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Princess's Memoir - Hostel

Suddenly recalling back my childhood time when I was young and naive....
Oho.... is this mean I am now old and wiser???
mmmm... I like the word wiser but I totally wanna minus that 'old' word. I am matured!
Remember , when I was 13 years old my whole family need to move back to Perak and they need to leave me behind in Kedah.
There you go a young girl got left out in a hostel for the first time.
1st day was crying the whole day
2nd day was crying again
there goes 3rd and the next and the next...basically , I am homesick the whole stay period at that place.
Refuse to eat the miserable hostel food.
I end up spending more cash buying good outside food only.
Ah!!!! such a snobbish brat, I am...
Refuse to talk to anybody and end up being label as spoil brat.
I got bullied too you know....stupid senior!!!
Ah!!!! so suffering...
If I meet them again I smack their face for good!
I remember when somebody used my toileterries I was crying like hysteria syndrome girl.....crying for justice... I throw tantrum like crazy bitch!
Yeah!!! I am a selfish girl since small so it is a big NO for sharing or caring or whatsoever term they use when you live with many people.
A big NO for people who decide to cross over my boundries or territories!!!
Yeah!!! end up no friends but with more enemies there....
Bad girl!!! You deserve that miserable treatment!
Every weekend, mum and dad will visit this spoil brat from Perak to Kedah.
What happen if they miss one weekend???
This spoil brat will cried cried cried like hysterical girl.
Of course being a parent they will emotional disturb kid.
They will came down with my favourite coffee and chocolate chips cookies fresh bake from Angel Cake house, the most famous cake house in town at that time.
This girl will ran hysterically when she know the parent came.
Of course the cookies sharing with friends.....
Its all mine mine MINEEEEEEEE!!!!! hehehehehe sounded like 'Gargamel' from Smurf ,huh???
People will look at me as selfish brat!!!!
OH!!!!! whatever girl!!!
I am out of here soonnnnnn!!!!!
I don't need that socialise bonding with all of you!!!!

Every weekend also, this spoil brat will beg mum to pull me out to move in with them.
Of course they reluctant and insist on me learn to be independant.
Hhehehehehe... mischievous girl is back.
Failed all the papers during final exam. My cost also extremely high for a parent who have 3 others growing up children to feed and maintain.
Refuse to study but homesick all the way until they withdraw.

Yeah! I am the winner when my dad came to sign the report card and end up pull me back for good.
Plan .... success!!!

Oh!!! I am such a trouble maker and sounded like Elizabeth in Naughty Girl by Enid Blyton book.
Ah!!!!! Sorry Dad...... I promise I be a good student after this...
I will help you more when I earn more cash!
I will pay you back all your good deeds to me!!!!
Yup! look at where I am right now Dad....You must be proud of me.....hehehehehehe...
My duty and responsible to you endless and  with no terms and conditions apply......


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