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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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Princess's Memoir - Baby Bird Fly out

Remember 31st Dec 1995, I came to this big city for second  time to live on my own. I went to register myself in college and get myself a room near MIA building at Taman Melawati. Guess what kind of accomodation???? It is a tailor shop called Lee Hua's Tailor above Shakey's Pizza.   The owner sublet rooms to MIA students nearby. Mine is sharing with another student from Seremban called Lee Yoke Peng. Wonder what happen to Lee Yoke Peng now????   I remember called the number at notice board and get direction from Yoke Peng on taking pink mini bus to Melawati and where to stop. I move in with just a back pack with few pieces of clothings wear. Yoke Peng was kind enough to lend me her mattress for sleeping. If not of her kindness, I will end up sleeping on cold hard floor....imagine how this spoil brat determination.... She wants a change in her life and she has dreams to achieve!   I maybe not a good student but I have strong determination to change

Princess's Memoir - Hostel

Suddenly recalling back my childhood time when I was young and naive.... Oho.... is this mean I am now old and wiser??? mmmm... I like the word wiser but I totally wanna minus that 'old' word. I am matured!   Remember , when I was 13 years old my whole family need to move back to Perak and they need to leave me behind in Kedah.   There you go a young girl got left out in a hostel for the first time. 1st day was crying the whole day 2nd day was crying again there goes 3rd and the next and the next...basically , I am homesick the whole stay period at that place. Refuse to eat the miserable hostel food. I end up spending more cash buying good outside food only. Ah!!!! such a snobbish brat, I am... Refuse to talk to anybody and end up being label as spoil brat. I got bullied too you know....stupid senior!!! Ah!!!! so suffering... If I meet them again I smack their face for good!   I remember when somebody used my toileterries I was


Its all started when I watched this korean version of Hana Kimi call "To the Beautiful you "... One of the episode ...Goo Jae Hee presented Kang Tae Joon ,Lemon with Honey in the glass jar....hehehehe... here goes my copycat result.... Lemon slices in glass jar....hehehehe its getting thicker and thicker due to my lack of patient. What a masterpiece ...from me...huhuhuh Not much honey to pour in....since this is the only remaining honey left in my friedge... Whatever!!!! I can enjoy this in 3 days timessssss!!!!! Wuhuhuhuhuh...what an achievement for me!!!!


Oppa Gangnam Style craze is everywhere now... Totally like Macarena craze once upon a time back then... Who is Psy the person who responsible to make even popular Canadian singer Nelly Furtado to dance that horse dancing on stage in her recent concert in Manila??? He is PSY! Born as Park Jae Sang (PSY) in 31st Dec 1977! OMO he is 3 years younger than me??? He is so Ajussi look!!!! and I am his Noona???? Unbelievable!!! He is korean hip hop singer and popular with his sense of humor and uniques concert! He received education in US. It is really amazing that a non korean idol parodied this song and really proven how influential is his video. His youtube MV hits more than 65 million...wohoooo!!! Psy totally going viraland everywhere. He is on DAEBAK bank accounts with CF deals! Estimated income received from CF deals around USD400k per endorsement and gangnam style promo is around USD10 millions. Many other revenue streams coming in for this OPPA who really now can afford a

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