

girl by the lake

3. Bring water, lunch box and swim suit

Gosh! I feel like wanna camp here. The amber crystal clear water really mesmerized me. I don't swim but just dip in my feet and the water was nice. There are many tame small fish too.


For photographer, I am pretty sure this place is perfect for good natural photography. I just brought my Samsung Note 3 to capture the photo. not well equip.

bread and lake
I have fun picnic with egg sandwich which I brought and enjoy the beautiful blue lagoon. Gosh! while enjoying my humble lunch, my mind trying to create a historical like story on how the aboriginal hunts and live at this place. I was dreaming about being trap in this valley and get married with handsome aboriginal leader and me live happily ever after as aboriginal leader's wife and time to time teach my kids to hunt for fish.Gosh! the fantasy is so beautiful than the reality. It sounded like I was dreaming to become Jane and married the Tarzan! hahahaha..Rina Oh Rina...

This is what I meant by dark and eerie tunnels. Not one or two tunnels. If you walk all the way like will be more than 15 tunnels and each is around 1 - 2 km long. So...not that bad. Just don't know.... how I would react if snake or worms fall onto my head while walking inside that tunnels. Nobody will hear me scream or come to help because I basically alone since it was early in the morning. All I heard is some monkeys and wild animal sounds from time to time. ngeeeeeee.... try not to think much but just charge forward like every other creatures are invisible to me. All I can see is the beauty of natural creation. Some crowds start to show up while I was walking back to find my cab. Yeay! people started late and the 'kiasu' me come early to avoid the crowd.

lake scenery

Not just blue lagoon. I found green water too. My photography skill is totally out! Real view is truly amazing!


Watch out your head. If there is earth quake during your visit there will be some land slide and rocks rolling down. So...make sure you check the best month and timing when visit to this natural wonder place.

bananas, rice grilled in bamboo
On the way out, I stop at the local shop again and have a quick lunch with local bamboo rice and grilled rice cakes. That wild banana is for free. I don't eat banana anyway. hehehehe


I was rushing out because afraid my cab driver leave me at this place and I will end up marry the aboriginal then found that cat trying to steal some food. Naughty cat!

Mukumugi Valley

Good bye Mukumugi Valley! I am very happy to be here. Everything is like in the fairy tales story book I read during my childhood. Hope the tourist won't come here and spoil the nature.

For visitors who wanna visit this place , make sure to bring along your courtesy and respect to mother nature and surround natural living things. Be a good human being!


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